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  1. Looked this up today, switch to 'Max' and it makes for interesting viewing: https://uk.investing.com/rates-bonds/gbp-2-years-irs-interest-rate-swap https://uk.investing.com/rates-bonds/gbp-5-years-irs-interest-rate-swap Highest swap rates for 10 years, even on the.5 year. Interest rates are already up.
  2. My dad had a mortgage book with the Abbey National back in the 80s. It definitely was not easy to get a mortgage, as people he turned down became enemies. When I wanted to buy a place in the late 90s, I was told I'd never get a mortgage as I was a temp.
  3. It's 35K now. He was on a final salary pension, and maxed out his AVCs when I left home. He had colleagues who are now on pensions of 60K+. I recently showed him the annuity rates on 1mGBP for a similar deal and he was deeply shocked.
  4. Yes, that's exactly right. My dad was one of them, worked for a bank in middle management, retired at 51 on an index-linked gold-plated pension of 35K a year and the mortgage paid off.
  5. Probably not, but it's one of those career defining roles, and I know the people well (and they know me (good and bad)) so it's very tempting.
  6. No, double what I'm on now. Sorry if you're just kidding, it went over my head.
  7. Work in IT, I took a 30% pay cut for a more fun job pre-pandemic, and am now being offered near double that. YMMV.
  8. Can't have bedrooms without windows, maybe? It is very cheap, IMHO. It's a great area to live in.
  9. https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2020/05/04/harry-dent-predicted-once-in-a-lifetime-crash-by-2020-what-now/
  10. Also... central london property has nose-dived, hasn't it?
  11. Our oven compartments broke mid-December, and our landlord has been unable to source a new range. Even if one could be found, the major retailers are not installing them. They won't even leave them outside. It's not just us, another tenant has been waiting on a fridge freezer since before Christmas.
  12. It's a good job we didn't vote Corbyn in, as government spending would have rocketed :s
  13. Our business got multiple letters from various banks around the world telling us to prepare for negative interest rates.
  14. This. The ONS is a world-beating organisation. I once looked into how the CPI/RPI figures were created when people on here said they were fiddled. The transparency and thoroughness of the whole thing blew me away.
  15. I'd be interested to see London vs the rest of the nation...
  16. Tallies with this 2005 paper from the Fed: https://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/ifdp/2005/847/ifdp847.htm
  17. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/fears-fleeing-londoners-will-drive-regional-house-prices/amp/
  18. https://zwischenzugs.com/2020/07/25/the-halving-of-the-centre-covid-and-its-effect-on-london-property/
  19. To me, sitting here in London looking at prices falling, it's obvious: London is being hollowed out. The rises elsewhere is London money fleeing the capital. After this shockwave (2-3 years if people don't got back to the office 5 days a week), we'll see prices fall again around the country as wages adjust accordingly. Happy days for me, I've waited 20 years for prices to fall in London.
  20. Stranger things have happened. But I wouldn't put money on it.
  21. Right - a lot of governments will be making cash calls on their oligarchs to stave off riots. They will be even less likely than they have been in recent years to see the money slip out. Be interesting to see what the US does with its elite come November. Biden could try and soak the rich with the young behind him and buy off the poor helpless masses who previously voted Trump because globalization.
  22. Love the headline. "Rents falling fast... good news for tenants" - how stupid do they think we are?
  23. One of the many reasons I decided to put my money in shares was because it was much less work than property. Compared to the capital cost, renting is quite cheap. I'm quite happy to arbitrage accordingly. These are just market decisions, like any other.
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