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  1. Great news for me. Completing on Friday and am now stamp duty exempt. I am a FTB. Phoned the solicitor seconds after it was announced, clear as crystal, no Stamp Duty needs to be paid as it goes into effect tonight!
  2. You dont need hundreds of thousands of soldiers to control an unarmed populace. you have the police force who are armed. you have the British Military(100K). More than enough. All this worry over cash... its ridiculous, before you even realise you cant get any there will be tanks in the streets. Get real. Them that be would not allow anarchy to take hold. The powers that be arent stupid and would know months before we would even have a sniff of a clue.
  3. Before we even get to the moment where we have no access to cash, the army will be out in the streets. Having no cash will be the least of our worries.
  4. **** ME. If at first you dont succeed...try as many times again to get the result you want. Fckin hilarious if more vote no !
  5. Good night Vienna. Its been a blast, but thank **** the end of the roman empire mk 2 is nigh.
  6. what makes you think the government will value them lower than what the banks expect, government and finance institutions go hand in hand.
  7. Its been like that for over 4000 years - you only just noticed!? You are a slave and always have been. DEBT SLAVERY. The masterstroke has been convincing everyone (the massses) they are free.
  8. In reality, the Sb company will aggregate all bets and take a position in the market. It still follows however that the majority of the risk is largely with the person who placed the bet in the first place, therfore whilst the position takenbuy SB may not be instantaneous it is dependent on the bets it has received. Threfore the bets placed will have taken a position int he market, not acted independent of the market. I hope you see my point!
  9. It is compeltely true. Do you really think they are going to overexpose themselves to market movements and take on the risk? No of course not. You made the bet so you take on the risk. They make their money on the spreads not on the whoelsale movement of prices. They are (in efect)market makers. If you bet the correct way, you pay yourself. If you bet the wrong way you pay for that aswell. The SB company simply make money on the spread...which is of course delayed for the customer as well. Of course there are cases that the SB company may take a position but in general they will not want to hold any risk at any time. Market makersoperate in the same way. They rarely have much stock on the books at any given time - they make money on the spreads...
  10. Depends what you mean by current holders. The only ones who will really make a difference are the large% holders. Joe public wont make a dent in a banks share price. Lloyds deciding to sell however is another kettle of fish. And this is my point. The large holders will be able to totally dominate the SP of the banking companies they have a large shareholding in. As you say what would it do to the price - it would collapse quicker than anything you ahve seen. It will be interesting to see which banks act in concert to collapse otehr banks. You can bet your life they will escape the eyes of the media - it will be portrayed that the bank had serious problems, when in actual fact consolidation was the game all along. This idea of a credit crunch is a joke. Its a completely orchestrated event with the net effect that we have all seen is consolidation. That was and still is the game plan. The fact that the competition law has been thrown out the window should make it even more glaringly obvious.
  11. http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Library/Commun.../2008/102.shtml You will not be able to add to any or create new short positions. In effect, it has been banned. E.g. the only thin you could do with a short position now is close it. You can bet that the big players did this quietly before the end of today !
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