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  1. Tuesday's my day off, and I have an interest in some of those. I might go along and 'report'.
  2. Indeed, and I suspect most casual landlords could do that. However, I'm always surprised about the general ignorance of basic money management among otherwise smart people.
  3. You're right - I missed the context, thought we were talking about income from rents + a job.
  4. 'One possible reason for the fall is that landlords might have brought forward purchases, to avoid the latest in a series of tax changes. From 1 April, the amount of tax relief they could claim on mortgage payments was reduced.' Um, what?
  5. So, officially a crash in the city of London, and now spreading outwards. Happy days. Can report anecdotally a rise in supply in south Southwark and the odd desperate price drop starting to be seen.
  6. Frostrup comes off as a typical boomer herself who doesn't get it. 'Why oh why are kids not rebelling like we used to?' Maybe they don't have the time, the privilege, or the money to?
  7. Silver Egg-shaped timer in Debenhams: 12 quid Same one in John Lewis: 6 quid Says it all.
  8. She's given estate agents six months' worth of excuses.
  9. If inflation is two percent then they'll drop more than many people earn in a year by the end of the year. Whoopee.
  10. Absolute rubbish. We moved in in 2008, and our rent has moved with the market up 15% in ten years. Right now we're thinking about moving because renting is so cheap. In my adult life renting has always been cheap in London.
  11. This reminds me of my parents in 1975. They'd just moved to London and lived in a 'B&B'. It was basically a slum landlord who put two slices of toast on a plate outside their room so it would qualify as such. My mother used to have to hide me from him when he visited, as babies were not allowed. Happy days...
  12. They always were, it's just that screwed-up responses to these difficulties were more tolerated, eg domestic violence. Now you are encouraged to see where that behaviour comes from. I can only see that kind of normative 'sort your head out' culture increasing in a world where automatons do a lot of the work.
  13. That's true now. The skills required to be a good psychotherapist are _harder_ than the skills required to emulate human behaviour.
  14. My wife's a psychotherapist - I imagine she's pretty safe. Only thing safer I can think of is hooker
  15. We've rented the same place for seven years, have a cat and re-floored downstairs. Make sure you interview your landlord.
  16. 'I was working from 7am to 7pm and never got to see my son.' So sad.
  17. I'm a dual national (pre Schengen/Maastricht). You're missing the point though. I has assumed that if my mother was married to a British passport holder she'd be fine. Now it turns out that if they had moved country for a number of years and/or my father earned or saved less than x then she could be deported. That literally had never occurred to me. I work with a number of non-UK nationals (all adults paying taxes) and they are all reconsidering whether they want to work in the UK under this shadow, imagined or not. It's a real thing.
  18. Agree that this changes the complexion of a lot of things for a lot of people. My father is English and my mother is Austrian. They married in 1975, the year I was born. It's literally never occurred to me in my 40 years on this Earth that there might be a situation in which my mother could be deported.
  19. Another one to chew on in Southwark: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-64116776.html 10% down on v similar property last sold a year ago... and not shifting.
  20. About time too. That looks like 'crash cruise speed'. One for those who've been here a long, long time.
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