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  1. Raw gas prices are falling and crude is levelling off. If everything stays the same inflation will fall.
  2. Had tea with my dad this morning. "I got 150 quid in my account this week, council tax rebate. Don't understand why, I don't need the money.'
  3. Months like this make me wonder about the conspiracy theory that cryptocurrencies were a trap set TPTB to remove excess capital from the system.
  4. I'll take the other side of that bet. 2% is never going to happen.
  5. Horrific. This is why we need regulation. People thought it was nothing close to roulette, yet that's exactly what it was.
  6. How do you get that graph? Also, isn't the T-Bill influenced by what they expect the Fed to do?
  7. UK 2 year bond yield back up to 2008 levels. https://uk.investing.com/rates-bonds/uk-2-year-bond-yield If they keep rising, it's game over for house prices.
  8. Looked this up today, switch to 'Max' and it makes for interesting viewing: https://uk.investing.com/rates-bonds/gbp-2-years-irs-interest-rate-swap https://uk.investing.com/rates-bonds/gbp-5-years-irs-interest-rate-swap Highest swap rates for 10 years, even on the.5 year. Interest rates are already up.
  9. My dad had a mortgage book with the Abbey National back in the 80s. It definitely was not easy to get a mortgage, as people he turned down became enemies. When I wanted to buy a place in the late 90s, I was told I'd never get a mortgage as I was a temp.
  10. It's 35K now. He was on a final salary pension, and maxed out his AVCs when I left home. He had colleagues who are now on pensions of 60K+. I recently showed him the annuity rates on 1mGBP for a similar deal and he was deeply shocked.
  11. Yes, that's exactly right. My dad was one of them, worked for a bank in middle management, retired at 51 on an index-linked gold-plated pension of 35K a year and the mortgage paid off.
  12. Probably not, but it's one of those career defining roles, and I know the people well (and they know me (good and bad)) so it's very tempting.
  13. No, double what I'm on now. Sorry if you're just kidding, it went over my head.
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