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  1. C'mon mods, for some people, even with tweaked Firefox on Lofi, sometimes this site ceases to be usable. The problem is AT YOUR END Are you man enough to admit it? If so, what, if anything, do you intend to do? Thanks for your time, should you deign to respond...
  2. You're right. I don't know why people give him such a hard time. As gay, christian, mentalist singers go he is certainly up there. Or thereabouts, "She's just a Devil Woman, she's going to take you from behiiiiind". I think you'll find those are the Devil Men, Ciff
  3. I would set up my own party and stand agains you an your kind. People who don't use paragraphs would be hounded to the edge of their towns and forced to take their own lives with rusty penknives.
  4. Can't even do a sale right. Sorry for the people losing their jobs but glad to see this chain go. A literal waste-of-space...
  5. But if you don't make anything, all your activity is just peripheral to the actvity requred to get the tat to the end user (airlines, fuel, maintenance, lighting, customs, roads, hauliers, distribution, delivery) and when times are hard and the person shakes their head and puts the tat back on the shelf, all the above has no reason to be but the system is now so complex most will have no real idea why...
  6. Exactly. We were sold globalisation as a great opportunity. The reality is I lost my well paid IT job to some guys connecting in from India for not much more than minimum wage. So it is a great opportunity, if you don't mind losing your job, or trying to survive in this country on minimum wage with graduate skills. Who has won? Business. It seems to be a higher force than man. We are just here to do it's bidding.
  7. High streets full of coffee shops, tanning salons and nail bars which everyone has now realised no-one needs. The new welfare to work means we can watch the unemployment figures tumble as only those claiming welfare are counted. Welfare-to-workers are removed 'cos they're, you know, working now aren't they?...
  8. Am I the only one who thinks this completely s h i t store had it coming?... Cd's and dvd's were never kept in order in any store I ever visited since they were lp's and vhs's 30 years ago when I was a boy. It was like it was company policy to keep them messed up. Perhaps it was? Maybe you were you supposed to pick'n'mix those as well.
  9. I think you should give yourself a pointless existence award for writing about this woman writing about this pointless stuff. Better give me one as well while you are at it
  10. If they can get some tarpaulin it should be easy to make a rudimentary shelter. Just need a pole at each corner...
  11. A couple of years ago I was managing an IT contract now done by some guys connecting in from India for roughly minimum wage. I spent most of last year plastering. The wonders of globalisation. Until they can fire plaster from India and create a smooth surface I should just be able to survive but after that if they want to start culling the poor, they can start with me.
  12. More like deflation Followed By hyperdeflation followed by teotwawki...
  13. Mr. Clarkson is probably just feeling a bit depressed as he has had some rather bad news from the doctor apparently ...
  14. I can unmask Tuffers publicly on this forum and in fact will do so now, without further hesitation... He is none other than the Stop-Go animated squirrel, Tufty. He spent much of the 1970's making impromptu appearances on television giving advice, mainly to do with road safety. He then compromises this site by making threats to other members of the site who have been attempting to muscle in on his niche of occasional television work mixed with HPC forum posting. Well, how do you like it now, Tuffers? Or should I say 'Tufty'?... Not so nice when the boot is on the other foot is it?
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