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  1. i have a friend who is thinking to str permanantly and i have told them to sell asap as i think it is becoming more and more difficult but i was wondering where they will get a good return on their savings which will probably be around the £50,000 amount they would like to use the return to ease pressure on renting as his work can be unstable thanks carl
  2. http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/...ductGroupType=3 thats the link ive got through money supermarket....... cant remember the higher ltv but dont think it was that much better tbh. # Fixed Mortgage # First Time Buyer # Term of 25 years Lender Manchester BS Long Term Product Name Fix 30yr 01e Type of Mortgage Fixed Initial Rate 5.89% APR 6.00% Max LTV 85% Scheme Duration 30 Years Portable Tick Early Repayment Charge 3% of outstanding loan first 10 year
  3. is this the type of mortgage you should jump on if hyperinflation is round the corner and your a first time buyer or is it worth waiting for further falls after this year even though deals like this will rapidly dissapear before we hear of any hyperinflation coming Im waiting for the average house to come down to at least 120,000 but with all the talk of hyperinflation i am wondering if saving the 15% and getting a mortgage like this and stretching my self that hyperinflation will make it the right choice. If its fixed for the full term then strectching a little bit is not as dangerous?? thoughts??
  4. what are you suggesting what is loosing value quicker 100,000 ££££££ - about 5% by year end or £100,000 property - about 10%by year end
  5. fixed for 10 years .. you know you can afford it whereas the tracker my become unaffordable
  6. i vote yes and no i think you should take reduced hours rather than complete redundancy while we move through this downturn
  7. some teachers are being payed a lot less that they would be if they had gone into private employment. leaving university with a first class degree in maths chemistry or physics etc could drop you in a job paying twice a teachers wage however the public would love these graduates to follow a career in teaching in order to educate their children to the highest standard therefore if this is what we want then we need to pay a wage that tempts these graduates into the profession. also a good teacher works a lot longer hours than you think, planning marking and training to deliver the best possible lessons. should those teachers that put the work in be payed less because some teachers work 8:30 til 4:00? 10% is a bit high however whilst private sector wages have been inflating higher than rpi teachers have been trailing with below rpi wage inflation.
  8. just checked i have 2 x £1 coins in my house right now, one of them upon inspection is fake, that is 50% ... obviously a bigger sample would be better but a random checjk has revealed 50%......... then again i am from middlesbrough
  9. why do you ruin your credibility with posts like this you have some interesting posts and you are a good break from the norm of this site however posts like this undermine your credibility . face the facts houses have crashed 20% to put it simple and you can expect another 1.0-2.5% after this month in nominal terms. 90% wont happen. at 80% from peak there would be such a rush back into the market that 90% couldnt occur as we arent all patient enough.
  10. just downloaded it today as there is no rush i will trial it for a month and if it works as says i will honestly cough up a fiver... if after 3 months im still using it ill bang in another fiver
  11. thinking about the crash today and so many posts and thoughts of how we havent hit bottom yet. I started thinking that if the government succeeds with the QE and low interest rates and we manage to dodge deflation then we are likely to go the other way eventually with inflation thus leading to an interest rate response that should bring on phase 2 of the crash as most homeowners will be off fixed rates by then and will be hit with massive mortgage payments that they werent used to paying due to low interest rates .... just a thought sorry if its been brought up in my opinion we are yet to reach the halfway line.....
  12. thanks for the replies everyone if the aim is to keep the debt the same in real terms then it should follow rpi negative should it happen oh hope.......
  13. thats a bit unfair isnt it, i mean its nonprofit after all what is RPI at now?
  14. student debt interest is set at RPI so will they start reducng my debt??? Could new students borrow £1000 january and hold the cash and pay back £990 the next month?
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