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  1. I'm paying 1610 a month for a house and the 'market value' is about 800K. Let's say it's 'really' 600K, and my rent is still a steal.
  2. Where's that list of upcoming dates for legal, tax, and regulatory changes that affect property investment? It feels like all the BTLs have fled.
  3. I'm seeing a steady stream of falls in the area and criteria I'm looking at in SE London. Also, supply continues to creep up, and is now well over 50% more than it was 18 months ago.
  4. I went to a four-day week for exactly that reason. Happy to work later if 50% of my earnings are not lost to taxes. I spend the other day walking London, reading, and writing.
  5. Great, so crash everywhere after a 20 year wait, except my patch of London.
  6. Does anyone think this policy is a good idea? The tories are so out of touch they think that a policy direction that worked 40 years ago can work today.
  7. I agree with this. It's a going concern that's been hit by regulation changes and a stagnating market. It's still a brand (however much I loathe it) and a proven business model that's not disappearing. Not sure I know when I'd have the nerve to buy though TBH. Usually I just look at the dividends, which still don't look great.
  8. Isn't that last month's figures? Article says that Southwark is up this month, above it's down -5.4% 'By contrast, the typical asking price in the central borough of Southwark leapt more than 9% from £618,000 to £676,000 between August and September .' https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/sep/18/asking-price-house-london-fall-kensington-chelsea
  9. We just put an offer in on a house to rent. Got an email back saying we had to make a 400 quid deposit to make an offer, refundable if the offer is rejected. At the same time they want our job titles and annual salaries. Is this standard/normal?
  10. Not with these interest rates. Too much boomer money sloshing around (worldwide).
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-66406601.html 550 down to 450 in three months. However, it's still priced 10% more than anything else has ever sold there (last sale ~1 year ago at 400K).
  12. Why don't you invest the money and rent? I do that, and live in a place I could never afford otherwise. My neighbours are bankers and quants, all of whom rent from boomer jackpot winners.
  13. Well, it's relatively expensive compared to renting in Blackpool or Margate, but that's the market for you. I'm saying it's relatively cheap compared to how it was in previous decades in real terms, and relatively cheap compared to buying (by quite a massive margin). London life is fine if you accept renting and don't get suckered in the buying ponzi.
  14. I said that buying is way out of proportion to renting, and that renting is relatively cheap. Renting was expensive in the 90s, and buying relatively cheap - but few wanted to, or were able to raise the mortgage.
  15. Right, but at the time I wanted to live on my own in the centre of London, on a not-big (but not exactly small) wage. I had to compromise in other ways. That's life! When I had kids I moved out of the centre. London, by the way, gives you these choices. My point is that this has not changed, it was the same for my parents when they moved to London 41 years ago, with a child and no money. Living in London is not 'becoming untenable'. I'd argue buying is, but then that's why I've chosen not to.
  16. No-one should need benefits. So what's your point? I don't think a single person 'needs' a three-bed flat any more than someone living in a council property 'needs' a spare bedroom.
  17. I've got two kids and we live in a house with garden in Dulwich village (ie prime London) for 15% less than that. It's small but life isn't perfect. I just saw a three bed on offer next to north Dulwich train station for 1700 in a nice block. 1300 on 35k is not that much, I paid more than that in real terms when I was on less money 20 years ago. It was fine.
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