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  1. Aussies love their margin loans for equities trading and it was rather good fun listening to the calls from people having margin calls during the darkest days of the GFC I heard a few crying that they were going to lose their houses.
  2. That's basically my family. Mother was a life long labour supporter, indeed she and my father used to have Tony Benn round to our house when he was in Manchester and could make it. I used to vote labour until the Iraq war debacle and a 5 year stint in Australia. Now my mother will be voting SNP as they are most likely to hurt labour, I would voteUKIP but fro the candidate they have on offer in my constituency. I honestly don't know who to vote for. I know who I'm not voting for though and that's liblabcon.
  3. Middle earners havent been forgotten. We are down to pay for all of the promises, better keep working.
  4. I ran past this one this morning. It's tiny, I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard. I actually rented an identical place a couple of roads away in 2013 for 6 months and at very best in the current market its on for more than double the money it will get. However should it sell at this price at least the buyer when they realise what they have done will be able to drown themselves in the Thames or possibly shoot themselves at the gun club.
  5. During my time as a landlord whilst living in Sydney and letting my flat in London I never increased the rent on a sitting tenant and I never tried to get the best rental income. Why would you antagonize someone paying your mortgage for you. Unless of course as a landlord you are perilously close to the edge financially.
  6. If it's relaxed it sounds like Market Risk Engineering. One of my ex developers in my previous job moved there as a VP he's constantly asking me questions on how to do stuff so it sounds like they have pretty low end devs there to be honest. Don't know about the rest of the bank though.
  7. For me the problem with the program was that it showed too many people who were the authors of their own demise. I had some sympathy for the lady with cancer. I've seen that up close and personal this year and I know how it can change things. The family of the bus driver had created their situation themselves they hadn't bothered to make claims for housing benifit and as a result were kicked out of their council house. I mean what kind of idiot have you got to be to not claim the free money that keeps you in a house. As for the people being evicted from their detatched house they clearly didn't think to make hay while the sun shon. They should have at east had enough equity to find a smaller place with the increase in property prices and 10 years to pay down their mortgage but they seemed to want the trappings of a lifestyle thay couldn't really afford. As for Kevin well I do wonder how many people he had sacked over his career and pushed into poverty. He seemed a nice enough chap though. I would rather have seen a program about people that couldn't afford to buy or rent just by virtue of having normal jobs and no state assistance or people who's jobs have been lost due to banks pulling loans being kicked out because I'm sure there are a lot of people in that situation who really are in trouble through no fault of their own.
  8. The one I'm taking out allows 10% overpayment per year without penalty if I overpay more than that then during year 1 there is a 5% penalty the next year 4% and so on. That's not much of a disincentive to overpay given the crappy interest rates available these days.
  9. And mortgage £2000 per month. Sounds like an IO mortgage to me. Just think if they had a repayment mortgage and hadn't MEWed they would probably have enough equity to buy a smaller house but I guess being a business owner he knew better.
  10. I'd think long and hard about this one. You are planning to go in with really very little equity and could find yourself in negative equity very easily. Assuming that you have had a couple of years of looking and only managed to save 5% then you really don't have a large enough income or the saving disipline to afford this property. I also agree with the other posters avoid flats like the plague they are low quality builds generally and you really don't want to be stuck in one with crappy neighbours and negative equity with no way out because that's the stuff of family breakdowns.
  11. I see where you're going wrong with your analysis. You need to look at price to mortgage. For example I'm sure you would be horrified by the multiple of my salary that the house I'm buying is but my mortgage is only 2.5 times my salary so it's really very affordable certainly much cheaper than renting the same property would be.
  12. If you want to work on interesting projects then dont work on Risk projects. They are simply dreadful. I'm not even sure that I wouldn't rather be on the rock and roll.
  13. Well probably because they already owned property and thought it would be good for them.
  14. I disagree. People who can't organise their own affairs and expect the rest of us to bail them out should be demonised how else are we to be rid of the culture of entitlement and dependence that's crippling this country and I include the banking sector in that as well.
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