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  1. hi, lately my posts dont appear, is my account locked?

  2. You mean at your parents next party when you manage to sneak a few drops of whiskey, and whilst you don't really like the taste you drink it because you think it makes you look impressive. A bit like your posts on here.
  3. Still waiting for you to reply to my question to you on this - WHY do you think vendors have no control at the moment, and where is your evidence?
  4. LOL you think I work for Labour. Oh boy. Wow, ok yeah, haha you got me. Yep, thats it. Dear oh dear, oh dear. *sigh*. I'm curious how old you are, where you live, and what you do for a living (suspect you live with parents) .. But yes, lol, I work for labour. har har.
  5. Honestly I have no clue what you are on about. Speak English and not text speak please. What is your problem with my plan exactly? Can you see any flaws in my logic? Who's number, address and price are you looking for and why do you need them? Edit: I think maybe you disagree with my strategy? You are puzzled as to why I would buy a house now, when prices could possibly drop? That my friend, is life. Sometimes we just need to get on with it, rather than waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting..
  6. Again, sorry to labour this, but I don't know where you are getting this from? Can you explain please? In my neck of the woods, vendors are calling the shots - as I said already. This is not a situation I like at all, and if there is anything I can do to swing the balance... great! But somehow, I just don't see what you are seeing.
  7. Coming economic shitstorm? lol, ok - yes, maybe it will be. There are a lot of public sector jobs in south wales - or rather, public sector jobsworths sitting on their arses producing nothing. Yes, there will be negative effect on house prices.. probably. But I no longer care. I can afford my mortgage payments (at the moment), so i'll buy a house. If my circumstances changed, I shall be insured against that (critical illness, job loss etc). As I am not buying outright (had considered this - but a 4.73% fix over five years is a good deal imo) I consider myself to be renting one half of
  8. WTF are you on about???? You doubt i've waited 2 years? OK, I haven't been sat on my **** *waiting* for prices to drop, but since being back in blighty have deliberated rented to sit out the crap thats been going on and thats approx two years. Govt policy is to maintain house prices at any cost, therefore, in it to win it or sit on the sidelines - your call. I've a good deposit and can take a hit of 30-40% in the medium term, any house I buy will be for 10-15 years as a minimum anyway. So now, i've found a place I can live in and i'm going to buy. My choice, my decision. From readin
  9. The only reason you say that is because you think I don't follow your way of thinking. Actually, I do - thats what brought me to this website in the first place. However after waiting for two years, am starting to believe its a load of "cack" as you put it. Admit i'd had a few jars when I wrote it. Try and put up a counter argument rather than drawing on schoolboy retorts though eh, theres a good lad LOL. Curious reply. You must have some skill if you think you can correlate web ramblings with earnings. LOL. I'm super curious on this - how do you think rich people write then? I'm n
  10. Exactly - my thoughts too. There won't be huge and sudden drops, but a gradual erosion over the next few years as wages etc catch up. I'd lived outside the country for 10 years and got back a couple of years ago - looking in job centre and job agency windows, surprised how low earnings are 10 years later, in fact they had not changed much as far as I could see. THATS where the correction lay.
  11. Where are these desperate sellers? Seriously? Tell me, because I want to know. There are NO desperate sellers where I live, only a ton of buyers jumping on anything half decent as soon as it hits the market. Thats MY experience of this. I'd LOVE there to be a full on balls out crash, but after 2 years of as you put it "After the biggest banking/economic collapse in history" we are still waiting. Its not happening. I think a lot of people on here are bitter and twisted and I don't blame them, but its skewing your view of what is actually happening outside of this housepricecrash.co.u
  12. No offence, but I read your post and think - this person is full of BS and living in some fantasy land - just jealousy you understand. Good luck to you, but I am deeply sceptical of your posts. regards, etc.
  13. FWIW, i'm looking for a place at the moment. In the area I am looking, decent houses are on the market for a very short space of time before going SSTC (example: three bed bungalow £330k one week before SSTC), and some appear on the market as SSTC. It sucks, but thats the reality. Its very competitive. I don't know where the majority of HPC users reside but it certainly their experiences do not reflect what I am seeing locally (cardiff). Also as a previously vehement believer in HPC - how can prices be sustainable!!?!? - i've decided to throw in the towel and have offered 5% below asking
  14. Interesting, and i look forward to some analysis from other members My only thoughts are that perhaps argentina has been stung like that in the past.....
  15. Interesting stuff. Wonder if its possible to take Gordon Brown etc to court and prosecute them under some law or other for mismanagement and theft from public finances? Or if not personally, the government itself... I would be willing to chip in a few quid towards that - suspect a large proportion of the country would too. Cheers
  16. mikew

    Cardiff Prices

    OMG. Wow. As a fellow welshman, I can say that I am embarrased for you. Get over it, and grow up.
  17. mikew

    Cardiff Prices

    I agree with Mal Volio. Very surprising IMO, considering the shared love of Rugby. I suspect your friends are either inbred, or you are exagerating. Which part of Australia are these friends of yours from? PS, i've travelled extensively and overwhelmingly find that people have either not heard of Wales, or they generally have a positive opinion of it.
  18. mikew

    Cardiff Prices

    I'm not comparing the quality of the amenities though - i'm comparing the prices. Yes Cardiff has some great stuff going for it. Reading is commutable to London, so surely that would push prices up? If we were talking amenities and standard of living there are plenty of places oop norf that would fair well i'd have thought, or south west? Just seemed kind of odd to me.... 60% of workforce in public sector explains a lot.
  19. yeah i see now.. cutting their pay by 25% would take most workers below minimum wage I would think...
  20. Dont forget at the bottom end of the scale, RoI public sector workers are far better paid than the lowest paid in the UK public sector. Public pay in Ireland is ridiculously high.
  21. mikew

    Cardiff Prices

    Has anyone else noticed this? I was checking out prices in Reading, and they are comparable and possibly you get a little more for your money in reading.. granted I dont know the areas in Reading mind you, they could have been right holes, but the houses looked nice. What gives... why does Cardiff have such a premium? Thanks Mike
  22. Thanks guys, very useful information. I pulled our offer on the house on the basis that the seller can then avail of the other offer that they had on the table. mrpleasnt - Near asking HA! - depends on if you think 12% is not a big slice.. maybe the EAs are entitled to a little poetic license, so long as they dont grumble when offers of 12% below market are made... Still looking at morganstown simply because there is more supply. Our preference would have been rhiwbina or roath park area but there is little going for sale at the moment. Dopamine - yes there does appear to be a very
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