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  1. Mrs Bear

    Death debt divorce.

    Two Ds you didn't mention are Dementia and Decrepitude - the need to sell for care home fees. Twice in this family - my mother and an aunt.
  2. Mrs Bear

    Rare Landlord prosecution

    Pay or jail? WTF? Prison costs the taxpayer a bomb. Pay or confiscation of property. Plus banning from any kind of LL-ing in future.
  3. Not that I'm having a go at Mr B or anything, but people who don't effing well listen when you say, If you're going to the post office can you please get me two dozen 2nd class Christmas stamps (for the cards they know I've purposely written nice and early, to post nice and early) - and they come back with 1st class stamps, 'Because I thought they'd be quicker.' Also people who come back from the shops with mince pies when they're supposed to be banned* in this house until 1st December, when I will make the first batch of 24, which will last approx 2 days. I have made Delia's reputedly super-fantastic mincemeat this year, so they ought to be worth waiting for. *on grounds of limiting sheer piggery of course
  4. As seen elsewhere recently, people who aren't American talking of putting out 'milk and cookies' for Father Christmas. Heathens!!!! The poor old bugger needs something to warm him up, not bloody cold milk on a bleak midwinter night! Whisky, sherry or brandy only - and a mince pie. Or two.
  5. Mrs Bear

    Fertility rates

    Er, how does older children looking after younger ones work, when the older one needs to be at school/pre school and the parents are both working? Though should add that my granddaughter would be only too willing to look after a no. 3. She has already dictated a wish list for Father Christmas, including 'a real baby, boy or girl.' She is three and a half.
  6. Mrs Bear

    Fertility rates

    Well, a lot of UK g-parents do help out a lot with childcare, but what with so many of their children starting families later in life, it often means that grandparents are 60s/70s rather than 50s, and consequently find looking after very little ones that much more exhausting. I used to do regular childcare for one, but when no. 2 arrived only 15 months later, I knew it was going to be too much, so we help with nursery costs instead - I know we are lucky to be able to afford it. I still do quite a few one-offs/emergencies, though.
  7. Mrs Bear

    Fertility rates

    From experience of my own daughters and their contemporaries, people are forming long long term relationships later - not necessarily because they don't want to, but because they only found the right person relatively late. Elder daughter and several of her contemporaries only started families in late 30s/early 40s. And some of them would love more than 2, but because of sky high housing and childcare costs, it's pretty much out of the question. Only 2 of daughter's extensive circle have had 3 children, and those are the ones to whom expenses are not a major issue, I.e. the highest earners.
  8. Sad, deluded old git.
  9. The bloke is a boomer - that's quite enough reason for Si1 to despise him.
  10. Mrs Bear

    Short-Term Renting - 3 Months Possible or not?

    Daughter was in the same position a few years ago - new job in Oxford and hoping to buy, but short term rentals were very scarce and in any case terribly expensive, a lot more than the usual 6 months plus. She and future husband ended up renting just a spare room in someone's house - obv. not ideal and it was a long commute, but thankfully they found a house and the purchase went through quite quickly. Should think they were in the spare room for around 3 months, so it was manageable short term.
  11. Only a few months ago I saw at least 5 HMOs (described as such) up for sale during a general search on Rightmove or Zoopla, in just one area of Oxford. 190 sounds ludicrous. There are presumably a great many that aren't registered.
  12. Mrs Bear

    Long term care, the solution.

    After the notorious antics of Harold Shipman, I think,procedures have tightened up a lot. My mother was 97 when she died, having had advanced dementia for several years. But because she'd gone rapidly downhill over a weekend and a locum rather than her usual,GP had called to see her, the paperwork had to go to the coroner before they'd issue a death certificate. So even in that case it wasn't a rubber-stamp job.
  13. Mrs Bear

    DIY retailer Homebase sold by Wesfarmers for just £1

    Disliked Homebase for years, not least because there were always so many dead and dying plants since nobody was watering them. More than once I rescued a few that weren't on their very last legs/roots. Nice to see them perk up after a good soaking.
  14. All very well if you can cope with someone eventually wetting the bed 3 times a night, because they keep taking their incontinence pads off, up and down half the night demanding to go out for fish and chips/to a job they haven't had for years, or demanding 16 times a day to go 'home' to somewhere they haven't lived since 1959, angrily accusing you of stealing their things/money, which they've hidden so successfully it's months until they turn up..... etc. etc. etc. A walk in the park, obviously.
  15. Mrs Bear

    Long term care, the solution.

    I read just the other day of an 80+ year old with advanced dementia, constantly screaming and distressed, who has recently been 'in and out of hospital' with heart failure. Why on earth, in such a.case, can the heart not simply be allowed to fail? WTF is the point?? But you're just not allowed to say such things publicly, let alone to mention the ludicrous waste of NHS resources.

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