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  1. Labour still bleat about right to buy and how evil the Tories were to introduce it - never a mention of how they had 13 years to abolish it - and didn't, because presumably they thought it would lose them votes. Though it must have existed well before Thatcher. After a good old nose on the Land Reg Mr B found that the ex LA house bought by a daughter had been sold by the council to the previous owners in 1971. But they must have lived there for quite a while before that, since the daughter handling the (probate) sale told our daughter that her parents had lived there for 60 years.
  2. Looks like a rental to me. If they've been given notice I don't suppose they feel like tidying up or charging around with the Mr Muscle to help their LL sell.
  3. Just for starters, much would it cost to get that hideous stone cladding off?
  4. Yes, very irritating, but not quite as bad as 'improving' for 'going up'. Grrr rage mad anger, as they used to say in the Beano.
  5. Oh, Winkie, it's a well known fact that any property which is no longer being so nobly provided by a LL, out of the goodness of his heart, for the less fortunate to live in, will magically disappear. Pouf!
  6. I have a great deal of sympathy for those poor kids. What I can never understand is couples where one half has no idea of their finances/debt. Though I know it's always happened. We have neighbours who used to live in a very large, very expensive house near here -there were also expensive cars on the drive, etc. Ages ago now, but with no warning the dad came home and told the mother that they would have to move out the next day, cars were going, etc. - he was bankrupt. All this was told quite openly by their daughter to ours - they already knew each other. The family had just moved in with a relative (neighbour of ours.)
  7. Even before this I've noticed a lot of HMOs for sale in Oxford. At least one had been bought for relative peanuts pre 2000 - I don't know what LL could even think of making them pay as HMOs at current prices. Though the pre 2000 one has been heavily reduced. Relatively speaking that is - maybe 20%. Given that many are in areas/roads which people paying that sort of money probably wouldn't choose, especially after renovation costs, I think most will be sitting on the market for ages. Most are already empty, so you do have to wonder whether those LLs still HMO-ing are rubbing their hands as they increase rents 'because of demand'. ,
  8. Childcare costs can be ruinous - my daughter's paying a fortune for her two under 3s 4 days a week. That will get easier from that POV, but from experience kids do get a lot more expensive as they get older. School uniforms, school trips, endlessly growing out of shoes and clothes, all the clothes and gadgets (nowadays) they want 'because everyone else has one', all the activities - swimming/football/rugby/gymnastics/ballet/music lessons, etc., more expensive school trips as they get older, family holidays - if you're able to afford them... And then, if they go, there's university.... All the stuff you need for the first baby - most of which you can get 2nd hand anyway, as my daughter did, is the least of it IMO.
  9. The poor ones were all going to vote Labour, and as for the rich ones, their wealth was going to 'trickle down', wasn't it?
  10. That is fair enough, but the point of many on here is that HTB has only helped to increase prices of newbuilds - so often overpriced anyway compared to older properties - not to mention swelling fat housebuilder bonuses. There was one housebuilder boss recently - I forget which - who smugly said his enormous bonus was at least partly down to the generous contribution from the government, I.e.the taxpayer/HTB.
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71897132.html This is it, originally just under £600k. Cant think what possessed the initial agent. This type of m'ette is bigger and with a better layout than average, plus outside space, but it would have taken 2 mins to check what the nicely done up ones were selling for.
  12. Funnily enough, only today I've seen a big reduction on a major time waster in SW17. It's a period, PB 2 bed maisonette, originally ludicrously priced at just under £600k last summer by some out of town agency - terribly dated and needing a load of work, but priced the same as those already done up. Eventually movd to Foxtons and came down in stages - far too late - to about £500k, but today it's there at £465k - still with Foxtons. Talk about a sign of the times...
  13. And the older they get, the less they feel like it. Not so surprising, given that it's a major PITA/hassle even when you're relatively young and fit. We have neighbours in their mid eighties who are frankly both becoming very decrepit. I can see a move to sheltered housing coming up, but they would never be able to manage any of it themselves - their kids, neither of whom lives nearby, would have to see to it all, from estate agents/solicitors to getting rid of stuff and the actual move. Suspect there are many similar, and they won't all have kids able or willing to help.
  14. Most of the ones I look at show total sq. m on the floor plan. Not usually quoted anywhere else, though.
  15. I didn't think it was. But are they responsible for checking for/advising liability for CGT, in the case of a 2nd+'property? At least within the U.K.?
  16. Quite a few have been filmed in pretty villages a short drive from Oxford. Cant remember the one where we once stopped, but there was a mini museum with pictures of all their Midsomer Murders fame. However we could forgive that, since two old dears were providing fantastic homemade cakes in the tea room. Mr B made a right pig of himself.
  17. Actually I've seen a number of similar posts on mumsnet where plenty of replies do say 'it's the price'. Of course there are always those who blether on about 'dressing' it - nice pretty cushions on the beds (OK I might have made that one up), but they're far from all being deluded. (Not that many here will want to hear that, I know.)
  18. Today's Times property section big cover story - nearly 1 1/2 page spread - headline reads 'Time to take a price reality check'. Stating the obvious of course, but a measure of altered sentiment in what was for ages a section where , 'improving' was a synonym for 'going up' (house prices) Naturally the first example they quote is a large house in Kensington, on the market for 14 months, original AP £4.6m, now down to £3.25m. Owners are 'aghast' that house has failed to sell and are now on 5th estate agent! Among the 'expert' advice on selling are all the usual things no poor non-expert would ever think of: decluttering, no smell of boiled sprouts, checking length of lease of a flat in case it's near the 80 year mark - FFS!!
  19. I would suspect that in quite a few cases they 'forget' to declare the rental income to the taxman. Have heard of one case where the rented house was eventually sold, and because it was not the main residence came to the attention of HMRC for both back tax and capital gains. Very nasty shock and massive bills. Don't know whether a normal solicitor's due diligence would automatically uncover this - Land Reg search? Plus you have to provide more than one form of ID inc. proof of address for conveyancing, though I'm sure there will be dodgy solicitors with ways and means.
  20. I do think that rightly or wrongly, at least some of the sentiment is down to Brexit. The sort of people (many) who could never bring themselves to admit that prices are ridiculous and have been for ages, like to kid themselves that if not for Brexit, prices would still be soaring into the stratosphere. And they can then conveniently blame it on all the swivel-eyed, xenophobic loons who voted to leave.
  21. Because they think/hope someone will be mug enough to pay it? Perhaps parents of the masses of foreign students at Kingston University?
  22. Well, not all relatives can - when they still HAVE to work and a parent e.g. with dementia or very physically frail - or both - gets to the stage where they need 24/7 care - by which I mean someone on hand ALL day, ALL night, 365 days a year. Mr B and I have both had parents with dementia who eventually needed residential care - they were both entirely self funded, which personally I looked on as something of a 'luxury', since we did not have to depend on the tender mercies of social services, but not everyone is in this position.
  23. Our area (Kingston) is one of the highest in the country for CT. We are next door to Wandsworth, which is one of the lowest.
  24. I dare say poor old Venger is exhausted from all that dredgimg up of people's past posts, going through them one by one and pointing out 15 times how misguided they were. I hope it's nothing more serious than a rest cure. Where is Mr Pin? That's what I want to know. Has he emigrated from Turnip Land? Have I missed something?
  25. What about all those 'accidental' LLs, Winkie? You know, the ones who just woke up one morning and found that somehow they'd acquired a 2nd property - and it had been rented out by magic!
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