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  1. Thanks all for the advices. I'll try the Diydoctor.co.uk as mentioned. And yes its black mould and it seems to grow on the same spot when previously removed.
  2. Hi, I'm tenant in my ground floor flat and have been here for 3-4 years. For most of the time I have been here I've had problems with mould growing on walls and ceilings especially in the bathroom. I keep the flat well ventilated, when I shower the extract fan kicks in (and is working) I also leave the window open even during the shower and for most of the day when I am working from home. I get mould in the in the sitting room and bedroom, but strangely not the kitchen. The top windows are open on most days & when I close them at night - I don't fully close them - I leave a gap for ventilation (and is also secure). Evey month I get out Detol Mould Remover and blitz the mould. What am I doing wrong? Is the flat suffering from a sort of dampness? Over recent months the mould has exploded (this maybe due to a wet summer?) Will I get blamed? Would my deposit be held If I move out? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  3. You forgot a capital 'I' not small 'i' in 'I'm'. Sort of shot y'self in da dinky foot dint ya!!!! - Does it really really matter as long as you understand what they are talking about? I'm sorry but grammar/spelling bullies annoy me.... I'm not perfect with my spelling and grammar but these little foibles in the human condition make the world and the English language a little more interesting. Above all we are not robots.
  4. Second home owners made local people homeless, empty most time of the year....beggars belief...
  5. Second home owners......makes me so f***ing angry. The cornish village is practically abandoned for most days of the year. :angry: :angry:
  6. I Plan to buy on Tuesday 12th October 2010 at 15:33. 23 seconds Nah....Seriously, at end of 2010/Begginging of 2011. - great news today - nationwide's -8.1% drop on house values reported on sky news!!! I think I have over eaten [buuuuuuuurp].
  7. Homes for sale: 1/4 Mile BS22 = 1018 (ouch) Homes for rent: 1/4 Mile BS22 = 115
  8. Apologies if I have upset you - not intended at all. It may seem harsh. To your points. There seems to be plenty of jobs in my local rag, several hundreds every week - and this is a medium sized town. In my experiences (and I use this strongly) I always found it easy to get a job even if I didn't like it (thus you wouldn't tell your potential employer you will hate the job at the interview). Social services budget for travel could be re-implemented as the cost (hopefully) reclaimed might allow this. No I'm not a gov. minister on expenses. I'm self employed and have been for approx 8 months - IT work and going strong with more work several years down the line despite recession. I have a disablement - I never claimed tax credits/disabled benifits or any of that, only from age of 16 to 18 during college years as my mum wanted me to claim. As soon as I started working at 18 I stopped it all - As I found it was wasn't right somehow (if you think you are entiltled then great, but not for me). I pay for all my equiment to help me with my disablement, it can be costly but I'm not complaining, its life. I don't really want to get into an argument - I'm just so frustrated that my (and other hard working tax payers) money is being used for lazy slobs who can't be bothered to get a job - the tax which could a lot less so I could afford a place of my own one day - perhaps you are in the same position. I don't mind people claiming the dole if its genuine and start looking for work. Thanks
  9. No. No. No. The whole purpose of the dole is to help you find a job, 6 months is more than adequate to find one, and may not be the job they want but it’s something until they can find something better. Cash for first 6 months, then after 6 months - Vouchers. To prevent people coming on and off work every few months, they should be able to do this twice in 10 years after that its vouchers. Vouchers are the way to go - simple, absolutely no money should be handed out from state working benefits (dole money). What’s wrong with vouchers/voucher cards? That will pay for everyday basic needs i.e. Roof over your head - towards rent and INTREST ONLY mortgages Food - very basic foods, no alcohol, cigarettes, no luxury foods like biscuits, cakes and other poncey foods. Just cheap meat, fruit & veg & non alcoholic drinks. Household bills - Gas, electricity, Water Council Tax - free (as no money to pay for it) Clothes - basic clothes not expensive branded stuff - think Matalan. Fuel cards - £15 per week limit (you can travel 150 miles a week on it if careful). Travel cards - buses & trains only. Vouchers can set alarm bells ringing with the black market etc etc.... But if you can link vouchers with peoples N.I numbers to prevent fraud, N.I numbers written on the vouchers, when paying you must prove you are the genuine person by producing the NI card, (has a magnetic strip on back for some reason....) Absolutely draconian I agree but I am sick and tired of paying for other people and people’s kids who do not/want to work for years. If kids suffer, tough - If parents love them enough they would do their hardest to get a job. Thanks Sick
  10. I know, but this is ridiculous: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-107...=1&tr_t=buy I know it says test but 249K 4 bed detached for a thing that looks like a water tower!!
  11. Er....does she need to pay the higher tax rate? I'd put away at least 40% for the tax man....I could be wrong? Or will the interest make it to 40%? (but some how doubt it). Edit: Rubbishy grammar
  12. I'd try and woo Gordon Brown's, Maggie Thatcher's & Tony Blair's Mum to prevent them from being conceived......probably very reluctantly . How’s that for painless change to the course of history - trouble is I might not end up being born etc.... etc..... So many paradoxes. Hell WWIII may have come and gone....
  13. Threre are several series of Sim City games, and I love them. you can't actually charge rent, you can only charge them taxes & change the rates (Its american, and its equivelent to council tax). Its a cool game and very addictive. Damn makes me wanna build a city now...... Edit: Incredibly poor explaination
  14. Hi, All Good advices - Thank you all. They do exist - I have seen their rent boards up around where I live. At the bottom of the letter I recieved is a company registration number & office - How can I check this is kosher? Re renewing an AST; Would they charge me a fee for this, I have never had a new one. I believe I'm on a rolling montlhy contract at the mo as the original contract was for 6 months about 3 years ago. (been here since mid 2005). Sorry for so many q's I have never been in this situation before but I belive this sort of thing will now be common place. Thanks Sick
  15. Thanks Matt - I have never changed a standing order before, I'm sure its easy... Never had any contact with the LL - I don't have the contact details. I've always gone through the LA(s) - they have been ok so far. Theres nothing in the contract about dealing with the LL. Thanks Sick
  16. Hi, I'm in a rented accomodation (1 bed flat). The original LA was CJ Hole which susequently got taken over by Huberts which went into admistration. The new LA is Accomodation Unlimited (never heard of them before I recieved notification of the take over). the LA sent a letter this morning stating I need to change my standing order for the new LA. Is this normal practice? When Humberts took over CJ Hole my standing order remained the same. Any advice much apprieciated. Thanks Sick
  17. Very discracefull!! I'm thinking of sending my ranting email to Smartnewhomes customer services. Dear Sir/Madam, I refer to "Parent Power plus a helping hand from Barratt". I've never known such desperate sounding advertising by getting parents to help FTB's the first step towards owing a home. Why don't you just reduce the prices by say 30% to 50% and be done with it - with the current market, it looks like its going that way anyway. And er.....what if you don't have any parents like me, even if I did I still wouldn't buy - Reducing the prices will!! If a FTB needs help from parents it's obvious that the prices might be a bit too high, the same goes with government home buyer schemes - Just reduce the prices!! If you have no power over the prices of homes (I don't use the word property, its a dirty word meaning 'Investment') then give Barratts a kick! Look at the hypnotoad in the eyes and repeat to yourself "reduce the prices. Reduce the prices. Reduce the prices" Young Annoyed Would Be FTB End rant. Notice how I use "reduce the prices" a lot - I doubt it will get anywhere but it will make me slightly happier. All I have to do is hit the send button - what do you think!! Thanks
  18. The coaster car is being pulled up higher and higher. I'm facing upwards, all I can see is the sky. I attempt look down the side, people look like ants the buildings look so small, so fragile. I'm being pulled up higher and higher, there seems to be no end. It’s worrying me because I know the higher you go the more dramatic the ride is. The car starts to level out, we are at the peak. I’m now riding on the level track for few seconds. I’m on the top brow of the roller coaster ride. My heart races, I start sweating, palms getting clammy, getting a sick feeling in the stomach, breathing harder and harder. The car starts tilting downwards. It stops for a few seconds. I'm now facing the great black abyss below and can't see the bottom, the great anticipation takes hold and the brakes are released. I'm strapped in and can't get off. No where to go, trapped. The only way is down. I think to myself - 'Oh S**t'. I can only scream, this is a nightmare I can't wake up from......... I believe this is where we are in graphical terms....Right after the breaks are released. I'm really scared....truly. The last few weeks the financial drama has accelerated dramatically for the worst and is getting nastier. I have a well paid fairly secure self employment job. I have no kids, I rent, have a deposit for a future home. I'm still saving quite a bit a month, but I still worry. I don't worry for myself, I'm ok - I'm concerned for the rest of my family. I was too young to remember the 90's crash, I was not even born during the 70's - what was it like? Will it be worse? Please excuse my crappy comprehensive school grammar - Hopefully you understand where I'm coming from . Thanks
  19. Just heard on Sky News, Labour doing very badly on opinion polls while Conservertives doing well, I can safely say Cameron will be our next Prime Minister (or the tories will be our next gov), unless of course Gordon does a Mugabe hissy fit .......god help us..... When is the next general election? - I forget (serious question by the way)
  20. Just turn France into one massive wind farm to supply the UK Edit: France begins with a capital F
  21. So if they didn't regulate it, do you reckon it would be a better system today?
  22. I agree to a certain extent. The trouble is with privatisation like with rail, they can really scew things up - this is something that the gov needs to heavily regulate. Jeez I sound like the gestapo!!
  23. Even if he is wrong, oil will run out eventually - I just wish the UK gov get their act together and start tapping into renewable energy resources. For a start; Compulsory solar panels on new builds. Build massive off shore wind farms Build tidal turbines along the Severn (I think it is being proposed, building a barrage across the Severn, and muppets saying it will be an environmental disaster to birds ). Build wave turbines along the coast on the north sea. Start introducing incentives to car makers to look at and build cars (and possibly lorries) to run on electricity (I believe this is already being proposed). Buy back privatised rail & completely and utterly overhaul public transport including rail and make cheaper (£158 return from Bristol to London - c'mon!!) This is something that needs to start now and sod the NIMBYs'. Yes it is very very expensive but should be worthwhile in the long run for generations to come - what will happen if oil dries up or gets too expensive beyond the general publics’ means? Now the gov will have to think about generating revenue that will have been lost on fuel duty......oxygen tax springs to mind . What do you think...I feel I'm gonna get slated here
  24. Hmm why would you need to store pics on BT, what if it gets hacked & stolen - gives me the creeps. It is easy to backup on another media. Adverts are always displaced from the real world, no fat people, no chavs, always displayed in the summer in full bloom, massive house with massive gardens evrything is lovely dovely etc.... where for the majority of the population, this sort of thing never ever happen. Down with this sort of thing!!
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