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  1. Yes we can still design and develop some high tech stuff in this country (mechanical as well as electronic)A walk around Duxford or Yeovilton is enough to make my blood boil as look at what we have achieved in the past and I consider the flight of engineering and manufacturing from these shores. Blue Streak, TSR2, APT chunter chunter...
  2. You jest - have you seen the price of second-hand cars recently?
  3. Overtime? Where? Nowhere I've worked since '97. Time in-lieu / flexitime maybe, certainly no overtime. Maybe the companies I've been working at are too small...
  4. Nice. So why bother buying? Surely the logical thing to do is then to rent all your life and then let the state deal with care / housing as you get older and incapable. I would have thought that such disincentivisation would ultimately be more of a burden on the state. Or am I missing something?
  5. I'll reply to this. I normally try not to mention the joys of having been to a public (read expensive trad private) school as (a) it's not something I like to dwell on too much and ( responses can be somewhat variable and emotionally driven... My education was initially funded by a lump sum left by a deceased relative with some input from my parents, neither of whom were particularly well paid (teacher, local council civil servant) if not struggling. After a particularly nasty bust up and divorce, during which it was disclosed my father had been dipping into the cash to fund drink and gambling, my mother was left trying to pay for the school fees pretty much on her own,with a little help from her parents. Rather than doing the sensible thing and removing me from school she decided to keep me there. The last five years of my schooling were marred by creative bailiff avoidance (they wouldn't serve an order to a 14 year old eg), mother working insane hours, vile levels of family stress and, as you mention, intermittent heating (bills, boilers too expensive to fix). Was it worth it? Not sure, certainly as I suspect a lot of my depression issues stem from this period. Be careful what you subject your kids to. The teaching and setting were fantastic, the other pupils varied from really nice to psychotic & cliquey much as one might find in everyday life. Someone mentioned Fiats and Bentleys above - I remember that on guy used to be delivered on a monday morning in his father's Ferrari 412. We used to troll up in a wreck of a mk1 Astra, and some other cars weren't much better.
  6. Every time I tire of Clarkson he goes and does / writes something reasonable like this...
  7. We've just bought (crazy, I know). It will be somewhere to live, somewhere for the kids to grow and learn and have fun. Somewhere to sleep. Not for the money.
  8. Not everyone wants to be an engineer though or necessarily has the right mindset. Dyson is a clever guy and understands enough about science & engineering to value them - note that the majority of his R&D is still done in the UK, even though that is increasingly uneconomic, both in terms of wages and feedstock (suitably educated people). In case you haven't pulled your collective head out of your collective backside to notice, R&D is moving eastwards so some cudos probably due to him for holding on to that. Anyone that thinks that we still have a major lead in the hi-tech stuff and that all that the far east can do is copy is in for a shock. Remember how Japan rebuilt itself /was rebuilt after WW2. As an aside, I seem to remember that one of the reasons for moving production was that Dyson had problems sourcing components from the EU - almost all are manufactured in the Far East. Far easier to assemble where the supply chain is. Disclaimer - I'm and mechanical engineer with a master of arts (Industrial Design, similar to Dyson). (edited for gramar an speling)
  9. I think I might try to add some balance to this discussion (despite this being HPC) My sister is a vet and I think she'd be somewhat p####d at all vets being tarred with the same brush (but would conceed that there are some utter t0$$3r$) From past conversations about her work, I gather that the only way to make serious money is to set up your own practice or be a partner in one (which naturally tends to take you away from consulting as you have to manage the day to day running of the business) Common or garden vets working for said practices tend to earn a lot less, tho there may be, in some instances, compensation in terms of tied accommodation and an old company rustbucket (no, really) for carrying deceased pets back to base for disposal. Don't know which vets you guys use but sporty runabouts aren't much use up a farm track or for lugging equipment / animals around in. Locums can earn a lot but they generally work horrendous hours and get the nasty end of the stick jobs. As for diagnosis, remember that an animal can't sit down and have a chat about its symptoms, and the owner saying 'well, he seems a bit poorly and is off his food' doesn't really add much to the process. If you're after the hefty diagnostics available from your local medical hospital, remember that there is no funding system to pay for the kit (a la NHS) so YOU will see the costs of this in your bill (the same could be partially applied to drugs, depending on circumstances, nature of treatment blah blah). If you want the tests done, you have to pay for them. If you go in and whinge about costs you probably won't be offered them. The majority of vets work long hours and can either spend their time arguing the toss with the owner, or they can get to work on another animal (personal observation is that a fair few vets love the animals but absolutely detest the owners for just this reason). If you're really strapped for cash then you might want to consider finding a local blue cross hospital. Anyway, back to your BMWs. edited for speling
  10. Freelance design / engineering hybrid. Mid 30's. Live with SO + offspring in a nice part of surrey renting for a relatively cheap rate. SO on corporate ladder but even so can't see us buying anytime soon. An earlier poster mentioned the bulls41t detector being triggered - how true. Especially if you remember what happened to your parents in the 90's! Edit: typos - less beer before posting
  11. Hmmm, we used to rent from that bunch. Do they still use the 'Lifestyle Lettings' name (bleurgh) or has that gone? edit: speling
  12. 1e9... I seem to remember that the Germans call this a milliard.
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