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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-68002628.html 1300, 3 bed in catford
  2. You miss my point. 1900 is the gov't subsidised price, if you actually have the money you can get far better places. Also 1900 in catford is not typical/realistic. And bits of it are much nicer than 20 years ago.
  3. Dss fodder. There's 3 beds in east Dulwich for that. Also 1900 is the equivalent of dividends on about 450k of shares.
  4. Rents are cheap in London and have been for decades. If only people would get over their obsession with buying property life wouldn't seem so bad.
  5. 32 Flat 2, 234 Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, E8 1LA London £135,000 This one caught my eye - 90+years lease remaining, and income claimed to be 11,350 (nearly 10%pa). What's up with that one?
  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48479493.html Gaywood street is under offer.
  7. Pompous ass. I miss him. 'Crash cruise speed' was Realistbear's coinage if I recall correctly. He was an excitable fellow, wasn't he?
  8. Almost at much as some of my shares return. And the boiler doesn't break down in my shares or fail to pay up when it promises.
  9. The kid I sat next to in school did Media Studies, ended up as a TV producer and married Holly Willoughby. However, he dropped out of his degree...
  10. I took a slightly different approach and work a 4-day week at 41. I figure I more or less have to work until I'm 58, and I don't lose that much after tax. Also, working 4 days a week means I'm happier while I'm working. I can't imagine not working, really.
  11. Agreed, but as a judge I'd expect both parties to behave reasonably and try and accommodate each others' wishes. It's reasonable for a landlord to want access to their property, it's reasonable for this to the tenant to be given 24 hours' notice at minimum.
  12. I think I wouldn't regard it as 'interference', and would take a tenant's lack of co-operation without good reason as a mark against them. I am neither judge nor lawyer.
  13. I think this drop in rents is the real story in London. I'm seeing rents crater in Dulwich since Brexit, drops of 20-30% by my reckoning. Income from my savings is more than covering rent, but no way can I afford to buy the same places. I make them overpriced by about 30-40% to buy.
  14. I think all councils have areas where they're more willing to impose their will than others, for various reasons. To take a completely different example, the entirely sensible removal of lollipop persons from the school run (there are two of them on traffic-lit crossings, ffs), saving the taxpayer dozens of thousands of pounds was backed out of by the actions of a phalanx of entitled middle-class parents apparently incapable of seeing their own lack of perspective. Meanwhile the library in a slightly poorer area was closed to be sold as a gym.
  15. I think the point was that most of the tenants were racial minorities, and therefore any crackdown on dangerous behaviour would have seen pushback using accusations of racism.
  16. For example: 6 apples are like 63p in tesco, bananas 10p. I get them next to work. A jar of good quality pesto is about 2.50. Good for a few meals with some pasta. Porridge is cheap. Yes, they are fine with it, tho they have three meals a day, one of them is a piddly little school one. We make tubs of ice cream with yoghurt, berries and honey. I make seedy bread in the breadmaker for less than quid for a loaf that's about 800g - and fresh. Stuff like that.
  17. I don't buy this. I've recently cut back on the number of meals I have. Most days I have two, some three. The occasional blowout. I eat a lot of fruit, which is easy (no prep, very cheap, good quality at Tesco). Cooking meals can be done simply and quickly if you buy good quality basics. Pasta and pesto, for example. Sugar-free baked beans and home made bread. The result is actually _less_ spent on better quality stuff, and less time thinking about food. If you're working, then use the money to buy better quality food. Processed crap does not fill you up. And accept the feeling of occasionally being a bit hungry.
  18. Useful chart: http://www.macrotrends.net/1433/historical-libor-rates-chart
  19. If you think about it, this is a massive increase in net supply. Masses of flats are coming online as investors flee. Demand is cratering and supply is going up. Those that might have bought in the suburbs a while back will now buy in areas like SW8, leaving a big hole for everyone else.
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