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  1. Guy Hands is an idiot and monumentally screwed up the last two TF deals.
  2. Are we likely to see a good sale on air tickets soon then? Hopefully I'm off to New York in October but am holding out for a good deal.
  3. We appear to be on an upward trend according to those graphs. Perhaps the bulls are right.
  4. As someone that has the misfortune of working in Northamptonshire for a few days a week this doesn't surprise me at all.
  5. "The unique combination of high returns and tax free profits make Maxport an essential element of any investment portfolio today." http://www.centaurmax.com/maxport.html Sounds too good to be true ...
  6. Tesco's debt-fueled growth sparks investor backlash Bloomberg / London June 22, 2009, 0:19 IST Tesco Plc’s decade of international expansion has pushed debt ratios at the UK’s largest retailer to record levels, endangering the company’s credit rating and sparking a backlash from fund managers and bondholders. Bradley Mitchell, who helps oversee about $62 billion at Royal London Asset Management, said he stopped holding Tesco shares for the first time in 20 years in October as the stock didn’t adequately reflect the risks faced by the supermarket operator. Cheshunt, England-based Tesco has net debt of £9.6 billion ($15.6 billion) and this week sold £431 million of mortgage-backed bonds secured on commercial property. “Tesco never get to the point where they generate cash,†said Mitchell. “At the end of every year, they have more debt than they did at the start because there’s always new markets to invest in. I used to be a big fan, but there is a lot to be concerned about.†More here: http://www.business-standard.com/india/new...acklash/361743/
  7. So now is not a good time to start a company pension then?
  8. Terry Leahy is a relation of mine. I'll get a family member to quiz him about this at the next family do
  9. Has Financial Planner posted any more predictions for the FTSE?
  10. I don't seem to see a great deal of talk about Equity ISA's on here which could mean they are not worth the hassle. I've maxed out my Cash ISA's and am prepared to max out an Equity ISA for 3-5 years. Does this seem like a good return? http://www.fairinvestment.co.uk/barclays_r...ncome_bond.aspx
  11. This thread is like a pistonheads reunion Please put me out of my misery, what car have you got? Thanks for the first hand advice. I'm looking at v8's or something from Stuttgart but I am having to resist my old fashion urge of just stumping up the cash and buying outright. I can sense my search continuing for a few more months yet whilst I wait for the car market to settle down.
  12. I limit myself to £20k but I tend to give it a good few months before purchasing as I need to make sure I really want it. I only buy in cash, if I haven't got 150% of the value in cash then I presume I can't afford it. I bought myself an M3 a couple of years ago for £12k which still puts a smile on my face. However I am tempted to go down the lease route as it is starting to look quite appealing although I am still in the early days of looking into it. As said above, don't envy more valuable cars as the majority are probably not owned outright by the driver.
  13. Sorry to hear about those of you receiving pay freezes and cuts. I work for a reasonably large company, biggest in our industry, and all staff here have a 4% pay increase budgeted. I have been reading about the situation regarding pay for a couple of months now in the press and it does come as a surprise that so many of you are receiving cuts and freezes given the professional roles that most of you hold as I thought it only applied to "blue collar" workers. I am yet to meet someone in the flesh from a professional background that is receiving a freeze let alone a cut. Guess I am just lucky at the moment but it is certainly a sobering thought.
  14. Speaking of Hardingstone, I've had my eye on this one for a while now: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...minPrice=200000 I'm holding back as I think there are better villages in the area I'm looking.
  15. We've had issues with a number of different facilities - the problem consistently being the technology as opposed to the quality of the input material. However we have very tight performance contracts with technology suppliers so they've had to compensate us whilst the facility underperforms. The incinerators do perform but we've had a number of major failures of the plant due to "one off" incidents. We try to put green waste through IVC's due to the wet content and utilise our MRF's and EFW's for the dryer stuff.
  16. I also work in the Waste Industry. At this present time we have more acquisition targets than resource to analyse them all, more municipal tenders than our 30 person commercial team can quote on, more PFI bids than we've got resource for hence a huge recruitment drive in approx 50 £60k+ professionals to add to our already fat overhead, our void is depleting faster than we can construct cells and we have more renewable energy/green fuel propositions than we can possibly fulfill. I presume your waste comes from TS's and MRF's - that's our output where we have no closeby landfill site but we shall be changing the output given the state of the materials market. The EU rules has grown the amount of recycling that has to take place for WCA's to meet their LATS targets but it has nothing to do with the volume of waste that simply has to be handled. The recycling element is a very small fraction of the overall waste industry. I think we're operating at two different spectrums of the food chain hence our opposite views.
  17. Completely disagree. What landfill tax is there on incinerated waste? LFT only applies to landfilling the waste not incinerating it. Incinerating also generates electricity. Recycling is being stored as the materials market crashed - you probably saw that on the news. What you didn't see was that the waste is being used for fuel instead as it's a stronger market. BTW trade waste doesn't get collected in the same was as municipal so the market is still strong and growing. Seems like you googled the waste industry and pasted in the answer.
  18. IMO the Waste Industry is one of the healthiest industries to be in. Signficant PFI investment still expected, growth is still strong and rising, thousands of facilities in the planning portal, job creation still strong for professional roles, income streams from renewable energy, fuels, sale & development of land that is no long required and it's one of the hardest industries to break into therefore huge barriers for entry.
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