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  1. Do be fair, they're not all spivs. There are some Tim-Nice-But-Dim(s) too.
  2. 65% drop to Dec 17 - you do have to wonder what their year to Dec 18 is going to be like.
  3. They'll find a way round it. Quite a while after similar legislation came in re job applicants, a daughter was temping for a small employment agency. She was startled to find people still asking for e.g. 'Bubbly under 25 with long legs' (to quote a real example) and pointed out to her boss that this was illegal. Boss just shrugged and said it was no use sending along a highly competent 40 year old when they were only going to turn her down. I suspect much the same will happen with rentals.
  4. Ha, it's us in the east who are getting frozen. Bloody cold here the past couple of days. The previous Saturday I was in Richmond Park with daughter and very little grandchildren - it was warm enough for us to feel too hot in coats and take them off, and people were having picnics on the grass! Near our entrance to the park there's a very old, fallen-down blackthorn which has sprouted roots where it's lying on the ground and is still going strong. Seeing the first little white flowers is one of my signs of spring on the way. They are much later than usual this year - only just beginning to open now.
  5. The Kingsnympton estate is in fact very far from the worst in Kingston - we live not a million miles from it, though on the other side of the road, and don't see it as a problem. What would put me right off those white townhouses (apart from the price!) would be, a) that monstrous block right behind them) and b, being right on K Hill. Having said that, they are set back a bit and do have a certain amount of parking. It'll be interesting to see what they eventually go for - they've already been up for sale for quite some time.
  6. I'm not sure they should be jailed, purely because it costs the taxpayer a bomb. Really hefty fines, and confiscation of the properties if necessary for the repayment of back tax/fines, is the way to go IMO. Plus of course HMRC keeping a particularly beady eye on them until they're in their graves - or even after, if there's any question of IHT to pay.
  7. Anyone else familiar with the block of 5 (I think) white townhouses on Kingston Hill, on the L as you go towards K Vale, not far from the hospital? The houses dominated by a very large, ugly block of flats right behind? They were up for sale - I gather as a block - with Saxon Kings, now with Dexters. A neighbour informs us that all are owned by a Middle Eastern person - I gather he meant a MEP living here. However neighbour is something of a bullshitter so can't take as gospel. I seem to have seen just one for sale recently for £900k+. Given that hideous block right behind them, I can't see any OO wanting one, even at a considerably lower price, and given proximity to the hospital I dare say they've been fruitful BTLs in the past, but who is going to make the sums add up at today's prices?
  8. I would imagine that HMRC are legally entitled to demand anything they want. I still don't understand why there has not been a more visible scare campaign, e.g. on TV, social media, hoardings in the street. I've posted before on here about a fairly senior medic more or less boasting about never having declared rental income. Should imagine there are plenty still thinking there's a very fair chance of getting away with it.
  9. Whether it's going to matter will depend a lot on the requirements of the particular job. It may not matter at all. However, to many people, official written communications with basic mistakes look sloppy and unprofessional. From experience, it's nearly always the people who habitually make basic mistakes and can't see them, who think it doesn't matter.
  10. I know of one person, decades off boomer age, who initially weeded out a mass of very similar job applications (qualifications wise) by discarding any with basic spelling/grammatical mistakes. Sad that so many have been led to believe that these things don't matter any more, and that only pernickety old farts care about SPaG.
  11. You can say that again. A short walk to the park that would take me about 4 minutes on my own, can easily take four times that with grandchildren of one and a half - though at least he's mostly happy in his pushchair - and not far off 3. We have to stop and look/pick up/examine umpteen stones/leaves/twigs/conkers, not to mention walking back and forth across any inviting-looking low wall along the way. Recently, a supposedly quick walk to a local shop had to be interrupted by stopping to peer through every single very fascinating knot hole in a long wooden fence en route.
  12. I believe you! I can't think it's universal, though. Not everybody can afford cleaners and gardeners, either. As always, things are easier if you're comfortably off. Visiting hairdresser can be cheaper than a salon, though.
  13. Many retired people don't do the big weekly food shop any more anyway. They have time to go every couple of days and get what they can easily carry. I don't know about taxis. It's probably the rather older cohort, but many elderly still look on them as a great extravagance. My mother gave up her car voluntarily at 80, and although we pointed out to her time and again that the money saved on insurance, servicing and MOts, never mind the sale of the car, would pay for any amount of taxis, she still couldn't bring herself to 'waste the money'. It's not as if she was hard up, either. And I've heard of quite a few others similar. It's a mindset that seems v hard to change.
  14. Not true, Winkie - plenty of better off pensioners do uses buses, at least in London, where it's so often easier and less faff than trying to find somewhere to park. Whatever else, bus passes do keep a good many cars off the roads, out of the car parks, and their emissions out of the air. (Apart from when the owners have been eating beans, I mean.)
  15. No wonder I've noticed a lot of HMOs for sale in OX3 lately. Anecdotally I've heard that family houses - at non extortionate rents, and not in the likes of Blackbird Leys - are still hard to come by, though. I wonder where that 12 bed HMO he refers to is? If it's anywhere halfway nice, it'd still be a super-ludicrous price, in spite of so much work needed to turn it back into a family home, and if it's in the likes of BL or Barton, nobody will want a ludicrously priced family home there anyway.
  16. I can't be the only one who's seen quite an increase in the number of properties that are/were obviously rentals, for sale. Though how many are just wanting to get out while the going's still good, and how many are 'distressed' is open to question. The other day I quoted an HMO in Oxford (just one of several) up for £600k, last sold price about £98k. Would guess that that LL is one of the former.
  17. Still, the EA made a novel spelling error in the blurb - called it a 'bijoux' residence, instead of 'bijou'. Which at least makes a change from the usual old flower boarders and shower cubicals. Full marks otherwise for inventive flowery waffle for a ludicrously priced rabbit hutch.
  18. Re Oxford HMOs again, I do wonder how much of a hit they're mostly going to have to take. Even if they 'only' bought at the height of the boom in say 2006/7, prices have doubled since then, if not more - who is ever going to make an HMO pay at these prices? And they're mostly pretty grotty, so anyone looking to convert to a family home would have to spend a hell of a lot to bring it up to scratch - can very likely get one ready to live in for same or less - not to mention that a lot of HMOs are in less desirable roads/areas anyway.
  19. You never know your luck - why not be generous? Owner who's been so nobly providing homes for so many since he bought it for £98k in the late 90s (IIRC) quite obviously deserves a ginormous fat profit.
  20. I am fairly familiar with crazy Oxford prices, but this really does take the cake. At that price I'd have thought it'd be in Jericho or similar, or at least within spitting distance of the dreaming spires, but even then... I do keep an eye on OX3 and OX4 - prices are definitely stagnating if not actually falling much (asking prices that is), houses languishing on the market for ages, quite a few reductions on Zoopla. Also quite a few empty HMOs on the market - certainly signs of LLs hoping to get out while the going's still good. One HMO I saw recently was reduced from £750k to just under £600k, IIRC.
  21. I am not understanding what is FOAF please. Foolish Old Age Fart?
  22. In general I'd have to agree, but my sister and BiL used to have one at La Manga in Spain. They bought an October half term week, and with kids of an age to make a lot of use of tennis, pool, etc., it worked very well for them for quite a few years, and because it was a half term week I don't think they had any trouble offloading it when the time came, to someone similar. Not sure how that's relevant to my post. If however you were referring to unsavoury old blokes with dodgy teeth and flabby guts, who like to kid themselves that some pretty, 23 year old Thai girl loves them for themselves, I'd have to agree.
  23. There's no fool like an old fool.... The comment about these people being able to sell snow to an Eskimo made me remember my folks going to a timeshare sales session. They were a relatively new thing then - early 80s? - and all attendees were promised a clock radio, still relatively expensive at the time. Since they fancied a free clock radio, my folks went along with no intention of buying anything. They sat through the entire thing - my father in particular making the most of all the free tea/coffee/biscuits, and when under increasingly frustrated pressure from the salespeople, he just kept saying, 'No, thank you - we only came for the clock radio.' Which they were eventually obliged to give them - through gritted teeth, so to speak. There was a lot of gleeful chortling when the old man told us about it later.
  24. Just heard this on the news - something about shutting the stable door comes to mind... I can't help wondering whether it's a coincidence that it comes at the same time as McMafia on TV - the reality of global dirty money. Anyone else watching it? Has anyone else read the non fiction book it was based on?
  25. Can never remember how to do links on iPad, sorry, but if you Google 'Flats are hardest hit as property prices plummet by 4% in capital' it will come up.
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