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  1. http://didthesystemcollapse.com/ Been watching this site for a while, today saw the largest difference between east and west in PMs The one we dare not mention in case of tantrums hit $2.20 and entered the danger zone That's silver for you........oops sorry!
  2. The collapse is all planned, boom and bust is policy that enriches the wealthy and creates entrapment for those who indebted themselves during the period of easy money. When it comes it will be swift and those who are cash rich will snap up the assets of those forced to sell. Just to be sure they get away with it, blame will be directed on refugees and immigrants and the gullible will happily direct their anger towards them. I hope people realise we have refugees due to illegal war crimes in Iraq Libya Afghanistan and Syria. We are a scumbag country that enriches itself through war and preying on the poor and have been for centuries. Slavery was never abolished it just became hidden through complexity and spin.
  3. They don't trap people in debt to let them off. Boom+Bust is policy, the vultures are waiting to pick the bones of the starry eyed ladder ascenders. The cash rich will swoop , buy up cheap property and rent it out til the next generation can be fooled by house prices only go up. Sell when it tops and sit tight til it bursts again. Rinse and repeat.
  4. An underground car parking space in Monaco is €500k do I win?
  5. Mentioning Libor and silver in the gold thread!!! is this cricket?
  6. Here's the facts, the more compassionate the job the more you will be emotionally blackmailed to do it for peanutz.
  7. Yes you are wrong, it's now the year of the monkey.
  8. Nearly moved to NZ a few years ago, Nelson was the town I identified as suiting us best. In the end we ended up in Germany which was fantastic, now living in Belgium which I dont like one bit. Another move is on the cards soon ,2 yrs and both kids will be at Uni or at least finished with school. May get the opportunity to get a 2 yr contract in Brunei . Singapore is a fantastic place and could be tempted otherwise I am looking at returning to the Highlands/Islands of Scotland or rural Ireland. As an outside bet I am also looking at Sri Lanka.
  9. Every nurse and doctor taken from a 3rd world nation damages that nation far more than it benefits us.
  10. All the control and none of the accountability. They can enforce law and regulation on individual nations while the euro allows control of the entire European monetary system. All are enslaved through debt and like Greece and Cyprus will be betrayed by their elected representatives even when presented with the democratic choice of the ballot box .
  11. Im not defending Saudis, its a barbaric regime that breeds fundamentalists just pointing out that the West imo is complicit in 911 and the official version of events is a tissue of lies . The West will destroy Saudi when they outgrow their usefulness .
  12. If that was the case, they wouldnt have demonized him in every msm outlet, the fact they never indicted him due to lack of evidence that would pass muster in a court speaks volumes. They put the blame on him publicly without any regard for high level corruption. The facts are there is no evidence of his involvement yet an entire nation was invaded and over a million casualties was the result, ditto WMDs in Iraq, ditto chemical weapons used by Assad. Then we have Ukraine and Libya .......
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