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  1. Would it be possible to re-mortgage to get on a new fixed deal afer 3-5 years?
  2. Many are 3 year fix, I found some 5 year ones, perhaps its related to the LTV? If I took a mortgage now Mine would be at 85% LTV...
  3. Hi, I'm thing of buying a place of my own soon, and will require a mortgage. The place I have my eye on has is pretty cheap for the road its on, though it will need doing up which i can do myself. Interest rates are at the lowest levels ever and surely it cannot last. I'm wandering if it ever does how soon or likely will it reach high levels or even levels during the Thatcher reign which peaked at 17% on November 1979? I have been using my noodles and can't figure it out myself when or how big it will rise, historically (I think) interest rates are high during times of economic distress, somehow its different this time and the rates are completely reversed. I always thought: High interest (12-17%) - Economic Distress Mid Interest (8-12%) - Good/recovering economic Low interest (4-8%) - Boom times Thanks
  4. I never heard of Zoopla until now, I thought it sounded like a pay day loan firm - I may have been living under a rock...
  5. Also do mortgage lenders ask what you do for work? I wouldn't know as I have never applied for a mortgage....
  6. Then he'd better be a good boy, keep his constiuency happy and hope they vote him in next time, plus he is in a great position to get employment for a higher salary, hes got everything going for him.
  7. I don't get it? After tax his take home pay is around £44,000, surely he is in a fantastic position to save up for fairly good sized deposit, say 20K a year or is he aiming for a property worth £500K-£1Million? He could get a mortgage at 3.07 x £65,000 = £200,000 (could go higher at 3.5 or 4x the annual salary) + £50,000 20% deposit (saved in 2 and a half years) grab a property for £250,000 - I'm sure there plenty properties at around at that price. I just don't get it, am I missing something??? I just looked at Rightmove and searched within 3 miles of Trethowel, St. Austell, Cornwall, homes between £250,000 and £80,000 and found 492 properties listed???
  8. I don't think MP's, ministers etc should be able to own more than 1 property (the one they live in). Lets face it, if they do own lots of properties then they are likely to have a vested intrest in keeping propery values high - its far too much power to wield. but hey, we live in a morrally incorrect society. If they want to own more property, they should look abroad....
  9. Using the word 'Like' in wrong way: "I was, like, screaming all over the place!" saying (OMG) 'Oh My God' - far too many times and in a dramatic way where in reality what ever happened is incredibly tedious "I know I shouldn't say anything, but...." - Don't f**king say anything! "Allegedly" Anything that Krusty and Phil says Any one caught using these phrases deserve to have their vocal cords ripped out.
  10. Actually forget my question and my topic, just found out they are actually made of copper plated steel.....
  11. As an electrician I have notice a big increase of the costs of copper cables and could increase massively over the next couple of years. Could the copper prices outstrip the value of the brittish copper penny? Say the stripped copper cables equals the weight of a bag of 100 pennies (£1) and I sell the stripped copper cables to a metal merchant at £1.50, what would stop me melting my own pennies to sell? Hmmm... The country is gonna run out of copper coins if this is true
  12. Beccles, Who is that woman on your profile making silly faces as so she is impersonating someone. I can't take my eyes off it.
  13. As the title suggests, could my employer give me gold rather than pay me in cash? (I know it wouldn't happen, but for the sake of an argument lets say they would). Also notice that I said 'give me' istead of 'pay me' to avoid paying tax? And as for the minimum wage my employer would need to pay, I could say I am volunteering to work should an issue arise. Lets say I have savings in the bank, I'll live off that and stockpile the gold. If I were to convert gold into cash, would I need to pay tax on that and/or VAT? I have just been watching 'All work and no pay" and thought about this. Just want to hear your thoughts. Cheers
  14. They may not look like it, but they are very very powerful people with friends in high places. The boys went to Eton dontcha know.
  15. If your bank collapsed with your money with them don't you have protection of up to £40,000 or summat?
  16. Pension is a mess anyway. Everyone seems to want to live the 'now' except the people who could afford to save up for a pension (hint: the baby boomers). The younger generation needs to stand up and say 'look, baby boomers, we cannot afford to pay your pension so get used to it.' You're an old single person living a a 5 bedroom house you bought for £50,000 in the eighties and is now YOU think its worth £400,000, sell that at half the price YOU think its worth then half it again and buy a smaller place for less. The younger generation with a family could move in that could live there and fully utilise the whole house. The family then could get a good job, pay the bills, mortgage, pay the taxes, in return some of the taxes will go to pensions. It's not simple as that is it?
  17. Stupid question but....Why doesn't every country in the world who are in debt just press the reset button and voila all debt cleared, no more worries no more financial collapes. But then I suppose countries that borrowed money from another country again borrowed from another country and so on could lose out... like we lended billions to the Irish yet we are in a huge debt ourselves as well as we are borroring from someone else, not sure who, please tell me who. Its all very confusing. so I say press the big red reset button and the slate is clean (that should be installed int the middle of the Atlantic) - who would lose out, which specific lender? I pretty sure 99.99% resetting and cleaning the debt plate clean wouldn't work anyway.
  18. I laugh at the Berlusconi saga, he adds a bit of colour to the Italians, at least he's more interesting than Mr. Cameron. Berlusconi epitomises male Italians, sex with under age hookers, corruption, abuse of power and possible links with the mafia. Gary Glitter for Prime Minister? Just to make British politics more interesting?
  19. You may need to ring Morocco and Algeria, there seems to be protests there as well, and China. Yep China, inspired by the Tunisian uprising, the Chinese were attempting to protest for more rights but the protesters were quashed and have been heavily suppressed - this could turn ugly. Tiananmen Square part 2? Edit: Spelt Morocco wrong...
  20. No, just on the outskirts of London in the 'burbs. I find life here is of better quality
  21. Link to Channel 5 Player JLC's Turning Japanese To rent a flat in Tokyo is £700 a month for a tiny room with a really tiny bathroom a tiny single hob and a kitchen sink. Smaller than you could get a room in a travel lodge chain and yes; they are pokey. On top of the rent you have to pay 2 months deposit, 2 months rent "thank you" money to the estate agent and finally top it off you have to pay 1 months rent "thank you" money to the landlord - utterly astonishing! For 25 quid a night you could rent a capsule to sleep in no bigger than a coffin to sleep with no privacy if you can't get home, bearing in mind you must not be a very smelly man. The tube in Tokyo is much much worst than in London. The Japanese work average 60 hours a week, from dusk 'till dawn, in a claustrophobic city, why on earth would they do that to themselves? And the suicide levels arern't encouraging - makes me feel sorry for them. Beautiful country though, love to go there one day, just remind me not to go to Tokyo...ever.. Could this sort of things happen here?
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