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  1. Well it could be worse... you could have Kirsty and Phil visiting your town for Relocation, Relocation., Relocation. Up they popped on the intranet today. Where do I work? I work at a hospital in Birmingham for gawd's sake. When they are touting for business in the public sector, they have got to be desperate. Unfortunately, as I am priced out of the market I can't apply. Otherwise could have been a great wheeze.
  2. Oops sorry, had a problem with pooter. My nephew had his birthday last week. He had a Wii, Nintendo DS and mobile phone etc etc etc. He is 7 years old. I had conversation about this being a little excessive. I did the sprog sitting whilst his ma and pa went shopping today. I mentioned that I was trying to clear debts (only fairly small credit card bill) and generally reining in the spending. Her response was...well people have got to live a bit haven't they. I think people have lived this way for so long that changing the mindset is going to be a push come to shove situation not a pre-emptive one for a lot of people.
  3. Thanks for your response Crash. We are supposed to have secure entry to the flats where we live but they somehow got in. Will pass this onto her as was pretty spooked about it.
  4. Talking of paying someone else's debt. One of my neighbours had the heavies round last night chasing a guy that has been using her address. Now before J'accuse there could have been a genuine mistake in that we live in a corner block and numbers/addresses are allocated to two streets and he lived on the other side of the block so could have got streets mixed up when they have the same flat number which does happen. However, this guy has everything registered at her address and she is now receiving letters from lawyers, insolvency practitioners and getting menacing meatheads round saying that it is in the interest of his safety that he gets the message. She tried to explain that she has never met him, doesn't know what he looks like and has no connection to him. They left a mobile number for her to pass on to him. Police response - write an explanatory letter to insolvency practitioners, don't answer door to scary people and if they turn up again, call the police and they will be straight over...... the local police station isn't manned evenings and weekends. Be interested to hear people's opinions about what to do. Apart from get a gun. Although she is American...
  5. Not sure if it is urban myth but didn't Shannon Matthews' Mum think she had twins because they had the same father? Only they were born a year apart. I thought they made the cast of Shameless look like the Waltons. In fact, didn't they lift the kidnap plot from an episode of Shameless a month ago? Sad for the kids and unfortunately see it all too often in health sector as well with parents' neglect.
  6. Don't get me wrong, reform is needed just not necessarily in the way it is being carried out. We have an ageing population, we have a generation growing up that may be the first to have a lower life expectancy than the previous, we have ever more expensive drugs and techniques being developed, we have PFI, we have pensions, IT system etc etc. It is clearly not sustainable. There was a massive expansion in headcount when they threw the extra cash in and a large number of hospitals whether in debt or not are now scaling this back. A lot of non-productive jobs were a result of this expansion. Most hospitals in the region have a vacancy freeze. The job cuts that I mentioned in my previous post were across the board from consultants and junior doctor positions down to admin and secretarial staff. There are now a surplus of trainee doctors and nurses. It costs £250,000 to train a doctor. They are leaving this country in droves. I can't remember the exact details of when (2013?) but the final salary scheme is being scaled back. PFI is going to be an absolute disaster and probably quicker than anyone imagined. Worcs Royal Hospital, Dudley, Coventry and Warks, Birmingham's new superhospital. These are all PFI. There are definite improvements compared to how it used to be but we are not where we should be e.g. cancer survival rates compared to Europe. The IT system is a disaster waiting to happen. It's project lead resigned. I think there are legal wranglings going on as we speak. It is the biggest IT project joining up the records of 50 million +patients. I could't log on until 3.30pm today. If it works, it would reduce the headcount needed considerably of admin and clerical staff. If it works. There were rumours of it being abandoned at one point. I may work in it but I do like to think that I consider the wider picture. Something has to give. Cos it is a freakin' nightmare working in it at the mo.
  7. Point taken. Let me summarise key points: I work in the NHS. It's sh!t at the moment. Just because I work in public sector does not mean I am a one-legged ethnic lesbian outreach support worker. I actually do some work and don't abuse sickness absence like others in public sector. IT system is a waste of public money, you may wish to think about the confidentiality of your medical records being available to larger numbers of people than before. PFI has been a total of waste of your money as a taxpayer. Yes that's hardly news I know.
  8. Thought I'd better post a sensible reply as well. I work in NHS and I have to say that there is so much good that happens but you never hear about it. I am not a doc but the vast majority of them were already working way and above the call of duty before their pay rise. Now they are being accused of failing to increase efficiency. The government didn't calculate the cost of the pay increase accurately so it has cost way more, it has welcomed doctors from abroad to train here during times of shortage and then altered visa requirements halfway through their training and don't even get me started on Medicalising Medical Careers. By reducing the years of a medical degree, we now have a surplus of trainees fleeing abroad unable to get numbers here. The IT system crashes at least 2-3 times a day, it was down for most of today. That has cost way over the odds and is inferior to many previous systems put in place some times only 2-3 years before. At my last hospital we were without A&E, Radiology, Pathology, Out-Pt sytems for 3 whole days! But don't worry, you're highly confidential medical details will be safe on the new IT system. It just allows a far greater number of people access to them. You can opt out of this BTW if you are not aware already. I think you have to let you GP know. There are so many non-productive jobs, I like to call them the one-legged ethnic lesbian outreach support worker jobs. The pressure to maintain targets at all costs to get your hallowed 3 star ratings is unbelievable and the sickness absence rates? If they want to improve efficiency, try tackling sickness absence abuse as a starter. PFI? Potential f*!./? insolvency 30 years hence. Use PFI, build a state of the art heart unit. Just one problem. There is already enough capacity for heart operations in the country and you don't have the business coming in to recoup income because by the time it was commissioned to being up and running, there have been improvements in techniques that mean open heart surgery is no longer required to the same extent. So you have a white elephant sucking money and 300 redundancies announced because the fiscal incompetence by the executive team means you are £38 million in debt. Happy days. Anyhoo, rant over. Let's end on a positive note. Large numbers of patients go through the system and receive excellent treatment. There are huge numbers of dedicated professionals working in dire circumstances at the moment. But I would suggest that the NHS now needs to be independent from government because it will only ever be a political football.
  9. Given the attention to Sarah Beeny's cleavage on this site last night, can I suggest that you start analysing when perhaps these assets will deflate? You can talk it about from the point of view of whether they are artifically inflated or whether they will crash to her knees and the degree of drop and speed by which it will happen. You see I think that the breast inflation crash really started with Jordan having hers removed and look at the media saturation that achieved. You see the credit crunch will have far-reaching implications, how are the delightful young Heat readers going to finance their breast enlargement operations now to look like their idol Posh Spice? Only joking Thirdwave, completely agree with your sentiment to job well done. This site has given me hope, advice and endless hours of fun to boot.
  10. As someone in the middle (Birmingham), there are so many empty newbuild flats round here already plus a whole host of new developments that are going to be finished in the very near future, that I can only see rents going down through oversupply. I live in St Pauls/Jewellery Quarter area and in this immediate vicinity alone there are five new complexes, a couple of them with shedloads of new flats. In fact I thought there were only four but noticed another one last week. This is just one small area of the city and there are developments all across it. Birmingham also has a number of financial institutions with offices in the city centre, mainly accountancy and insurance etc. I can't say how many people working in these places live 'the city centre dream'...ahem... but if these places start laying off staff, I am sure it will affect demand round here and I see enough suits walking to work each day. I have also noticed that the complex that I live in seems much emptier than it has ever been in the three years I have been here. I get on well with my landlord who refixed mortgage last year and he mentioned that his mortgage was going up. However, he knows that he gets his bills paid on time and there is so much competition round here that risking voids, bad tenant etc makes it sensible to keep the status quo and keep Mrs O happy. I haven't paid an increase in rent in three years and if could be bothered with hassle of moving could probably trade up in renting terms by negotiating down.
  11. Housing is a basic human need. I agree with you on that one. But that's all I'm afraid. I rent because the mortgage costs, service charge etc on the place where I currently live would represent paying about a third more on top for a place, though nice, is simply not worth £950 -£1,000 a month without adding in cost of council tax, other bills etc. I can't afford to do that and I wouldn't want to be paying towards a place that simply isn't worth that amount. My landlord tried to sell the place six months after I moved in. He couldn't back in 2005 because people wouldn't pay the price back then. I could've taken on a mortgage and I would have been screwed right now. I don't also buy into the demand argument either. My rent has stayed the same for three years because there is simply too much competition of newbuilds and where is the demand coming from for buying property? New graduates with debt? Immigrants on the lower scale of the ladder or nowhere near it? Newly divorced? There are demographics to consider in housing policy but house price inflation has not been caused by this, it has been caused by speculative investors who have replaced normal people just requiring a place to live. I don't have flash aspirations, my only desire in fact is to have a roof over my head in old age. There are a lot of normal people priced out and I don't think that this is good for society a a whole. So I don't revel in the misery that a house price crash would cause, to me it would just put normality back in situ. Or do you think that the levels of debt people are in compared to incomes is a sound financial principle to be working on?
  12. Whiter shade of pale ... or magnolia
  13. Have been lurking a long, long while and finally plucked up courage to join debate tonight following FP's performance on Channel 4 so as a HPC virgin please treat me gently! Discovered site a number of months ago whilst googling for information on 'Great Housing Crash of 2010'. Without sounding like I should be on Match.com instead, despite calling myself Mrs O (reference to wobbly cardboard box Crossroads sets a la Acorn Antiques that are being built in Birmingham currently), I am outpriced of the market by virtue of having to buy on single income...from the public sector. I am mid 30's and therefore had opportunity to buy while prices were low pre 1997. But I didn't. Do I regret this? Sometimes. Buying a house was something that I didn't get round to doing by virtue of spending a couple of spells abroad and circumstances not necessarily demanding that I needed to do it. However, the choice that was there to be able to do it if I wished has been taken away over the last few years. Could've borrowed 5-6 times income to buy city centre rabbit hutch but accepted the fact that I couldn't afford it and have been happy to rent instead with all the flexibility that it brings. This site has provided sanity in all of this by exposing the housing market myths and people sharing their experience of being priced out. I think people have been made to feel a failure if they don't own property. Perhaps the have plots and have nots. I have also been a complete financial illiterate in the past and have spent hours to the point of addiction absorbing all the invaluable info that has been put forward on here. I have no intention of buying over the next few years and I suppose the question now perhaps is whether I will ever buy at all. It has however been reassuring to read the posts on here and not feel like you're the missing the boat or perhaps you're the biggest muppet in town because you rent not own a property.
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