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  1. Aside from everything else, inc. moans about the whole sorry lot of them of whatever colour, as always when voting yesterday evening I thought how civilised it is. Ten minute walk to the polling station, no queue, nobody with a gun, nobody trying to intimidate you, not so much as a PC Plod anywhere. So many countries are not so lucky. I do rather wish there had been a Monster Raving Loony to vote for, though. I miss the Raving Loonies.
  2. And you can guarantee that whichever bunch of tossers is in power, none of them will take the sensible, obvious measures to sort it out. Whatever they may do, it's always too little, too late.
  3. In a road of mainly 2 bed Edwardian maisonettes I'm very familiar with (SW17) they were routinely being priced near the £600k mark a year or so ago. One that was priced at just under that mark sold for £525k after many months. Still daft, of course, but it's quite a change from a couple of years ago. Another originally priced at £600k is now £485k well over a year later, but that one was even more ludicrously overpriced than the others, since it's in dire need of renovation.
  4. Do they honestly think it's just them? Foreign buyers have been pushing up prices in and around London - and rippling out elsewhere - since the 70s. It started with the oil rich Arabs, and has gone on more and more ever since.
  5. It's just possible that they were like a friend of ours, back in the late 70s/early 80s, who scoffed at us for doing anything so boring and 'bourgeois' - as he kindly put it - as buying a house.
  6. Even better if they're on a sleek kitchen worktop - pref. granite - with absolutely nothing else visible except for an artistically arranged artisan bowl of limes and lemons. It's 'lifestyle', innit?
  7. And exactly what did the Non-Nasty party do about any of it when they were in power for so many years? Abolish right to buy? Discourage BTL? Keep at least a bit of a hold on immigration, so that demand wouldn't be outstripping supply quite so much? No, thought not.
  8. The trouble is that no govt. ever thinks of what makes long-term sense. Only of what they hope will get them elected next time. Hence Help to Buy, which any fool could see was only going to,prop up prices of poky, shoddy new builds - and swell builders' bonuses. Not that Labour's any better. All the moaning about the evils of Thatcher's Right to Buy - they had years to stop it and didn't - because they thought - almost certainly correctly - that it would lose them votes.
  9. They're not assuming that everyone pays up front - it's just a way of saying what percentage of average annual earnings goes in average rent.
  10. Yes, Mr B and I (evil BoMaDers the pair of us) also had to sign various bits of paper disclaiming any right to the money in future. IIRC we also had to state where the money had come from.
  11. Sounds a bit more complicated than mere BoMaD. The grandmother's will, possible dodgy influence over someone with dementia, bad feeling all round anyway. The daughter sounds like a perfect little treasure.
  12. Er, I think it's probably a computer sending them, and it's very likely too busy and clever to be arsed with messages from mere humans.
  13. Two more since I posted that. They're coming thick and fast now.
  14. ...in my inbox - 'release' being their cosy euphemism for 'reduction'. It's invariably for some block of newbuild flats in the London area. I do often still have a good old nose to see what's going for how much, especially reductions, in the local area, so they are kindly sending me details which match my 'search criteria'. They've been coming on and off for some time, but lately the frequency has speeded up dramatically.
  15. I don't see the ES all that often, but a major source of their advertising revenue is surely the many pages of property advertising once a week. Which may well explain why a free newspaper has traditionally been a cheerleader for rising HPs. Not condoning, just saying.
  16. What are the annual service charges, I wonder?
  17. It would not have been benefit fraud. He was a senior volunteer CAB advisor for several years and I am quite sure would not have committed any fraud. I think it was probably a case of having to declare income, but not assets from which he wasn't deriving income. Presumably it's the system which is daft.
  18. Have to agree with you there. We had a rather older friend with mobility problems who got the council to pay half the cost of adapting his bathroom and other aids. When he died he left 2 houses paid for and over £1m cash. Mr B was an executor and we were startled to say the least - he'd been very tight and had always made out that he was verging on hard up. Why on earth he didn't have to declare assets as well as income when claiming financial assistance I don't know - the system is crazy. He was also one who stockpiled masses of free prescription items that he never used and were more than once all thrown away - literally dozens of them. It made me livid.
  19. Whatever price they were hoping to get, offers were coming in at £10k less. Hence raising AP by that much.
  20. In today's Times property section, the ghastly Anne Ashworth writes of the Halifax's 'optimistic stance' in reporting that house prices are at a record high. I really should stop reading her columns, though even the sight of her smugly self satisfied mugshot is enough to send my BP up.
  21. Talking of overpriced new builds, yesterday I had two emails telling me of 'price releases' (I.e. reductions) on newbuild flats in the area. I do love how they're calling them price 'releases'. Some FTBs alas are always going to be seduced by the shiny newness of 'stylish' newbuild show homes. Unless they have someone more experienced with them to point out that there's nowhere to put anything, I suspect it often won't occur to them. Though even if someone does point it out, they aren't guaranteed to listen, such is the power of 'stylish' shiny-new.
  22. If she's coming round to get the rent, it sounds as if she's demanding cash. Which means she won't be declaring it. Why else would you need to collect it in person?
  23. I love how it's always stamp duty and Brexit - never a mention of the elephant in the room.
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