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  1. LOL! Have you travelled on the tube lately? One is treated to repeated hectoring that "all tube lines are running normally" - why do I need to know this?? Just tell me if there's a problem!
  2. I wonder about the reliability of these figures; I'm a bear, but it may be simply that the number of agents that put their properties' details on the website have increased.
  3. Does anyone know where those websites (like nethouseprices.co.uk and ourproperty.co.uk) that show you sale value of property get the raw figures from? If it's free/cheap I could knock up a free service from home. Ian
  4. 4.1% over 5 years _is_ crap. 100 quid at 5% in the bank would be up just over 25%.
  5. Sounds like wishful thinking. I remember on the cusp of the dotcom collapse VI's saying things are "going to level off" and get "sensible" again. Two years ago it was "boom set to continue", last year it was "it's going to level off", this year it's "not a crash", and next year... "crash soon to end"?
  6. Compare: 1 bed flats in W2 February 18th: http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/area.aspx?a...abeds=1&type2=1 1 bed flats in W2 Feb 8th last year (from www.archive.org, a useful resource): http://web.archive.org/web/20040309151338/...abeds=1&type2=1 Initially I thought there were loads more properties this year than last, but closer inspection showed otherwise. However, prices are static y/on/y and there seems to be more at the lower end of the market. What's interesting is reading the genuinely upbeat news stories from last year - little talk of "slowdowns" or seasonal variations then... The problem I have with a lot of these sites is that their data may be well out of date, unrepresentative and just plain wrong. Ian
  7. You'll be lucky to get a small 2 bed ex-council for 400K in the "best" parts of London! Large Victorian houses will go for well in excess of a million.
  8. Anyone know the y/on/y figures for this? I know it was lower in January, but what were the figures earlier than that?
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but which way does "hawkish on rates" mean?
  10. At least one for sale on my street (it's very small), but the poster got me thinking. I've noticed many signs on streets near me not shifting for months, which suggests extended "negotiations" to me. On one 100 yard stretch of road on Notting Hill Gate there's eight to let signs and three for sale/sold stc signs. In Chiswick there's eight houses in a row with three to let signs and two for sale. Admittedly not typical, and highly anecdotal, but the striking thing to me is that the signs have been there for months: how long before those voids trickle onto the market, and the buyers withdraw their offers?
  11. http://www.findaproperty.co.uk/story.aspx?storyid=6890
  12. Hell, yeah. I earn what is supposedly twice the annual average salary, have a significant deposit (30K) ready to go, don't spend much, and yet I can't afford even a decent one-bed flat on my street (unless I accept a ludicrous multiple of income loan - I won't even go there). That is an absolutely ridiculous situation. Renting my (large one-bed) flat, however, is just over one-third of my income (shared with my partner, who is also earning - she contributes almost half, so it's close to a sixth, even after 10% goes on the pension). Why on Earth would I even think of buying? I live in a fantastic area for cheap, while building up a more significant deposit, and prices fall around me. When confidence drains from the market I will be absolutely laughing. If it doesn't I'll stick with my flat, thanks. Save in a boom, spend in a bust. Can anyone persuade me to buy, please? My father worked in mortgages for 25 years. His advice to me? "Buy what you need when you know you can afford it. Forget about the market; playing the market's a dangerous game." Didn't stop him considering buying flats to do up last year, though. Luckily I talked him out of it.
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