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  1. That's cheaper than where I live, a few miles away from the river. It's also about the same as a colleague's 650K 2-bed flat in Greenwich (much less desirable location) bought last year. This will undoubtedly 'ripple out'.
  2. Not really, this is the standard MO in this area for Mountview Estates. They usually get the 'market rate' with reduced hassle of auction.
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BDIY:IND Looks like the life just left it again.
  4. I prefer this graph: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices-in-my-area/marketTrendsTotalPropertiesSoldAndAveragePrice.html?searchLocation=sw3&sellersPriceGuide=Update+Results
  5. I was seen as a very good manager, who got a lot of respect. My best time was actually when I understood the workers least (I got moved to be put in charge of a failing department), and managed to remove a devious bully who thought he was great. By not wanting to do their jobs for them (but understanding how things got done) I could focus on the people stuff. Problem is you don't get any credit for it, whereas concrete skills or achievements are easier to sell on. Saying you managed something for a couple of years could mean anything.
  6. I've done both, and much prefer working to managing. The thing about management is that everyone moans about it (including managers) but few really want to do it.
  7. Funnily enough I just got back from my first trip to Plymouth. A friend has just bought a four-floor Victorian pile and moved his family there with his London 'winnings'. Looked like an ex HMO to me. Not sure what he's going to do with all the space, but each to his own, it makes him happy. I went to the high street - all charity shops and estate agents. It did not fill me with hope for Plymouth's future.
  8. Someone on linked in the other day said they were looking to move from estate agency to recruitment. Sign of the times?
  9. Forget 50%, look at the flat drops on a relatively decent sample size! Down 50% in volume, and 30% in price.
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices-in-my-area/marketTrendsTotalPropertiesSoldAndAveragePrice.html?searchLocation=ec3n&sellersPriceGuide=Start+Search soaring!
  11. Additionally, Trump said that because of record low interest rates from the Fed, the country's economy is "in a big, fat, ugly bubble," with debt increasing while the "only thing that looks good is the stock market." http://uk.businessinsider.com/we-are-in-a-bubble-trump-debate-attacks-federal-reserve-chair-yellen-2016-9
  12. "Unless action is taken to re-establish the natural movement of the whole market, it’s likely this could be a serious issue and we will see prices fall." Errrrrrrrrrm
  13. The 2-year showing a similar curve: https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/USGG2YR:IND
  14. Good spot. I wouldn't want to live there, but that's classic BTL 'just rent it out innit' territory. Can't see Chinese investors going there.
  15. Very anecdotal but am definitely seeing signs of capitulation in the SE21/SE24/SE22 area. Properties coming on at less insane prices, and being reduced - in the 2/3 bed bracket. Still too high, but definitely in the right direction.
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