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  1. I'm sure there are plenty who won't mind admitting to being so stupid that they didn't understand, and will claim that nobody explained it properly. Or else won't mind pretending that they were too stupid to understand. The big question is, will it wash? It's rather different IMO from PPI, where the charges were apparently often added by stealth to the product. In the case of IO, it's the product itself. I can't somehow see the banks caving into to vast claims of mass stupidity, whether real or pretended.
  2. The Telegraph often strays into Fantasy-Land, and not just about Brexit. Or maybe it's more a case of Telegraph-journalist-land. In the past I've seen an article saying in all apparent seriousness how pleasant it is to entertain in one's garden, because one's guests can go for a stroll, take a dip in the pool, or enjoy a game of tennis. And another where a 'small' garden was described IIRC as being less than half an acre. Equally memorable was a piece about using up leftovers. The writer very helpfully told readers how to boil up six (!) lobster shells - the ones you were just going to chuck out after your dinner party the night before - to make a nice broth with linguine.
  3. No, that's not the friend's flat. It'll be interesting to see what the 'tacked on' house eventually sold for. The first sold some time ago but I haven't checked yet. I see what you mean about the Kennet Road flat - would seem that agents are still pricing 'optimistically' to put it politely. It's a very convenient location for shops, transport, park and primary school, but still crazy for under 60 sq m.
  4. Did we really need telling the Eurocrats' views? The likes of Juncker want to see us punished hard for daring to want to leave, to make an example to les autres.. Can't have their empire diminished! I voted remain, but the likes of Juncker, and overpaid unelected gravy-trainers - Kinnock and Mandelson just for starters - certainly made me think twice.
  5. It's a retirement flat, and they often sell at a loss anyway. People are put off by often very high maintenance/service charges, which still have to be paid if its sitting empty for months on end, after the person has died or had to go into a home. Anyone who needs the extra services these flats often provide would be better advised IMO to rent one.
  6. Several boomers I know (those I know well enough to have discussed such things) have passed all, or virtually all of legacies from their own parents to their children. Not quite what you meant but still skipping a generation.
  7. When my daughter bought her first house (no BOMAD) she got a mortgage quote from their in house bloke, found exactly the same deal online for about £300 less in fees, told the in-house bloke, and he said he'd match it. Worked well for her - whole deal wrapped up from offer to completion in 6 weeks, during which time she'd been paying through the nose for temporary accommodation, which was rather more than the mortgage.
  8. Is this news to anybody? I've heard for ages that retirement flats are often a bugger to sell - hanging around for ages while hefty maintenance/service charges still have to be paid - sometimes when they really need to be sold for care home fees. Much better to rent one, whenever possible.
  9. When we had to sell my mother's house for care home fees, brother who dealt with the EA asked him for an honest opinion. House was basically sound but needed a lot of cosmetic updating. She went into the care home in the August and since none of us lived near enough to be popping in all the time, we didn't want it hanging around all through the winter. EA gave 3 valuations. One, optimistic, could take 6 month plus. Two, reasonably realistic, possibly 3 months. Three, I'll sell it in a week. We went for three, and he did. They talk about the three D's of forced sales - Debt, Death and Divorce, but I think Dementia is not an uncommon 4th now.
  10. Anyone who didn't realise that the programmes were likely to be edited to make them look as far as possible ridiculous/unpleasant, etc. must be plain thick, since there are many precedents. IMO they just liked the thought of being on telly, and showing themselves off as multi-property owning landlords. Of course these programmes come down to judgement - they're prime time audience grabbers - not some historical documentary on BBC 4. Same principle exactly as DM articles about workshy parents with 11 kids or that daft woman with the column who used to say e.g. that although she was desperate for money her £50 candles were still an 'essential'.
  11. Often they're not apartments even in the US. Round my sister's way (Cambridge, Mass) they're nearly all called condos. Incidentally when I was having a look at prices in her area recently, first time in ages, I noticed a lot of 'multi-family' houses or buildings for sale, though they mostly looked like houses, not necessarily very big, , either. Is this their term for HMOs - anyone know?
  12. See my post above. Premium might well be increased, too.
  13. Couldn't bear to watch the programmes, but can't help wondering whether they'll be a gift on a plate with parsley on top, to HMRC. I've long thought that people so desperate to be on telly that they'll expose themselves like this, must be a combination of thick and vain, and in this case thus very likely to be 'careless' or profess to have been conveniently unaware of tax liabilities. Seems to me that their main concern has been to brag to prime time viewers about their BTL 'empires'. So if any of them get put through the taxman's wringer as a result, serve them bloody well right.
  14. I've probably deleted it - it was so long ago, shortly after HTB was first announced.
  15. If they've left any furniture in, another sure sign of ex BTL is those nasty cheap Ikea wardrobes with the plastic fronts..
  16. From family experience, insurance is a problem. Either you have to turn water off and drain everything, IIRC, which usually means no heating, or you have to guarantee that someone will be staying overnight at least once a month. You still have to pay council tax. Should imagine that autumn would be a good time for anyone with their eye on an empty property, perhaps especially a probate sale. Though there will still be idiots who will refuse to 'give it away' and will want to wait for the fabled 'spring bounce'...
  17. It was only a few weeks ago that I saw that some builder had announced price increases of 12% - 'because of high demand and government support via help to buy. So much for the arrogant and dismissive reply I had from Grant Schapps (IIRC) after I'd emailed my MP about HTB and he'd forwarded it - saying there was no reason to suppose it would prop up or increase prices, or WTTE.
  18. You know perfectly well what I meant - stuff from outside the UK. Pigs are reared in better conditions here than in much of Europe. I will only ever buy British welfare or Red Tractor pork or bacon. HOlland is a small country but they have been farming and market-gardening very intensively for many decades. It's one of the very few things I still remember from O level geography back in the mists of time. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Nimbies here who object to miles of Polytunnels. I don't know about Holland but you see literally square miles of them in parts of Spain.
  19. Presumably the price of imported food will be affected. If it results in less Lurpak butter, Danish bacon and German pork on the shelves, I for one will be pleased. I never buy imported if there's a local alternative, especially not pork and bacon, given the dreadful conditions pigs are kept in in so much of Europe. And I don't know why we have to import so much salad stuff from Holland. We have the same climate - why can't we grow enough peppers, cucumbers, etc?
  20. Similar with relatives trying to sell an aunt's house after she went into a care home. It soon became apparent that it was overpriced, given that although it was in a very nice area, London commuter belt, etc., any offers were pretty low. However the relatives with Power of Attorney who were selling it, lived hundreds of miles away, didn't know the area at all and believed the estate agent that it was 'worth' £Xk. Price was eventually dropped in mini dribs and drabs, more offers turned down, and it finally sold after about a year - to someone who'd offered quite a bit more 6 months previously and been turned down! To be entirely fair it wasn't a case of greed - the attorneys felt duty bound to get the best price for the aunt, who was self funded in a care home, came from a long lived family and might have gone on for several years.
  21. Yes, I'm pretty sure they are obliged to declare any personal interest. Ages ago we looked at a flat on Putney Heath - it was a BTL and was openly stated in the blurb that it belonged to one of the EA staff. Made an offer, only to be told, yes, OK, but only if you can exchange today. Well, of course we couldn't. I did think it was odd, but it wasn't until seeing the sold price a few months later that I realised they'd only been going through the motions of having it on the open market. Sold price was WAY below our offer. Would guess that the owner sold cheaply either to a son or daughter, or to a mate, cutting CGT, which would have been hefty, and maybe brown envelopes. Dodgy buggers indeed. The EA who showed us the flat was butter-wouldn't-melt, and told me his father was a vicar!
  22. God help us, a 2 bed of just over 47 sq m! That's newbuilds for you. When I was looking with a daughter in Sw17 a few years ago there were new build one beds of around that size or even smaller, for the same price as old build 2 Beds of 69-70 sq m that even had their own small garden, and were on much nicer roads not far away. And very little in ground rent or service charges on top.
  23. Alas, we'd have nowhere to park it. Parking around here is always tight, and getting worse.
  24. We did in fact go to Southwold - very attractive - and had thoughts about staying overnight, but it was a spring bank hol and everywhere was booked solid. Tried several other places nearby, same story, nearly decided to head for home instead but finally found a pub with rooms at Walberswick. Not the first time we've just taken off without booking anything - prefer to see where we fancy - not a good idea during bank hols though!
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