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  1. Probably not, but it's one of those career defining roles, and I know the people well (and they know me (good and bad)) so it's very tempting.
  2. No, double what I'm on now. Sorry if you're just kidding, it went over my head.
  3. Work in IT, I took a 30% pay cut for a more fun job pre-pandemic, and am now being offered near double that. YMMV.
  4. Can't have bedrooms without windows, maybe? It is very cheap, IMHO. It's a great area to live in.
  5. https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2020/05/04/harry-dent-predicted-once-in-a-lifetime-crash-by-2020-what-now/
  6. Also... central london property has nose-dived, hasn't it?
  7. Our oven compartments broke mid-December, and our landlord has been unable to source a new range. Even if one could be found, the major retailers are not installing them. They won't even leave them outside. It's not just us, another tenant has been waiting on a fridge freezer since before Christmas.
  8. It's a good job we didn't vote Corbyn in, as government spending would have rocketed :s
  9. Our business got multiple letters from various banks around the world telling us to prepare for negative interest rates.
  10. This. The ONS is a world-beating organisation. I once looked into how the CPI/RPI figures were created when people on here said they were fiddled. The transparency and thoroughness of the whole thing blew me away.
  11. I'd be interested to see London vs the rest of the nation...
  12. Tallies with this 2005 paper from the Fed: https://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/ifdp/2005/847/ifdp847.htm
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/fears-fleeing-londoners-will-drive-regional-house-prices/amp/
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