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  1. 'Tying the knot' is just a very common expression for getting married. You seem to have completely missed the point of my post, I.e. that remaining unmarried is absolutely fine - if both parties are entirely happy with it. I don't see why you having a go at the institution of marriage, anyway. Unlike former times, nobody is forced to marry anyone if they don't want to. (Well, in trad. UK culture anyway.) Live and let live. You seem to be harbouring some sort of resentment or antipathy towards those who do. Mr B and I married a very long time ago. Having been round the block a bit I knew then that I would never feel the same about anybody else - that has never changed - and I think I can safely say that Mr B is/was the same. Perhaps we are just lucky, but I have no issue with anyone who prefers not to bother with the piece of paper. One of our daughters has a long term partner and I don't think either of them will ever be bothered about getting married. Which is 100% fine - as long as they are happy that's all I care about. Of course as our law stands, there can be disadvantages to being paper-less, esp. as regards next of kin issues, or if either partner has been daft enough to die without making a will. Unfortunately there are very common misconceptions about a partner's rights in a so-called common law marriage.
  2. Does this mean that (more) foreign criminals will need to be banged up at the UK taxpayers' expense? Just confiscate the properties - cash from sales could go to the NHS - and deport them, with no right of return.
  3. Not tying the knot suits some. However I've known of a few long term couples where an unwillingness to take that legal step has been more on one side than the other. And then, after 9 or 10 years or whatever, that unwilling one is suddenly off with somebody else, and hey presto, they're getting hitched! And the old partner is left devastated, and finally understands that all the guff the ex talked about it just being a totally unnecessary piece of paper, was because deep down, they didn't want to commit to that partner. If both parties are entirely happy with no piece of paper, fine, but I suspect that the above scenario is not all that uncommon.
  4. In fact council houses were being sold off to some extent well before Thatcher. A good old nose on the Land Reg told us that a daughter's ex LA house had been bought from the council by the previous owners in 1971. Good sized 3 bed end of terrace with garage in Oxford - they paid £3100. I've since heard that such sales were not uncommon.
  5. While I can well understand that the cost of funerals can be a real worry for many people and their relatives, what really makes me sick is already very well off people like Parkinson being paid yet more to push funeral plans to the hard up, who are evidently the target market.
  6. Another reason to be thankful we don't have Sky! However the most sickening wrinkly-targeted ads I've ever seen are those featuring some very well off 'celeb' like Michael Parkinson talking in an oh so cosy voice about the 'peace of mind' you can gain by buying a funeral plan. Oh, and you get a free pen just for enquiring! Where's a puke emoticon when you need one?
  7. 'Sold' signs don't always turn into sold on the Land Reg, though. Quite a number do fall through. There's one near us - a pricey one - that's been 'sold' at least twice.
  8. That is 'sale completed' prices, which represent 'offer accepted' prices of maybe 3 months before that, so probably Dec/Jan.
  9. You often see the vote-protecting issue raised, but in reality, who are the vast maj. of BTLers ever going to vote for? Corbyn? LDs? The Greens? Whatever LL-unfriendly measures are ever introduced by the current govt. in the hope of increasing vote share, , I can't see any other party saying, 'No, that's not for us - the poor LLs are at risk of turning into an endangered species and their human right to have their mortgages paid by their tenants is fundamental.'
  10. Yes, I saw this in the Times earlier - sounds good until you get to the bit about protecting existing LLs. Something about horses and stable doors springs to mind...
  11. Although he did the country a great service in largely quashing the traditional idea of the divine right/supreme power of kings, Cromwell's unpopularity at the time was surely due at least partly to the grim, joyless, Puritan ethos which banned so many things people enjoyed, including Christmas IIRC.
  12. I don't think you have to visit too many to know the answer. Some are just tacky and chavvy - sorry about that word but can't think of another - some are very scenic but full of expensive restaurants and 'foodie' /Boden types - some are pleasantly in between. Lyme Regis is one I'd call very pleasantly in between - all sorts of people and not at all up itself, whilst being a pretty little historic town with a sandy beach - though that is on the small side. As for Salcombe, stunningly beautiful, but having last visited in December when it was packed, I dread to think what it's like in school summer holidays. And that's aside from the eye watering property prices. If I were given the cash and told I HAD to spend it on a seaside holiday home, I'd pick Lyme any day.
  13. Is there any way of getting rid of them from iPad safari? Just got another of the f***ers while typing this - they're making me resort to very unladylike language.
  14. Anything that's the height of fashion will be out of fashion in a few years. Grey, and in particular grey kitchens are one that will soon IMO be going the way of avocado bathrooms. Apart from anything else, what possesses people to want grey, when on so many days of the year you only have to look out of the window? Decking is another. Every other b*gger was installing decking not long ago - now it's widely seen as naff. Still, it's provided nice cosy residences for lots of rats.
  15. Can you see the previous sales brochure/photos on RM sold data? I can still see daughter's old sales photos - bought in 2015. Would give you an idea of what they've done to justify (or not) the price.
  16. The Nationwide figures are quoted in a major article in the Times Business section today. 'House price fall here to stay, experts warn.' Under that was another bear's-breakfast one headed, 'Buy to Let landlords quit to avoid tax rises.' It quotes an Arla report - 9000 letting agent members - saying that the average no. of LLs exiting the market in each branch was 5 in April, up from 4 in March.
  17. Too right - you might like this little poem by Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953). Plus ca change, and all that... On A General Election 'The accursed power which stands on Privilege (And goes with Women, and Champagne, and Bridge) Broke - and Democracy resumed her reign; (Which goes with Bridge, and Women and Champagne).'
  18. It's the Guardian - you would be a brave person to suggest in The Guardian that anything was Labour's fault. To quote from Harry Enfield's Question Time spoof, 'The Tories, the Tories, the Tories!' Did. any writer for the Guardian ever asked why Labour didn't do away with right to buy, since they looked on it as pure Thatcherite evil, and had 10 years to do so? I will be happy if anyone can tell me that someone did.
  19. You do have to wonder whether people ever read anything. There have been red lights/warning signs about off plan flats since 2007 and very likely before that, , too. Though tales of woe more usually involve BTLers who've bought flats they've never seen, in an area they don't know, without having done any research of their own - instead just lapping up the sales spiel about '6% certain net return' etc.
  20. To be frank, Winkie, I don't think the sort of people who can pay £100k+ for a watch are going to be embarrassed about it. Small change for those with far more millions than they know what to do with.
  21. Mr B once had a trusty Seiko that he lost after a high-speed fall while water-skiing in at least 20 feet of water. Went back next day with a snorkel and amazingly enough, he found it - still showing the right time. Around the same time I also had a Seiko which inadvertently went through a full washing machine cycle. Still perfect. I have a Cartier Santos, a present ages ago. Every few years it has to be sent back to Cartier for service - takes weeks. It's never kept time quite as well as much cheaper watches, inc. the £20 job I bought last time the Cartier went for service, since I can't do without a watch. On the subject of super-expensive watches, we know someone who recently had a p/t job delivering them to loaded customers in London. Never did hear why they couldn't just go to the shop - afraid of being mugged on the way out?
  22. Similar large article in Times business section the other day. Talking of which, have just seen on the property 118 home page a piece headed, 'UK landlords are campaigning to save tenants from rent hikes and eviction.' It's truly heartwarming to see how selflessly concerned they are for those who are paying their mortgages.
  23. I just love that quoted comment from some VI - '....a great time for buyers since house prices and mortgage rates remain low.'
  24. LOl at the aspiring novelist! Goes without saying that if they had a free £10k to fund sitting at home to write their novel, they'd have a publishers' bidding war at the end of it. Often misled IMO by stories in the press of someone being offered a £££££££ two-book deal for their 'first' novel, when it's much more often their 5th, 6th, 8th, etc. - the others having been rejected.
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