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  1. i met some people who did this for a living in Phuket (they were European working without work visas) - one of them got free accommodation and also money if you go to the seminar.
  2. oh, already at 19! oh well, you can reach me on nick31 at gmail dot com
  3. hey panda - maybe because i have only got a few posts? I will get up to 10 and see if I can send you message
  4. I am living in Thailand, my second year now, its living costs which keep me away from UK. I rent a 2 bed, 2 bath 62 sqm apartment which is pool side (on the left on this pic) for 13,300b which is about £350 inc bills - in the UK I paid more than this for just bills and only 1 bed apartment. Lifestyle is a little different here to, beer can be had for 80p a bottle in a bar, buy 2 get 1 free, think petrol is 80p a litre - I have 3 or 4 girls (not bar girls, all have normal jobs) who are happy to spend the night with me - dropped the 21 year old one off this morning at her shop and (I am 38) - happy days.
  5. Just turned 38 so too old to reply but anyway... about £60k savings, saving around £20k a year, £45k pa - own internet business so I could always sell it as its 5 years old and must be worth something. 2 bed, 2 bath 62sqm rented apartment in Thailand £273 a month - huge pool, onsite gym, sun, petrol 75p a liter, beer in bar from 50p a bottle.
  6. I got a 12 month visa from the Hull embassy - very easy to get, takes about 2 days and you just post your passport to them - you just have to do visa runs every 3 months which is a bit of a pain - last time i took my time doing visa run, hired a car and stopped over night in a couple of small towns - had a really good time doing this actually. I have got another visa run coming up in a few week and might go back to Cambodia for a few days or maybe Phillipines as I have never been there and heard its good. Very easy to rent a place here, small deposit of maybe £100 where I am now, non at the next place, no credit checks - non of that crap you get back at home - I lost about £300 off my deposit from my UK b1tch landylady for a made up cleaning bill.. the prices are pretty low here now as its low season, i'm checking into a 1 bedroom bungalow with pool, balcony with space for my hammock, free wifi again, swmming pool, pleanty of room... maybe 100 sq meters for 13000 a month + maybe 2000b bills which is £319. wifi is ok... not as good as uk but ok. have a look on thai visa for everything you need to know.
  7. Self employed - lots of spare time as well. I do the same thing (SEO for 40 odd clients) but from koh samui, thailand - been here 4 months and my living exspenses are half of what I used to pay in the uk even with weak pound. worked out that even if I owned a house outright in the UK (which I have enough cash to do after selling in 2005) i'd still be worse off as bills in the UK on their own are more than what I pay for rent and bills together over here... also get free wifi, gym and pool - and the sun is shining - no point in going back although I have to for Christmas.
  8. 1) Extra Value Desktop PC, Intel Dual Core E5300, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDRW, NO OS Qty: 1Cost: £219.86 2) A flat in manchester for cash from my str fund 2005 (its a repo, hope I dont get gazumped again like I did in April on another repo).
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RYjXoRWTMc...feature=related
  10. I got a 5.5% reduction on my big one bed flat in didsbury village (paying £425 a month) the reduction was back in Jan and it was when i first got it - really easy to get - the flat used to be £500 a month, but was up for £450 this time.
  11. Well I hope my virgin active in didsbury keeps on going - always looks pretty busy to me. £34 a month off peak is fine for me as I work for myself from home so can go between 9-5 (SEO / Google Adwords management). I dont loose any weight as I drink too much at the weekends! it just makes me feel better if I am a bit lethargic. Also plugging my laptop into the wall and using their electricty and free wi-fi makes me feel better to.
  12. I travelled around wuth a guy in australia when i was there about 10 years ago, he was travelling on a £10k loan that he had taken out in a flase name. He said that he had changed his name a few times and it was really easy to do - he'd then get a loan in the false name, then he paid it for a few months and then he asked for some more which they gave him and then did a runner - although he said it was trally easy, he'd also been in prison, but that was for holding up a pizza delivery driver and stealing his pizzas and about £15... I didn't find all this out until I was in the middle of the nullarbor desert with him!
  13. i had a meeting at 11am, i walked around Bolton trying to find a poppy at 10:50am 2 newsagents didnt have any. sat in my car and kept quite for 2 minutes and got to my meeting a bit late.
  14. I went in last Friday and before I looked at the prices of coffee, I asked if they had wi-fi - expecting them to say, sure its free, here is the password when you buy a coffee... but he actually said.. yes, we do have it, its £5 an hour! I laughed and said no chance... he said, mmhh, i am not sure where else has it around here... i am sure he did as Wetherspoons next door had it for free - and the coffee there is only £1.29, so thats where I went.... are they mad? £5!
  15. part of a round the world trip.. a few friends and relatives came out to meet up with me, so i rented a flat and let them stay as well. Girls... you'd have to be able to speak spanish, its not like america where they love an english accent i'm afraid - they just dont know what you are on about if you speak english! good place to learn spanish cheaply, eat fantastic steak and drink dirt cheap wine and beer.
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