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  1. Does anyone else picture our Hamish as a day dreaming 14 year old geek with nothing better to do with his time than type on this forum?
  2. hahah...brilliant reply! Highly commended! Can I just ask what you do for a living? And where you get the money to travel the world and enrich yourself? Can I also add that you have no idea what I do for a living. I'm in the nice position of absolutely loving what I do. Money is also not a priority which is great. Great post though! If those words are your own, you should have a go at that novel.
  3. hahah...I like it! There's no 'we' in avoiding the tax man though! Although yes....my wife does like it. We now have freedom to make the place our own, so I dont think we've lost any freedom or life choices. It is also allowing me to bin the daily commute and work from home...well....10 yards from my back door. Now that can't be bad?
  4. Thanks for such positive comments Quine! That was the way we looked at it. Might be the wrong decision...might be the right one...but it was just time to move on and set up home. I had read on this site about chancing under the fp and just thought...why not. Worked out in the end, but was a lot of tooing and froing and uncertainty. Worked out in the end though! It is indeed the one still on ASPC...ndr. Not sure why its still on lol...here's hoping there isnt a problem!! Everyinthg is all signed though, so were really happy. So much more character than the new build we were looking at, but more work of course.
  5. Negative equity is of course a scary thing everyone, however it's impossible to plan for every eventuality. If you're happy with the home you've got and you can afford the repayments, the prospect of negative equity doesnt really matter that much. I made the choice to rent for the last couple of years, and now have bought for cheaper that I would have. Mostly to do with less people able to get a mortgage or sell their current property. However the 8k 'save' I made has to be offset agains the 20k spent on rent. So I've spent 20k to save 8k. I know this theory has some massive holes in it and is over simplified. We have made sure we can afford the payments even if interest rates increase substantially from where they are now. If the theoretical value of our house falls (the value someone is willing to pay for it..not what an estate agent or surveyors thinks) in the short- medium term it will be a shame but won't matter, as we have no intention of moving. Any short-term fluctuations in prices have no effect on us now. As far as Aberdeen being reliant on one industry..I really don't think that when the oil runs out there will suddenly be no jobs. The human race has survived by being able to diversify. There are a whole load of skilled workers up here, the infrastrucute is not too bad and the PM is already looking into alternatives for the north sea. But I guess that debate is for another day. http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.a...36948?UserKey=0
  6. I certainly do! There is no hpc only kidding of course.. Nah...in all honesty, I think certain types of property will crash massively. certain homes won't (imho) as there will always be a demand For example: A property with a nice large kitchen and 3 areas of garden, not to mention a 2 floor outhouse and shed will always have value. A 2 bed Milne highrise newbuild will loose a lot of money. Who want to lift a buggy and shopping up 4 flights and have their kids playing on the stairwell.
  7. Tell me about it. I bought a 1 bed in a nice area of Glasgow for 34k around 8 years back I was talking about the new build apartments that are for sale. The gladedale ones. They range from 230k odd to 250k odd for 2 bed apartments. @Patfig Were planning on staying at least 5 years, but have bought knowing we could stay a lot longer if we need to. buying a home not an investment and all that. Also looking forward to not paying 10k/year to our landlord of course.
  8. I guess that would help Was fixed price of 198k and we got it for 190k. Previous buyer pulled out as they couldnt sell their own property. They had accepted bid of 211k. So over the space of 3 or 4 months the price went from 211k to 190k. Kingseat is really nice...or will be in a few years. some nice apartments though. If they were 160k for a 2 bed it would be an option, but 240k is way over priced. Think its the same distance from the city centre as peterculter, but seems a lot further away. Commute would be a bit of pain in rush hour as well.
  9. Finally signed missives today so I thought I would give you all an update as its a pretty positive actually. Bought a 2 bed property in Peterculter for 8k under the fixed price. First time buyer with deposit of 10%. Mortgage took 6 days from start to finish with RBS, after what turned out to be a 9 week bad experience with the Halifax. We pulled out of new build deal over in kingseat due to it being over priced and the site being half finished. I guess its a buyers market now and deals to be had. We could probably negotiated harder and got even more off if I'm being honest, but we really wanted it and are buying a home rather than an investment. More than happy with 8k off though.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I guess that we have at the back of our minds some doubts....If its seems to good to be true etc. I spoke to our solicitor, who is a family member, and he also had his doubts. He mentioned that Stewart Milne are offering (about to offer?) 50k off Kepplestone, but I dont have that confirmed. He also mentioned that costs of moving out the road and also the fact that for selling the property on, if there is a glut of 2 beds in the City. Who is going to buy 7 miles away. Hhmmmmm....Just read that article as well..thanks both of you for poiting it out. We should hear from the mortgage people in the next 24 hours and gladedale are chasing us for an answer. I gues if there is any doubt, then its the right decision to forget it?
  11. Hi all, I was looking for some advice. My wife and I are still looking around for a property as we are currently paying around 10k a year to rent a 2 bed in the west end. We were up looking at the Gladedale apartments in the new Kingseat Development near Newmacher. They were offering what seemed like a tempting deal as follows: 2 bed apt. 234k 75% / 25% shared equity deal, + our deposit would mean a mortgage of 165k on it. So Gladedale are essentially investing around 50k in it. We were thinking that it might be a not bad idea in the current climate as if the price goes down...we owe less. If the price goes up...we owe more, but our equity goes up. Any improvements we make on the property are deducted. Its a really nice apartment and the development looks nice from looking at the development brief on Aberdeeshire Councils website: http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/planning/d...pmentBrief2.asp They are putting in a shop / playing field / wooded walks etc. Does anyone have any thoughts about these types of deal? I still think buying now is a bit silly, and wouldn't (couldn't) pay 234k for it. But I like the idea of sharing the risk. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Quine, It was 290 (?) Broomhill road, ground floor. I had a wee look there and it was off the aspc unfortunately. Nice flat, but the 2nd "bedroom" was the room on the way to the kitchen, so you couldnt really have it as a bedroom. The main bedroom also had patio doors which was nice, although there was a studio flat behind the property. So whoever lived there would walk right past your bedroom window. Nice flat, and living room was amazing...but 230k was nuts. 12% under fixed price is really encouraging!! Where was that? We are toying with giving up and staying renting, but things like that give some hope
  13. There are a fair few new builds sitting empty in Aberdeen. A fair few defaulted as well which is promising. I went to view a 2 bed flat in Cults last night. Was o.o 190k. The ea told us it had been on the market for 11 months and was previously fixed price 230k. It needed a new bathroom and the kitchen was only 1/2 finished. The estate agent asked my what I thought, and I said it was over priced. Her reply was 'mmm' haha...oh well. On the market for 11 months though?! I fear it will be on for another 11 months at the price.
  14. Both of those developments arnt exactly inspiring I think they are vastly over priced. I went to view a 2 bed flat in Cults last night. Was o.o 190k. The ea told us it had been on the market for 11 months and was previously fixed price 230k. It needed a new bathroom and the kitchen was only 1/2 finished. The estate agent asked my what I thought, and I said it was over priced. Her reply was 'mmm' haha...oh well. On the market for 11 months though?! I fear it will be on for another 11 months at the price.
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