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  1. "when you have properties that you can pick up for £30k, let on a LHA rate of £400 you would have to be stupid not to buy if you had the experience i had with letting to the unemployed." Where do you buy a house for 30k in UK, or has your BTL empire expanded to Detroit?
  2. Agree wholeheartedly. I have lived in Poland for 3 years. In almost every facet of life it is better than the UK. With regards to the credit crunch no real signs of it yet here, but doesnt change the the fact that houses are overvalued in relation to wages. So they must fall, but agree that Poland doesnt have the structural problems of other economies.
  3. Good from Tusk. But not sure that Poland will be immune, its just that they are 2 years behind the curve. The Polish cancer is borrowing in chf, and 100-125% mortgages.
  4. So why is the yen, the stronger currency v $, E, £ etc?
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...ible-trap-.html "Mr Cornell paid €900,000 (£640,000) for the then-desirable property and has spent a further £300,000 on it so far. Only a few months ago he could have expected it to fetch about £2 million when it was finished, turning a profit of more than a million. But the mortgage alone is costing around £90,000 a year to service, and, with a buyer nowhere in sight, the property is 'bleeding me dry', he says. He is so desperate to get rid of it that he would gladly drop the price by a million and write off his losses. " What loss, he'd still
  6. Interesting download on "behind the curtain". Makes you wonder about the "club" and who controls the world. Furthermore, good info on Buffet and the silver markets. You have to wonder how Buffets long-term record is so good? Is it because he's "inside"?
  7. How do you prove what the salesmen said? Sounds like he was just bull$hitting them to get a sale, which he got.
  8. My guess is you'd go to court and lose as you signed a contract.
  9. Exactly. Its like a bankrupt going to a bank and getting them to increase the credit limit on their maxed out credit card, and succeeding.
  10. Was chatting to some Polish friends. They thought the $20bn was a good idea, shore up reserves etc, and not like Hungary/Iceland etc. Can anyone suggest any evidence/argument in which i can destroy their optimism?
  11. What are the prospects for Poland and Polish houseprices - any experts? Polish Finance Minister said it was not "emergency funding" but rather "a supplementary reserve" available to the Polish central bank. Umm...
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