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  1. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Property divided into two flats is more likely. 600K is not cheap, granted. But 800k wasn't a crazy asking early last year. psf 600k is quite cheap for the area.
  2. the_duke_of_hazzard

    EA Just told me to wait to buy

    Yeah, that.
  3. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Asking is 25% down in three months: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-56249916.html am seeing more of these 'offers in excess of'. Seems no-one's interested, but they don't want to give it away...
  4. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Halifax Nov 2018

    Wage growth is 3.1% as of October
  5. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Halifax Nov 2018

    So a real-terms 3% yearly fall.
  6. 260 days per year? Why work that much when 40% goes to the treasury? Permies typically work closer to 220 days/year.
  7. the_duke_of_hazzard

    I wish Rightmove allowed comments.

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/review-and-comment-on-any/knlnhookpeoheicigpcefcajopekmmli?hl=en 0.59c per month
  8. the_duke_of_hazzard

    I wish Rightmove allowed comments.

    That's a real shame - did anyone post anything 'contentious'. I could see RMove getting annoyed by that, to be fair. Is there not a generic plugin that allows comments on arbitrary websites? I can image it would be generally very useful.
  9. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-58002831.html developer run out of money? Haven't seen one of these in S London since 2007.
  10. I just tried reading Black Swan and I thought it was really badly written, like a bright student on amphetamines trying to get everything they can think of on the page. Apparently Fooled by Randomness is much better.
  11. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    And you're still paying 400 pounds a month rent service charge (which no doubt will rise further).
  12. the_duke_of_hazzard

    RICS October -2%

    The London quotes are universally negative, including this gem: 'J.J.KING, FRICS, Wimbledon, Andrew Scott Robertson, 020 8971 6780, www.as-r.co.uk, jking@as-r.co.uk - Applicant registrations has slowed. However greater positivity is coming from vendors leading to more offers/ sales being agreed.' Positivity = willing to drop prices I guess. Never heard it called that before.
  13. the_duke_of_hazzard

    FED BASE RATE 2.25%

    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/06/trump-us-federal-reserve-false-economy-interest-rates 2016.
  14. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    In my part of London (southern part of Southwark) I can see definite signs of desperation. All the properties I'm watching remain on Rightmove for a long time and I can see there's a race to the bottom with a lot of them. The froth has most definitely gone.
  15. the_duke_of_hazzard

    Rates on the way up?

    UK two year rates are three times what they were a few months ago, around a 5 year high https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/GUKG2:IND

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