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  1. Here is the details of one of my attempts at 'low' offers back in 2011. The property owners had bought in 2007 for £670,000. They had moved abroad in early 2011 and had started marketing for sale in 2010 starting at £650,000. Property came to our attention in April 2011 - asking price of £629,000. I sniffed a motivated sale and the house met our requirements, so we put an offer in (will attach the email below). The offer was treated seriously, but refused. We did not increase our offer and moved on. The house eventually sold in November 2011 for £577,000 - perhaps our offer helped the purchase
  2. Just seen this via a link provided elsewhere - deserves a click to check it out.
  3. Hi Anukis I can recommend a surveyor that I happened to use recently for a potential house purchase in Kingston. His name is Mark Hurst, Chartered Surveyor with GEM associates Limited. I found him via 1stassociated. PM me for his mobile if you like. We used him to do a full structural survey plus valuation on a place in North Kingston. Admittedly it was expensive - £1000, but it the best survey I've commissioned. They encourage you to meet at the property whilst the survey is taken so that you can ask any questions. The report I received was excellent with lots of detail and pictures. The va
  4. hpwatcher, you need to calm down and actually go back and re-read the op before you embarrass yourself anymore
  5. has not set their status

  6. They've now closed the door on these. Here is an email I received last night: NS&I – Changes to our Savings Certificates, Direct Saver and Income Bonds Dear Mr XXXXXXXX As you've registered to receive updates from NS&I, I am writing to let you know that the current 2-year and 5-year Issues of our Fixed Interest Savings Certificates and the current 3-year and 5-year Issues of our Index-linked Savings Certificates were withdrawn from general sale at close of business on 18 July 2010. We also announced new interest rates on 19 July 2010 for the following variable rate accounts and
  7. I was a bin man for 10 weeks over a summer holiday whilst doing my degree - 22 years ago. Admittedly, some aspects of the job may have changed since then. However, I can't believe it has transformed into easy non-back breaking work. Those who say all it involves is wheeling a bin to a lorry are only seeing a snapshot of what the job the job entails. You can't know what these people are doing over the whole day unless you stay with them. I suspect the people who believe this work is easy have never had to do hard sustained endurance based labour before. Yes, the job was simple and unskilled, bu
  8. Here's a lovely little 'do-upper'. No interior shots I'm afraid. But nothing to worry about, we've put up two of the exterior. As you can see it needs a little modernising, but really it's a blank canvas ready for your creative inspiration. Think of the potential. And all yours for under half a million. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-25303610.html Oh yeah, the garden needs a little 'touch up'. But it does have a bench in it - acquired from nearby Barnard park.
  9. I agree - this seems the most likely scenario. She is so fuucked
  10. Currently GBP-EUR 1.07 Turdling is going to have to crash in the next 36 hours for your 'mates' prophecy to be correct
  11. Another £10 paypal donation from me - I didnt realise it was 8 months since my last donation. property-bee is an invaluable tool that I would hate to see disappear.
  12. If/When the SHTF how is using goldmoney any different to having your cash in a foreign currency account? Of course diversification is important - I would never suggest having everything in goldmoney. Anyway, good luck.
  13. FYI - You can switch from turdling to other currencies [uSD,GBP,EUR,CAD,CHF,JPY] with a goldmoney account. Used to be tricky to get CAP authorised, but now you can do it all online. Also, I spoke to First Direct this weekend about their foreign accounts. They are essentially HSBC foreign accounts, can be opened over the phone, and have no transfer fees, just usage fees. Only good if you have a First Direct account I guess.
  14. Maybe I should knock a few 'noose' ribbons up and dump them through the letterbox the morning they close. I mean - I got enough offensive shiit dumped through my letterbox from them over the years!!
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