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    ^The best odds a week ago were William Hill (searched via oddschecker) at 11/4, which I took. That is 2.75/1 rather than 4/1.
  2. Of course, if GBP drops following Brexit, then house prices would drop in USD terms anyway, so perhaps leading to upward nominal pressure on house prices measured in Sterling?
  3. Yes, this is quite an observation, given the contrasting liquidity and funding between punters and some Hedge Funds!
  4. Meanwhile over here it feels like 1997 all over again: http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/707528/banks-face-biggest-default-since-1997-crisis (From a few days ago when the writing was on the wall)
  5. The NYSE is closed currently for technical issues. It's been down for 30 minutes. Earlier today a popular stock blogging site was taken down and the United Airlines computer system was taken down leading to flights being grounded. Now the Wall Street Journal site is under attack. Authorities are saying they are not connected, but it seems very odd for all this to happen at the same time? A coordinated DNOS attack perhaps?
  6. I have been in business in Asia for 16 years and this is the forst time I am really concerned about the effects of the GFC.....
  7. Yes, because Farage is an overgrown child, who has no concept of the dangers being faced by an entire continent at this time.
  8. An excellent vision. Many here should listen to the speech in full and understand more about what the underlying issues are and what is at stake. Tsiparas seems to agree actually. Can he get his party to agree?
  9. So, yes, actually we get to the heart of the matter as far as I am concerned. Now, sovereign debt is essentially levied on the populace of the sovereign country that borrowed the money. That's well understood. But wait, we have the concept of "citizens of Europe" and freedom of movement. So, a contradiction in terms, as member states can borrow asunder, but the population on which they secure the debt (through taxes) are mobile and guaranteed mobility - in this case by the creditor institutions! Amazing! Like hotairmail, I also saw this coming and emigrated some 24 years ago as debt began to
  10. On the subject of printing, the main issue right now in Greece seems to be cash liquidity , caused by cash starvation brought on by the bank closures. So, therefore, small denomination (10's) notes are exactly what would oil the wheels of getting, what is now effectively a cash economy, moving again.
  11. Latest is that Eurogroup suspended and that Meerkat and Hollandaise have said they will leave it to the negotiators. That's it. Prepare for the weekend default announcement! Goodness, we have not had an exciting Sunday evening for 5+ years. Its like, nostalgia!
  12. Of course, the current orthodoxy of 2% inflation being essential to human well-being ignores the (then) unprecedented growth in the latter half of the 19th Century which was also noted for its deflation. Anyway Carney and Crew are top paid execs, so they must be right and the history books wrong.
  13. Well, if she can get one adjournment for the POCA hearing, then she will be out and, having no licence to serve, can legally move abroad to avoid POCA reimbursement/penalty, as POCA is a civil matter, albeit one with a incarceration default for non-payment. So, if she wanted, there is nothing to report on in September..
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