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  1. Indeed, I understand it is interest only and indeed I understand that it is sensible if you think prices are going to fall forever to never buy a house. This assumes though that in 25 yrs time house prices are going to be lower than today. Do you guys honestly believe that? Higher rate tax payers also need to consider the lower interest they'll be receiving on their savings?
  2. Accepted wisdom is indeed no NEVER to buy. But the article doesn't address that, people with lesser knowledge than you will be reading it and think wow, I should just rent forever. The article is completely one sided in this regard. As for the guy who asked if I understand opportunity cost and other such things, please do not be so condesending. I understand them perfectly, but if you believe a 20 year old should not buy a house if they can afford to (after correction if you believe one is going to happen) then you certainly don't understand economics, or well anything!
  3. Exactly, but no one points this out. Which is dissapointing and much like scaremongering!
  4. Err no stupid! House insurance is based on the rebuild value!
  5. The article fails to point out that when you retire and have a lesser income you will still have to pay the rental where as you will not have to pay for a mortgage because you already own. It also fails to point out that if you start renting at 20 and live until 80 you will pay 60 years rent as opposed to buying a house at 20 and only paying a mortgage for 25 years... The points are all valid but completely one sided. What are the views of the board on the above?
  6. But for someone to be offered a 40 year mortgage with an retirement age of 60 they'd have to be about 20 years old. That wouldn't work for a mortgage company. They only "lose" if the house is sold for less than the outstanding mortgage - correct?
  7. How did the IMF (or fools as you call them) "enjoy Brown's run-up in prices". I didn't know the IMF had proporty portfolios in the uk?
  8. It's about yields on securities of 2 years though. Whilst the spot rate of interest - pretty much the headline BoE rate may be high the yield curve has been downward sloping in recent times.
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