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  1. its simple, a guy I know a decorator only had 20 days of work this year so far .. He still believes this recession will only last a year ... its when guys like him don't see an end to the tunnel that things will turn ugly
  2. Was in what you would call a working class pub tonight . Basically at this point they are not yet feeling the pain they were passing around the popcorn and watching the argie bargie in the center of london as people on here are and basically having a laugh about leftie idots and the fact that they would see more action on a footy day any day of the year... Thing is Gordon is walking on a tightrope if these guys get going he has a problem another million of unemployed will do the trick
  3. I think what is missed is the fact that I also mentioned that mortgages ( and for that matter rent) should be no more then 40% of net monthly income. So for example some one 26k takes home about 1650/month max mortgage repayment 40% = 660 660 / month = aprox 100k mortgage @ 6% Now for the dogmatics this would mean no mortgage if the guy wants to buy a house but has no savings but its ok if he rents for 660. Same guy but with say 15k in savings then its ok to lend him 100k ... In both cases the guy is buying what he can afford and isnt screwing up the market. The market got screwed by that same guy on 26k being offered up to 6 times income.
  4. We need to avoid being dogmatic about this In the end whether you have a 100% mortgage or a 50% mortgage you are still renting from the bank until the final payment. It all boils down to whether you can afford the repayments and I am of the conviction that for some one to have a decent life style the cost of your mortgage ( and same goes for rent ) should not exceed 40 % of your net income . So in the end it doesn't matter whether its 75% 90% or a 100% mortgage only thing that changes is length of the mortgage i.e do you repay in 20 25 or 30 years which again is irrelevant if you consider a house a place to live rather then an investment vehicle .
  5. errr what do I do now all I wanted was a halve decent house
  6. These are called Kosten Koper or Buyer costs and generally amount to -+ 10% of the price of a house and can be included in the Mortgage .. the interest of which can be declared on your tax return and you get a tax return unto a certain amount ... this made mortgages linked to savings products very popular and off course there has been a scandal with endowment policies not paying out what was expected and there have been a nr of public enquires ( don't know the outcome exactly left NL 9 years ago )
  7. The government still tends to be formed by a combination of 4 parties ( D66 VVD PVDA and CDA . ) The main thing about Dutch politics is that generally its less polarised then UK politics. Same with worker employer relationships .. so at the time when Maggie decided she wanted to get rid of the unions and you had the hoohah with the Miners. In the Netherlands the Polder Model' was introduced (i.e working on the basis of compromise and consensus etc ... ) this was then at one point greatly admired ( early 90's ) until it faltered in the latter halve of the 90's .
  8. +1 a kid deserves the best you can give it. for a kid having to grow up on a run down council estate in a 2 bed flat with 3 other kids means you didnt do you best for it no matter how much " love" you gave it ...
  9. If you ever thought Britain was any different from anywhere else on the planet ... then sorry but no they were only better at hiding the corruption for a long time ...
  10. and isnt that part of the problem ? thats a rather strange thing isn't it considering they care to think of them selves as free marketeers. ie you get a loan buy an asset reap benefits if it gains value but the moment it doesn't you can walk away ...
  11. Same can be sad for having kids though.... just like a car or a house or anything material doesn't define you as a person neither does having a kid.
  12. 3.5 x 25k ( average income) = 87k + lets say another 10 for a 10 procent deposit .... buys you absolutely zilch where i live
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