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  1. Won't that query pick up things like 'London Road', not in London? I remember running similar queries before and having to pick a specific field to check.
  2. One decent benefit of Labour imploding is that this government doesn't need to bribe anyone.
  3. Remember, if it rose 50%, then a 30% fall is back where you started.
  4. It's simple - May can blame it on Brexit and welcome falling prices as 'more affordable'. It won't lose her that many votes, but it will gain her plenty, just like Thatcher.
  5. Amazing how these beautiful women just happened to be close to the rich westerner.
  6. I can't be bothered to write the long version down, but in my (prime) neck of the woods rents are getting even more insanely cheap than they have been for the last few years. We're talking yields of 2-3%, before any maintenance costs. And those places are not shifting. Even the wife is excited about what we can afford to rent now. When I show her the crap we could buy even she is committed to renting for the foreseeable.
  7. She's smart enough to understand demographics. I wouldn't be surprised if she kicked away the props.
  8. The more expensive one is right next to Hyde Park, far more 'desirable' than Little Venice.
  9. Where is that agent based? 'continue lending at a practical rate while the strength of the point will only improve' - I assume then that this agent has staked everything on a currency move upwards then?
  10. 40, married, 2 kids, renting a lovely 2-bed with garden in a 'prime' area next to one of the best state schools in London. All for cheap. I have never understood why having children requires a mortgage. Renting has been a godsend, allowing us to move when needed fast, get household repairs done without cost to us, and not have to worry about the kids tearing the place up. We've been here six years now.
  11. A colleague is a French IT contractor. He's seriously reconsidering his position here (and he's just bought a house!) due to the coming changes (that the French govt helpfully wrote to him about). It's not just Brexit, other countries are preparing to pull up the drawbridge through punitive measures, and people like him are likely to return. They want their skilled taxpaying workers back!
  12. Fair enough. I remember it in the early 80s, nowhere near as frightening or seedy now.
  13. Correlates with what I'm seeing locally, which is that rents are falling from 'really cheap' to 'amazingly cheap' when compared tobuying. I keep trying to explain this to the mrs, but it's a struggle and she still wants to buy. When I show her the difference (Victorian 3-bed to rent in nice area vs ex-council 3-bed flat in rough area) I'm convinced she'll relent.
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