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  1. 'Whilst the majority of regions continued to register annual house price inflation, most notably London saw a -3.8% reduction in prices. That followed on from a -0.7% decline in Q4 2017 and represented the worst outturn for the capital in seven years.' Crash cruise speed.
  2. Sorry, should have clarified - we are looking at rentals, which are dropping as the landlord try and find families to replace the multiple occupiers and dodge the regs. There seems to be more on the market for sale as well, and that's dropping too, but still crazy prices. An example: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-70306196.html
  3. Have been looking at family homes in the Southwark area lately. There's a glut on the market, and chatting to EAs, there are changes in regulation which mean that HMOs are less viable for landlords. Unfortunately, the properties they are dumping onto the market are cheap but in very poor nick. We looked at one yesterday that smelt of paint but otherwise was completely run-down. It's hard to see these places staying on the market for long before the landlords decide to sell. https://www.londonpropertylicensing.co.uk/survey-consumer-group-which-reveals-70-councils-now-operate-additional-or-selective-licensing
  4. I run a bunch of automated linux stuff at home, PM me if you want help/need resources. This tool is exactly what I've wanted for ages. I have a tool that mails me when the output of a command changes, so I can stop regularly visiting RM with this....
  5. So the Dalston one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/Dalston/1-bed-flats.html rent is about 16000 / year For 500K, that's a 3.2 yield. I'd say the asking price should be around 400,000. Sale price should be around 380,000 So it's about 25% overpriced, I'd say.
  6. Look at average returns from stock market dividends on the same amount. At the moment it's 4%. Then compare to buy and rent prices. My home is 'worth' about 800K right now. I rent for 19680 per year. That's a 2.5% yield. It's even worse than that, as a home requires payment for maintenance, whereas shares do not. https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/dividendyield.py Current FTSE 100 yield: 4.08%
  7. This is because, ironically, the truly depressed often don't have the will to top themselves. When prozac (or any other SSRI) begins to take effect, the first reaction can be to get off your **** and actually top yourself. These people need watching in the early stages before the full benefits are felt.
  8. No need to be vertical, just stack them on their sides with the doors facing out. You're welcome.
  9. I hate working from home. Is it just me? I'm even a geeky programmer that likes to write, and even I hate wfh.
  10. I've noticed a marked uptick in the New Year of reductions in 3-bed places in SE London. I think the BTL effect is starting to bite, and the news is trickling through to the masses.
  11. 50% up in ten years is not so bad (tho it does mean that London shrugged off the crash), and London is still failling, now down 2% from peak 12 months ago.
  12. If enforced, that sounds like a big deal. On viewing some properties recently, the agent told me that the council (London, Southwark) was enforcing all the rules in sight, and that the environment had changed a lot for BTL. This was an HMO, and they were keen on us (a family) taking it on for a discount to avoid some rules that were coming in.
  13. Not for me. Much cheaper to rent than buy where I live, by any reasonable measure.
  14. I live in Southwark (-17.9%) and I definitely don't see those falls where I live. This looks like a BTL/new build holocaust to me.
  15. This is big, isn't it? Which LA is not going to gleefully grab the money?
  16. Thatcher always p1ssed off the grandees in favour of the electorate. I hope May has the balls to do the same.
  17. https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/dividendyield.py?market=&sort=yield&order=1
  18. If I have 500K I can get much more return from shares without lifting a finger (indeed I do, and pay the rent with it with change).
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