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  1. Just watched the iPlayer... Why on earth does shared equity even exist? it's the sh*ttiest deal on the planet. 25% or 70% ownership ffs.... Does that not ring alarm bells for ministers (or anyone) that property prices are far too high for FTB's that you have to go into shared ownership? P*sses me off it does. Plus you'd have to earn at least £20k to be eligible for shared ownership, f*ck off! RE deposits; what if you can't rely on the bank of mum and dad to get a deposit. If there is damage to the shared ownership property, roof needs replacing, subsidence etc etc.. do you only pay the percentage of repairs that you paid for the property? I dread to think you'd have to pay the full wack for the repairs...
  2. Quite interesting, I'd imagine if it was persistant we'd be kicked out the 'family circle' as known as the Euro or a european invasion of the UK, (no, perhaps not ha ha) but we are being invaded internally by our government (talk about betrayal.) I for one would like to be kicked out the Euro but rest assured it will never happen, the fleshey stick had already been forced in the ar5e , they may as well go for the whole hog and do a happy explosion . Is there any way for Joe Public to stop UK tax payers money reaching Brussels? (I don't mean illegally )
  3. Good thread, a few Q's of my own, 1) Why do people insist on 'keeping up with the Jones'? 2) Why can't we invest (billions or even a couple of trillions I know!) rebuild our industries again, esp. high tech stuff like Sony etc, or build our own cars, make our own steel, dig for coal for power and steel, make power (off shore wind, tidal, wave nuclear etc) and start selling it to the continent (cheaper than abroad) (Don't say cos' its cheaper to buy abroad, in the long run I bet it won't be!!) 3) How does this country survive if we don't actually produce anything? 4) Why can't sound travel through a vacuum? 5) With fuel sky high (EVER!!) why are we the public not doing anything about it? 6) For you, when is the best time to have a massage with a happy ending? 7) What the hell is Quantative Easing? or Queasing? 8) What happened the money after the sale of vast gold made by Gordon Shi... er.... Brown? 9) Why can't we breed with monkeys and apes, like horses can breed with donkeys and lions can breed with tigers? 10) Why can't governments create money making companies to sell stuff abroad and the UK public, all profits go to upkeep and to shore up public money, state pension etc? (Companies are transferable between parties when in government, and absolutely no profiteering MP's etc...) 11) Why do men have nipples? (And patent pending) is it possible for men to have surgery to have breast implants full of milk in a sponge like property and have it refilled with milk syringes? (Hello Hollywood!!) 12) Why are we as a country destroying ourselves with all the 'Health and Safety', and 'risk assessment' nonsense such as a news story a teacher got sacked for allowing pupils who made a sledge in design tech lessons to sledge down a snowy hill? How will our kids learn if we wrap them in cotton wool? (evolutionary, kids learn through mistakes, even sometimes fatal, not letting them learn could prove fatal later in life) Why are we letting compensation cultures even existing? 13) Why is the number 13 considered unlucky? 14) Why can't we regain public transport (Train, buses etc..) from private ownership (force sell at rock bottom prices) I certainly wouldn't have any qualms if the gov forced Virgin trains to sell their network back to the gov... I mean have you seen the prices?....it's beyond a joke.
  4. I had a look at this article on the Beeb website Clothes Line Ban I know this is in the US, but a ban to stop people from drying clothes naturally is gobsmackingly wow! People say it looks unslightly and lowers property values. I had to laugh, I thought these people need to get a grip, what do you expect if you live in a residental area? Not sure on the effects it would have here, but we could try to leave washing out on our front lawns? Might just tip the scales
  5. Holding IR no longer effective. House prices went up briefly and is now falling. The low IR bought time, that is all. The only way is up (IR that is).
  6. Is really happening? Really, really? Am I dreaming? Oh please let happen, Britain is broken and a HPC will fix that won't it? At least for FTB's BTW I have not posted on here for at least a year. I could not log on or even look at the forums the as the price rises upset me!! I rent a room, the house I'm in has been on the market for a year and a bit, since April there has been continuous collapses in the chain as FTB's cannot get a mortgage, this is in London - need I say more? Cheers and welcome back me!
  7. I'm a bloke in my late twenties, I have thought about house sharing and I'm not sure it's my thing. It would be my last option as I like my privacy. I think sharing is a huge minefield in which I have no experience in. I agree it can be cheap and the bills are shared or included with the rent. I don't want to live with dodgy people who comes into my bedroom during the night to give me a sausage surprise... Can I ask if anyone had house shared/is sharing and was it a good or a really traumatic experience? Cheers. Edit forgot 'me'
  8. An update: Over the weekend I sent an email to the solicitors stating I can't help them as I do not know the address of the property owners and I said they will need to contact my letting agents and find the owners them selves (I gave them the letting agents name). I witheld my name. This is the their response: Thank you for your e-mail. As it states in every reminder that we send, if you rent the property please pass to the property owner for payment. As we do not have the owners address only the property address it is your responsibility to make sure its passed on to them, albeit through the letting agency. Er... is it my responsibilty to pass letters to the correct persons, hmm really ?? This is my response: No, I have no intention of getting involved nor incurring my time and expense passing your letters on. You will need to send any future correspondents to the letting agents I mentioned - It is YOUR responsibility to send it to the correct addressee, not mine. As I said you will need to find the property owners yourself. Regards. Do you think I'm being a complete tight fisted awkward d*ckhed?
  9. I thought the mail is a legal responsibility of the Royal Mail (owned by the queen??) that it is delivered to the address not the addressee (the named occupants) - I could be wrong but that is what the Royal Mail website said. Linky winky: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/jump3?c...ediaId=15400365
  10. Hi, thanks for the replies. Just read through the tenancy agreement - there is the property owners name but no address, just the letting agent's address. There is nothing about rentcharge in it. It's all done through the letting agent. I'll give my letting agent a bell to get them to contact the solicitors and then they can sort it out amongst themselves - d'you think that will work? Edit: forgot an 's
  11. Ok, I sort of know what a rentcharge is - something to do with the property I am currently a tenant in is a leasehold property (I think) which pays whoever (the lease holder??) a tiny ammount annually - right?? Right, I have been a tenant in the place I'm in now for 5 years. A few months ago out of the blue I got a letter addressed to the 'occupier' a demand from a solicitor to pay a rentcharge of £50 which haven't been paid since 2005 and at the bottom is a comment that the owner of the property would need to pay and I need to pass the letter to them. I don't know the address nor have any contact of the property owners. I re-sealed the letter and on the envolope I wrote 'return to sender' and 'I do not know the address of the owners'. 4 days ago I got repeated demand letter then on saturday I got a letter threatening legal action with county court thingy if I dont pay with 14 days irrespective of whether I'm the owner of the property. Since I don't know the address of the owners should I send the letters to the letting agents? Can they really do that? And why should I do the solicitors monkey work to find the address and send the owners the letter at my expense? I'm not going to pay cos' I don't believe I should, even if they damanded a penny. Its not in my tennancy agreement.
  12. Yeah, porking up, thats my biggest worry and being bored - I could join a gym and I love swimming. Hmm I wander if I can sneak in a tiny microwave in and do microwave meals lol.
  13. Alan Partridge - love it but I assure I am nothing like him!! Thanks for that - might work after all. I may also get fed up living in a hotel as well but that’s the sacrifice I can take, I think. Aaahaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
  14. Hi all, I know this is a renting forum but its as close as it gets. I have to relocate in 4 months to another part of the country to do a 5-6 month training course and I can't be bothered to go through the hassle of renting and the pitfalls of it plus my savings isn't that huge (was a deposit on a place of my own but I have given up). So I am seriously thinking of living in Travelodge hotels which are going cheap at £12 and at £19 per night if you book in 3 weeks in advance and works out between £364 to £576 a month, I give the average of about £470 per month(cheaper than I am renting now!). I won't be staying at one Travelodge hotel but several around the area where I am training, and sort of alternate between them. The advantage I can see are these: No electric, gas, water bills, no council tax, no TDS contracts, no checks etc.. the list is endless.... literally saving me hundreds every month. I have stayed at a Travelodge before while I was working for 2 weeks straight, I quite enjoyed it. The disadvantage is I may have to eat out every night (The bill for the hotel and eating out combined still works out cheaper than my rent), living out of a suitcase. Having to find somewhere to wash my clothes (Laundromats) I will need to store my furniture somewhere (some storage company or my sister’s garage/house) for the duration - not a problem. One niggle - could I get a part time job without a permanent address? What would be my permanent address? (Saying 'Hi, I live at several Travelodge hotels.' will probably raise some eyebrows for my potential employers). Can a local PO Box be used as mail correspondents? - The Royal Mail website states I need a permanent address OR I must be working (tut, going round in circles). In all, would this be a good idea? And is it feasible? Has anyone done this sort of thing before? Even living in a camper van?
  15. Na.... I think we are half way through the crash, I think we are in a bull trap phase. Think about it, prices are still to unsustainable, massive job losses, many FTB's cannot get mortgages, I can (but won't, not yet anyway) but it's not really enough for a home of my own. I have a reasonable deposit. I have my eye on several places that desperately needs doing up (a perfect years long project for me not to sell but to keep), and they have been on the market for many full moons and the vendors are still steadily decreasing the asking price. Just wait. Edit: Ooh my 100th post!!! Do I get a prize??
  16. I do sympathies with those caught up with the situation - it's either the land at the back of your garden or someone else’s, you can't have it both ways. Yes, plenty of Brownfield, trouble is there is still not enough to go round and most of them are tied up with property investors hoping to profit from them by holding onto them for years. We need to make compulsory low price purchases on these types of land from the prices there were designated as Brownfield/abandoned areas. And there's another problem that had blighted brownfields, developers creating rabbit hutch size properties no one wants to live in. I also heard that there are around 1 million empty properties that could still be made habitable - this would need to be looked at first. And the trouble with the growing population, people still need somewhere to live so it is inevitable that homes needs to be built on a conservation area one day, you can't keep everybody happy.
  17. Are you a middle aged NIMBY? That's the problem with people nowadays, everybody expects a lovely view outside their bedroom window, its crap, petty and a childish folly. And you probably rarely really look at "your lovely View" for a long time and you begin not to appreciate it over short period of time. If you want to see a lovely view get on your bike/walk and you will see one. And you don't necessarily have to see the same view all the time. We are never far away from the countryside and/or coast. I think wind farms are a necessary evil to produce green power. To be honest I'd build them off shore might be beneficial in the long term. Edit: Dodgy Spelling
  18. Why does everything in this country take so long? It’s pathetic. My simple plan (I agree it's brutal and is a bulldozer but we have no choice) - Get the dedicators in. Their only job is about setting up new homes and the feasibility of it ONLY. 1st week: Have meetings that will last a week (in consecutive days) which covers location (preferably green belt land for sale or a compulsory purchase of fallow land), planning, Risk Assessments, Jobs, Transport, Schools, recreational, Shops, Emergency Services etc... 2nd & 3rd week: Survey the planned locations for the suitability 4th week: Meeting with councils/planning committees of the locations concerned - force an approval from them. 5th 6th, 7th & 8th week: Bring in dedicated architectures, engineers, builders, planners etc - Get a plan on paper, blueprints, scaled down models etc. building which can be AFFORDABLE by FTB's AND NO STUPID RABBIT HUTCHES. 9th week: On the location put up a public "notice to serve" of intention to build an eco town 3 days before work starts. 9th and a half week: Start work, arrest protesters on grounds of terrorism and public disorders. and enact a "Domus difficultas" on them forcing them to take in not-for-profit tenants if they have rooms to spare as punishment. Job done. It's brutal but it needs to be done - there is no way round it. Honestly we really do not need to spend a decade pushing paper around and having fuddy duddy, busy body committee people who try to justify their jobs (and their existence) fawning over mountains of paperwork having pointless and endless discussions whether a species of plant or newts will be effected by the build project. Inventing scenarios where what would happen if a bus shelter accidently insults a racial minority by the shape and design of it or whether Tiddles the cat could cross a road used only by cyclist safely - What's the point? I'm living in la la land aren't I!!
  19. Err.....Good luck. The Mafia: "Hello this is HMRC my name is Gordon. How can I help you?" (had a scottish accent somewhat). You: "Hi, I proved that I did not owe £500 in the first place. Could I have my money back please." The Mafia: "What money is that then?" You: "The money I sent you to pay off the demand where I did not need to." The Mafia: "Don't know what you're talking about". You: "You...You know the money I sent you can I have it back?" The Mafia: "We have not recieved a penny from you. I must go I have other callers on the line. Have a wonderful wee day day". Cos' they can.
  20. I have recieved such letter advsing me that my employer had not paid my NI contributions between 2006-2007. I looked at my P45 or is it P60? (stupid codes :angry: ) for the mentioned year and showed that I/my employer did. I just photocopied the P...thingy and sent it to them. 2 months later I got a letter back from them saying that they had recieved my photocopy and it had been corrected on the system and have nothing to worry about. My uncle also had one of these letters and was promply corrected. What the hell was that about????? Do they not check in the first place? Do the offices within HMRC not communicate with each other? This worries me greatly especially. I believe the system they currently have in place is so fragile it's close to collapse - I hope it does to show how useless the current government really is (but we already know that, Don't we?). Cheers
  21. You didn't say how much you can carry A Wendy House (second home) A Jar of Paprika Cyanide A Rubber Dolly Tin foil hat Soap Eavesdropping Device Bug A Toy Laptop that goes "Moo" A Mug labelled "Best MP in the World" A Bath Plug (88P one) An Anvil A police baton A Donor Card Registration Form An Autographed photo of the Queen with her thumbs up "good luck" style A Get out jail card (absolutely essential and is transferable for a large sum of money) A Memory stick of Gordon Brown's Entire YouTube Webcasting An idiots guide to "How to survive in Government and screw the Tax Payer" Freebie coupons for MacD's, Pizza Hut, Subway etc £10 voucher for Harrod's Some more Cyanide A One Day Personal Media Blackout Pass (Can be used at any time) Cheap Toner Ink 1% off for 3 months Sky TV offer Blue Nun drink Basic Pay as you go phone with pre-programmed numbers to mum, a hit men, Freddie Star, Jeremy Kyle's Shrink "Graham" A conch Keys to a clapped out Fiesta A Green Scourer to get the stink of failure of your persons Bleach
  22. £6,000 to GB's bruvver for "cleaning services", hmm, what is he "cleaning up", sweat, piss and [email protected] stains from occasional financial orgies? shredding documents that could compromise him? Getting rid of bodies? No a carpet apparently, a frigging carpet £6000 to clean - The mind boggles . £5,000 on furniture? How could she? I thought they can only claim on essentials? I can get full house of furniture from Argos or Ikea etc for around £1500 which would include a couple of sofas, couple of beds, couple of wardrobes, dining table, chairs, coffee table, dressers, TV stand for her mega sized TV, computer desk etc. Wish I could do that. What is this? Free for all raid, pillage, plunder, steal as much as they can from the tax pot in their last year in power? One word: Disgusting.................. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  23. Oh dear, you really are deep in a bull trap aren't you. Enjoy it while you can. I believe it will rise for 3-4 months and then fall even faster. It happend during the 90's.....
  24. If I say 0% change, will I get slated on both sides????
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