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  1. It reminds me of the tony Blair rictus: the top half of his face cannot believe what the bottom half is saying, but at the same time consoling itself with 'they'll lap it up anyway'
  2. Dammit Damik, this is a fine thread. Reality, we know, remains suspended by belief for the 'envi-ocracy' that yearns to join the Prime London sect. This helpless fawning of the global industrialists, entrepreneurs or inheritists who dither between 5000 acres of Cambridgeshire or a 4 bed SW3 lean-to for the chauffeur is beneath contempt and absolutely not part of this thread. We here are a different crowd. Healthcare, education, municipal services, warmth in winter and fresh air in July are why our ancestors fought for free speech. Prime London is about as useful as a Faberge Egg to us, but it fascinates. London we are told is a beating heart for global finance, a proud home for the arts, a spearpoint for medical innovation, a springboard for sport, a glen of ginnovation and a zygotery of zoology (ok, it's late here.....hic) and we should revel in its self sustainability. Maybe it has been underpriced for decades and the new normal is just a happy valuation of the DaCam BoJo Geosbo charmfest...but i suspect and hope you are onto something more meaningful. The rich do not care. What difference does it make. The Fed has a big inventory to shift, ultimately the tax/mortgage payers burden. CGT Stamp ATED China Russia Thailand Middle Earth who's left?........some bloke from stoke on trent with a big zit studying biology who does the triple jump whilst playing tetris and his mum was a model....so what he got a big subsidy to rent a place in Warren Street. When I exiled myself from London, my benchmark for re-entry was that there were only 2 functioning estate-agencies on Upper Street (N1). I suspect that this is a pipe-dream, but this thread keeps it alive. Thanks Much.
  3. I have to say that the strength of the right move data took me by surprise. That said, they were also at pains to say this +7% was not a new surge in London prices, but represented a flat result for the 4 previous months. Clearly they have the actual reduction price data which remains closely held and tells them that they need to dissemble this latest data point.
  4. Yes, to answer the thread title. Crashing boredom. Crashing 'wakeupinthemiddleofthenightbedwettingfearofmovingoutofzonethreekeepThekidsatschoolprayforaThreeholidayayeArpensionotherwiseillnotknowwhattodowithmyselfcosimsobusypayingThemortgageIcanfeeltheordureseepingIntothatbitbetweenmyeyelidsandtheeyeballtypEsweathatmakesmerealisethenotquitesosmartguydoingenglitandnowlivesinoxfordhasmadeabetterfistofthingsandItisallfornothingcosthisshipissinkingfasterthAnputinsfriendsonfacebOoK' palpitations. Cure. Sell.
  5. agreed, until they realise they have to pay for the property at 200% of current market prices.
  6. in this debtors' utopia, surely aversion rates would be more appropriate
  7. 5. '"Here's the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.''' Macbeth has some better lines, but none so appropriate.
  8. We live in a world now where everything is expected to happen so fast....booms, busts, relationships, jobs etc. The fact remains that we still work the same hours, a 25 year mortgage still takes 25 years to pay off, we get old at the same pace, lunch takes just as long to digest etc as 100 years ago and this is why, rightly, you are nervous. History books are already written about the 2008 recession and we are being measured at every print of a ticker tape. From the tenor of the average HPC contributor, I'd say consensus is that the world should slow down and with that perspective this current exuberance will prove to be as unfounded as WMD in Iraq.
  9. one more: blogflation: mindless posting to a forum after the pubs close coz I got an HND in money and therefore am qualified
  10. definition time: inflation: breathing in deflation: breathing out Stagflation: something Rebecca Loos might do to a moose Hyperinflation: a load of hot air.
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