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  1. Thanks all for your kind and very useful comments. I'll definitely have a go at a second draft when I get the time.
  2. Thanks both for taking the time to read it, and really appreciate these excellent notes juvenal. Must admit I've never really attempted a second draft to sort the thing out. Your thoughts are really helpful, and inspire me to take another look at it. Danger is by the time I get it in shape the HPC will have happened!
  3. Thanks JTB. Worth having a go. The good thing about writing for BBC radio is that they need a lot of scripts. The downside is that getting them to read anything by a 'nobody' is not easy. The Writers' Room is really the only way in. I've had various levels of success there, but it has always ended up in rejection so far. Take a read and you might think that's no surprise!
  4. Been trying to write something for BBC Radio 4 drama. Several rejected attempts, including this one, which is supposed to be a sort of comedy drama about the insanity of HPI and BTL in London. Don't know how successful it is, but thought the members of this site might like to take a look, seeing as it brazenly borrows many of the ideas and language of this forum. it is at http://anyonesittinghere.weebly.com The page requires a password which is 'ash' then the play can be downloaded as a PDF. Thanks.
  5. It would be 22.5% or 25% or 27.5% cos that's how it works, always increments of 2.5 - it wouldn't go to 27% (but 27.5% sounds not unlikely)
  6. Not sure what point you are making. Fair enough- its obviously going to be refurbed and is probably a pretty generous plot. The point is the price. Detached bunglaows in this street, in excellent condition were selling for £285,000 a couple of years ago. It's just mad.
  7. Sold STC £380,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46419904.html
  8. http://cynicuseconomicus.blogspot.com/2008...-and-uk-as.html the view form the excellent cynicus economicus blog "...... When I predicted the default all that time ago, I did think about the option of printing money, but saw it as a last resort to pay government workers, whilst the government tried to scale back expenditure. This is different, as it is an attempt to print the government out of the black hole, and will just lead it deeper into the hole. In both cases it is an act of desperation, but doing so before it is the last resort has the suggestion that people actually think that this is a good idea. That is very scary indeed"
  9. http://www.order-order.com/2008/12/somethi...nking-bill.html Guido is suspicious "surely it can't be that they don't want us to know how fast the Bank of England's printing presses are going to be running?"
  10. Don't know why I've put myself through a whole day of BBC radio promoting this terrible Prime Minister as some sort of hero. Robinson's 'Master of the Universe' comment had me literally disbelieving what I'd heard. A relief to watch some balance from CH4 news tonight. What happened to the BBC?
  11. A shocking end to a shocking day of unashamed BBC promotion of Gordon Brown and today's actions..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nickrobinson/20...rebirth_of.html
  12. Fender Strat Martin Shenandoah Yamaha AEX admira classical + a spanish guitar I rescued from the tip and restored could be a good band.... we could bring the house down!
  13. On Radio four's money box just now it was mentioned that the 50 billion would have to be made available to all banks registered in the Uk, not just UK banks, and that this will necessarily include US and far east banks. so we're taking on the world's subprime debt....
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