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  1. I half agree. I don't think we need to build as many as we think, the UK currently has approximately 1 million homes that are empty and requires renovating/making habitable. Also we need to release some green belts to build on......Then you have the NIMBY brigade . Edit: Too many commas
  2. 20% end of 2010. ......Too optimistic? You never know, optimistic predictors were far below par 18 months ago with the situation we are in now. Edit: months not years...
  3. I have noticed that too, on my cul-de-sac street we have 2 "Accidental BTL's" after failing to sell since May last year - now there are too many rentals on the market. It is fast becoming a renters dream of renting a place cheaply.... My main concern is could the BTL's keep up with their mortgage payment?......
  4. I have noticed big drops searching on Rightmove over the past 2 weeks with Property Bee. My criteria is a 3 mile radius from my home town, max price of £120,000, the number falling into that criterea has increased. It used to be just 2 bed flats just a year ago, now 2, 3 bed terraced or detatched house are coming in. You gotta love Property Bee
  5. If the comment is negative the Beeb will tell Mr Brown, he then orders the secret services to capture you, take you to a secret location; tie you to a chair in a dark empty room for weeks until you say you will withdraw your comment......
  6. I would stop paying rent and squat if I had to leave in a few days - I assume it takes longer and is more difficult to be removed if this happens?
  7. One great big directionless rant.... I agree with Branson pickle, weak business should go to the wall. The tax payer should never have bailed out failed businesses in this case the banks. These banks should have been left to fall because their business model had failed - and should be taken as a lesson. Bailing out banks will make them seem impervious to falling - incredibly dangerous if it happens again in the future. The government policy in my view is spend beyond your means – the ‘boom’ is well and truly over – Actually there was no ‘boom’ in the first place as this was created by the easy access to credit and rising house prices which made home owners falsely feel getting richer. Bailing out business has left the general public in a weaker position than ever before. - If the bailed business failed to 'get off the ground' again the tax payer has to foot the bill which means higher tax bills in the future during a recession will make things worse. As a saver I feel I have been raped by the goverment. I believe the tax rate will be highest in decades for decades when the next election is over and it doesn't matter which party wins. Rant over....
  8. "I'd better be quick and snatch that 10p coin lying in the road - May just be enough to save the UK economy"
  9. I watched it this morning. I cringed at the moment they arrived in that car - I couldn't be more embarassed if I did that on the national telly. And I'm normally un-cringeable. I thought what a couple of [email protected] posers. Sick
  10. I'm bored and waiting for the delivery on my brand new telly as I have given up on saving for a deposit (was nearly there ffs) and getting a place I can call home, no point now as I haven't got a job no more....6 years down the drain....sigh.... Maybe I should of bought a place on a 100 - 125% mortgage couple years back - the Gov seems to reward peeps who borrow and spend more than they can afford. So bitter :angry: So out of my boredom I ask this question:- Is there any proof that Krusty said she’ll eat her hat if property prices fell? - Is there a linky of where she said it? I'd love to see/listen to it. No one's that stupid.....are they? Sick
  11. There's a house for sale, under agents notes it reads:- AGENTS NOTE: We believe the property to be subject to a Queen Ann Lease which may result in difficulty in obtaining mortgage finance for the property. Linky: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-20000527.rsp I would not consider buying it in the current market - Just wondered what a Queen Ann Lease is and why it's difficult to ge a mortgage on it. I googled it - No help.... Any ideas? Cheers
  12. DOW now 9.4 was -11 - It's yoyoing And now its -55...seriously..... Sky Souce. Edit to say Sky
  13. I know. I'm just wondering if they have naughty weapons is all.
  14. What area do you look at? Yeah it's stopped in the area I look at (BS22) I think the vendors are waiting to see what happens first with the markets, bailouts etc.... Bit like hedgehogs frozen in front of headlights I suppose......
  15. You called? Can't we use the same equipment against the croud controllers and beam them a message "Eat your superior & collegues" . Might wanna hire Derran Brown for good measure.....
  16. DOW Dropping like a stone since a no vote -602.1 points Yikes
  17. Ah right I'm still learning. Thankyou for educating me
  18. DOW & FTSE falling fast, pumping money into banks & setting up rescue packages willy nilly does not seem to work. Are they waking up to the fact debt has to be paid back eventually and no money to do it?
  19. Just had to put this in.... No real reason so don't ask why.......
  20. This has been bugging me for a while now - Totally off topic I know, but hell we seem to be talking all sorts now don't we? As the topic suggests, Why? Prime Ministers these days’ intentions may be honorable (stifled giggle ) but our current one just seems to be spending most of his time faffing about trying to save his career. Power trip hungry people in his own cabinet & other parties want his job - I think you may agree is a bit pathetic and a complete waste of tax payers’ money/not value for money. I think to myself what’s the point? These days is about a popularity contest - its just sh*t. :angry: Every so often we have a cabinet shake up - putting cabinet ministers in jobs they don't have a clue about - I'm led to believe that they do not have a choice which ministerial position to take up. I have been thinking why can't we cut the prime ministers out the equation? Why can't the general population be the leaders? The only leaders we have would be the ministers, all which would have equal powers & standings, can't interfere with each other. 1) We do not have MPs, regional leaders, only advisory positions etc.... 3) Every bill introduced/removed can be voted by the people for the people. 2) All ministers have their own role they are voted in by the people etc.. In i.e. Heath, Education, Foreign, Housing, Transport etc, etc. 4) The people can decide on the tax rates, health, transport is spent etc... And not just the one person who seems to be doing everything that the majority doesn’t want. 5) If a minister is doing a crappy job we can vote someone else in. I bet you're thinking leaderless society can spell trouble.... It's not really leaderless, we are governed by ministers (who don't work for a party, complete individuals etc) who are under control by a central forum governed by the general population. I'm wandering has this ever been done before, could this lead a total collapse of society?
  21. Yeah, I watched it. In the first part of the programme, a couple had bought flat in north London (I believe) that consists of 2 rooms, Living Room/bedroom/kitchen which was about 2 by 3 meters & a shower room with a toilet - All bought for a price of £180,000 Talk about desperation. Didn't know whether to pity the couple, laugh or cry!! They made a great point about 830,000 homes being empty - unbelievable!!!! Me thinks I could find a home empty for more than 5 years, structures ok etc... track the owners, buy it off them if they are willing. If you can't track the owners, go to the council, register interest and buy it off them - not sure this is legal??? Am I right to be thinking this is the case? - If so I would start looking now. By the way I found this extract from my local council website, and I'm not sure if this applies for all councils..... Can I obtain a lists of empty properties in the area? [Name of council area] Council has a policy where it does not disclose information/lists of empty properties due to the Data Protection Act 1998. Requests can be made in writing to the Housing Development Officer citing the Freedom of Information Act 2000 if they wish to have a formal response to this request. I have seen an empty property I would like to purchase We are unable to disclose information surrounding owners of empty properties. However the Housing Development Officer can pass on details to the owner if we have managed to trace them. The owner can then contact you if they are interested in selling. Any agreement subsequently reached between you and a purchaser would be a strictly private arrangement in which the Council would play no part. How can I trace the owner of an empty propery? • Post a notice on the property stating you would like to contact the owner • Speak to the neighbours, community groups or neighbourhood watch groups - they may know something about who owns the property • Contact the Council's Planning department to see if any planning applications have been submitted, or consult the planning register (also available on website) • If the property is in a rural area the local parish council's parish clerk may have some knowledge • Carry out a search on the Land Registry - this contains information on all owners of registered land (cost approx £4). However address of owner is often the same as the empty property. Contact: 020 79178888. • If you have the owners name you could use a search agency, which can be found in the yellow pages under 'Detective Agencies'. They would charge a fee. How can I find an Empty Property? Contact Estate Agents. They may have some empty properties, but will not usually promote these. • Auction catalogues often include empty properties. • Keep a look out - they may be noticeable when passing. This is interesting.... What can the council do to me if I leave my property empty? Most Councils have an Empty Property Officer. Their job is to help you find a use for the property. Usually they will only use legal sanctions when a voluntary solution is not possible. Compulsory Purchase A local authority almost certainly has the power to buy your empty property with or without your permission. However, they can only do so if you have no realistic plans for it yourself and you will not consider any voluntary options for returning it to use. Council's do not use the power that often, although some use it more than others. If the Council compulsorily purchases your property they will pay you full market value and sometimes additional compensation payments. If the Council threatens to compulsorily purchase your property and you want to avoid it happening, talk to the Council and try and agree a voluntary solution. If the Council go ahead anyway you do of course have a right of appeal.
  22. Yeah it is better in the winter, I keep the place ventilated & I have no central heating only storage heaters which are soooooo crap I don't bother with them. I use my own electric heater... I also guess you could put it down as the crap weather we had. So what is the best way to remove them forever - best mould remover etc...? Thanks
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