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  1. Definitly suicide as most Freeview boxes can't accept a viewing card that a subscription channel would use - how many little old ladies would go out and buy a new box, not many I think!
  2. Has anyone here actually worked out what this pillocks' motives are for wanting the working population of this country crippled with ridiculous levels of debt are? Or is he/she/it just as idiotic as the ladyboy avatar would suggest??
  3. Another give away, apparently, is that the 'tails' design doesn't match the 'heads' year. Surely if we're not switching to Euros any time soon the £1 coin needs to be replaced ASAP with a bi metal coin like the £2 or €1?
  4. Are you playing with the original structure or total demolition? If starting again I believe it counts as new build and you can reclaim all the VAT at the end which might actually be cheaper. Good luck with it anyway!
  5. Lots of mortgages in CHF I've heard - even we've not been that stupid!
  6. I think there might be a 'drafting error' there - minus sign missing... ...and the decimal point should be one more position to the right.
  7. Not sure it equates to the Hoover Dam but London got the 'New Works Programme' on the tube which is responsible for most of the outlying lines into the suburbs and we're still using them: LPTB New Works Programme
  8. I read somewhere that a dead giveaway with a lot of the fakes is that the year doesn't match the design. I got a cheap haircut in a backstreet barbers in London - the till was full of abnormally shiny £1 coins, the guy looked a bit non plused when I tipped him with the change he'd just given me! They worked fine in a vending machine. Shortly after that some counterfeiters in Enfield got caught - the source of the coins?
  9. ES - found a copy on the train yesterday (I'd rather drill out my own eyes than part with 50p for it) - absolute shite, right beneath the bit of their masthead that says 'London's Quality Newspaper' or some such untruth!
  10. Anyone want a chat with David Stiffell?:- whois -h gov.uk.whois.demon.net realhelpnow.gov.uk Domain: realhelpnow.gov.uk Registered For: Cabinet Office Domain Owner: Cabinet Office Registered By: Kantara Limited Servers: ns1.knibs.net ns2.knibs.net ns3.kantara.net ns4.kantara.net Registrant Contact: David Stiffell Registrant Address: Communication Group Third Floor 22 Whitehall London SW1A 2WP United Kingdom +44 207 276 5595 (Phone) +44 207 276 5594 (FAX) david.stiffell@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk Renewal date: Sunday 20th Feb 2011 Entry created: Friday 20th February 2009 Registrant:
  11. So if he says it two trillion times - problem solved?... No? Thought not!
  12. I know this property - just around the corner from home. It's right on the North Circular with the 'temporary' hump back bridge that's been there for about 15 years next to it (over the District line) and ramp to the bridge in front of it. Work has just started on replacement of this bridge and the one about 20 yards away over the main line out of Paddington, so it's going to be a building site for the next couple of years. I think this house and the ones next to it were originally to be demolished when the plan was to widen the whole North Circular to Kew Bridge. The windows have been bricked up for at least the last few years, prior to that think they would have been rented (at low cost - run down). Who the hell wants to live on the North Circular?? £226,000? - I wouldn't pay £26! Maybe someone thinks it will be compulsory purchased?
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