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  1. http://www.bairstoweves.co.uk/content/003_...0233-1221060957 Take a look at this one, its a repo in Upton, I know the vendor quite well , he chucked in his keys because he sold his canoe to that Darwin chap !
  2. Good advice , I too moved to the area, did my research before and am now renting in Market Harborough , after living in Northampton it is like going back in time, a proper English Market town , and a pleaseant area to live , great countryside around too. In a couple of years I will buy around here , but only when the market bottoms out.
  3. Milton Keynes is doing very badly, I know of a Mortgage Brokerage with 25 advisors!.all self employed who have just been told they cannot have their retainer paid this month, also the firm has got rid of 3 admin staff. Like many they got on the housing bandwagon in the past few years, and now their over expansion is catching up with them. OB will really suffer too, they have never been in a falling market......the chickens are coming home to roost Simon!
  4. I will see what I can find out about EA's in Northampton , as I saw the warning signs last year when i shut down my Mortgage Practise..well I did specialize in self certs and sub prime........doh! So I started up a healthcare business instead !
  5. Was he indeed!.well Mr Brown and Captain Darling do not have a clue , I was talking to a building society executive yesterday , a lot of banks are running out of money ( old news ) and they are knocking back many Mortgage applications , LTV's have been decreased , and so have income multiples , they are asking for more and more documentation regarding mortgage apps, shame it took them so long to wake up ! also I know of a case where a BTL investor tried to chuck the keys back to two flats and the bank did not want them!...........Lets all face it we are heading for a huge crash , so all the property cheerleaders better get used to it! Good old Brown , Captain Darling.....................a disaster in the trenches of the credit crunch
  6. I bet they are , £172k !!!! Lets face it , no btl investors will take a punt , cos the btl mortgage market is in a mess , well the mortgage market is in a mess overall! Be interesting if this does go ahead..................keep me informed.
  7. Any EA's closing down the Welly Road ?
  8. I had a chat to a manager of a national chain last week , and he quoted " That the crash is already happening " he said it will be tough and HO were in crisis talks . Some people are still in denial though , particuarly some EA's , I also know a lot of investors who are bricking it regarding al the BTL's they have in the town , especially all those terraced one's in the Mounts , and all the overpriced factory conversions too!
  9. I have a few insights , as I previously owned a Mortgage Brokerage and did a lot of business in the town , I am so glad to be out of it all now though , Watch the repossessions rise , I was at the Courts today , and there were 17 repossesion hearings today alone ! ...........and as far as I could tell only one was a sub prime!!!!
  10. I moved out this way from Northampton , am now in rented , give it at least two years before buying............at least!
  11. Bullish and predicting a soft landing....come on , take a walk down the Welly Road , they are all trading in the new gleaming cars and selling their designer suits on ebay Look into the offices , they are busy aint they????..well the offices look full............of staff , so no one out selling then , too many estate agents in town , I got sick of the industry , I owned a Mortgage Brokerage and shut it down last year , I now live in rented and am saving my money for a deposit on a house in 3-5 years time........happy days!
  12. A lot of spin working for a mortgage network I shut down my Mortgage business as got sick and tired of the industry , and then I sold my properties and moved to rented , great move as we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg regarding price crashes!
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