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  1. Small chain of barbers, South Manchester, down 8% yoy - though 'Beatles style - circa 1965' coming back into fashion - after a decade of ultra-short hair, hasn't helped. The most glum customers are the ones with overseas property. Locally, of the owners figures I trust - very upmarket men's clothes down 40%. Independent Coffee shop has recently gained 25% from closure of Coffee Republic. Plenty of anecdotals about collapse of taxi trade - Leeds very bad apparently. But nobody seems to have any explanation of why the Consumer spending figures are holding up so well.
  2. I suppose after the 60s, having hair cut dramatically short became of statement of change/distress/rebellion/going bonkers - which it possibly wasn't previously. There is an odd stat from the hairdressing industry about the effects of national 'disasters'. Following Diana's death and again, after 9/11, there was a collapse in trade that lasted almost precisely two weeks. The 'recovery' day was, on both occasions, the Saturday two weeks later, when, it seems, people said 'Ok, back to normal, and suddenly poured in. The result in my salon was a record-breaking day that I doubt can possibly be
  3. Friend exchanged contracts on 20th Nov 2007 - has been listed on houseprices.co.uk (LR data) as a transaction on 3rd March 2008. Three other transactions I've known the dates of in the past two years haven't appeared at all.
  4. I've heard very dark things about Gleeson today involving a meeting in Bury this morning attended by loads of staff from the North West. My source was definite about two things: that a number of senior managers were sent home - and that a middle manager who had left his wallet in an admin building was told by security that he wasn't allowed in - and there would be more details tommorow (Tuesday). Shares trading 'normally' at 168p at close (4.55% down). I don't think I'm the victim of an outrageous windup - but somehow find it difficult to believe nobody else seems to know anything. (I'm nothin
  5. "95% Sold" If you're so close to selling them all, why manufacture a 300sqft banner at vast expense to tell us about it. Oh, and the disembodied voice that repeats every 30 seconds that it's a "criminal offence" to smoke at Altrincham bus station.
  6. It was VitalSpace. A couple of unrelated anecdotals: A manager at HSBC told me that there had been a recent flurry of account openings by people shifting cash around to avoid having more than the guarenteed limit with one bank. And, NOT HSBC related ! Another bank I regularly use has slightly 'lazy' counter staff who don't hide private correspondence very well. Whilst I was paying in I spotted a letter from one of the major Manchester Housing Associations to the bank, headed, re: Open Credit Facility!
  7. Mine (central Manchester) suddenly came over all realistic: Me: "How's the sales side going?" Agent: (with dramatic arm movements)...."Shafted, completely shafted" Me: "Any completions in the last.......? (interrupted) Agent: "Nothing.....nothing.....anywhere" Me: "Oh dear"
  8. I have a slightly odd (and commercially useless) abilty to be able to play virtually any piece of music I've ever heard, on keyboards or (slightly more tricky) guitar, without any sort of practice, or music; with the further socially dramatic twist that I can do it blindfolded But this cognitive quirk has it's downsides in other areas. My short-term memory is shot to pieces - and other areas of my perception are distinctly dodgy. I was once called at work by some woman rambling on about missing a train on her way to the office. After a few minutes I said "Eh..can I stop you there....who is
  9. Yup, I've noticed a sudden use of this line of thinking amongst friends. The one about the government not "allowing it to happen" seems to have bit the dust, in favour of this piece of fairyland economics. It's become a sort of failsafe: "we are only prepared to go down to a certain price.....and then we'll rent out". Using similar logic, I was recently asked whether Zimbabwean dollars could be exchanged for the US variety .
  10. I'm a urologist - anyone want to guess at the name of my trade journal? Oh...medical, so it must be pee-r reviewed
  11. I think I may be the only genuine HPC barber shop owner . Prices are going up a quid across the board next week, in my small attempt to stuff the CPI. Despite the fact that hairdressing is sometimes considered 'recession-proof', the sector gets badly hit during downturns. According the the trade mag "Creative Head" (honest), 41% of salons saw trade decline, with only 21% reporting a rise, in September- the first time there has been a fall, sorry, I mean softening, for as long as I can remember. In fact Heidi DeBenedictis (Luton) reports that "clients are re-booking every nine weeks instead
  12. I recieved the automated e-mail from houseprices.co.uk this morning saying that figs had been updated ( April's are due), but actually they don't seem to have the new transactions at all. Perhaps no houses were sold last month
  13. I suspect only a personal consultation with Nicky Clarke would be good enough for him. Actually, I believe it is something of a myth that hairdressers do well in a recession. A business transfer agent warned me that during the 70s downturn, they were the first to suffer - though that probably had something to do with cutting back on the expensive Kevin Keegan perms. Taking a slight gamble, I recently reduced prices and plastered them all over the windows, in the broad expectation of a deflationary depression. DOH. Looks like I'll have to get one of those electronic displays so I can keep pac
  14. Reckon I could be OK on this one I'm and STRer, and own two hair salons .....but don't ask me to attempt your root canal treatment.
  15. All the completions for March 2005 will already be logged, whereas we've only got around half those for March 2006, so we can't compare the two sets of volumes- yet. By mid-summer all the March 2006 will be logged, so then it's fair to compare them with 2005. The way the figures dribble out makes any sort of analysis quite difficult.
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