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  1. I'm sorry, what? I must have BS rubbed in my eyes, please try again I earn 23-26K PA and is more than ample, I rent in London. I also make savings of no less than £500+ per month, and I am not living frugally as I should, also got no debts. With that wage, she must make savings or she has a serious money management problem. Utter tosh.
  2. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your weak job securities, I have been through it myself. I'm glad I got out of IT a few years ago, I was self employed in the sector up until mid 2009, went well 'till things went tits up, contracts dried up, cancellations and such. I lived on my savings for 6 months, took a few holidays and time out, (was not eligible for JSA or housing benefits etc due to savings (deposit for a home of my own)). I then moved to London from Somerset. Using my savings I re-trained for another trade. After training I immediately found a job based in Somerset but I am based in London so I'm staying here. I think my job is secure-ish as its one of those jobs that is apparently essential for financial institutions, data centres, television/radio networks etc. my employer are always hiring as we have taken on more work recently. Its a full time job, its crap pay, on average I work about 3 out of 7 days a week and still get paid full time pay, I get paid mileage as well, (45p per mile up to 10,000 miles), my job pays my fuel for me and still make money just driving to a site and back home, also my job pays for the tube, train, buses, ferries and planes when I use them for work, pays for my hotel and food if I have to stay away. I'm well aware it could all go tits up tomorrow and could lose my job tomorrow, you will never find good job security nowadays. This is why I have another job (I effectively have 2 jobs) because in my main job I have a lot of time on my hands in between work and figured I could go self employed as well which is doubling my pay per month. It's been going on for 3 months so far and so well, it turned out I'm pretty good at what I do as they are very please with the work I've been doing. I thought it would only earn me couple hundred extra a month but turned out to be around 6 times that which prompted me to register as a sole trader only last month (I thought the tax man will soon notice where I'm getting the money from ). The self employment jobs are snowballing at the moment, I'm having to turn down a lot of work down these days due to lack of time. Nearly everybody who I worked for is telling me I need to go into business doing self employment full time. My landlord (the best landlord you could ever have, even cooks me roast dinner every Sunday!!) encouraged me to create a website with a domain name and everything which I have done but I'm reluctant to go live with it because there's just too many offers of work at the moment on word of mouth alone, at some point I may need to employ a mate. Is it something people on here could or already do, find something you could be good at and go self employed with? What I'm doing is not even in the niche market.
  3. My first initial reaction when I read the topic title was 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' not the cheese crackers - I love their cheese crackers, Christmas wouldn't be the same without them. Then I clicked on the the thread and read it; Oh, thank feck. Just a company I have never even heard of. Panic over. Phew. Please don't do that again. Nearly gave me a heart attack. But it sucks that Jacobs has gone into administration, can't be very nice at all, for anyone - I'm sure they didn't deserve it.
  4. Um, are the police able to police a private road for speeders? I thought if you owned a private road you can do anything as long it doesn't hurt the public etc. I say this because I thought A: Private road owners say "no speed limits, go fast as you like....' B: Race tracks can break the speed limit simply as racing drivers 'race' around the track, you don't see bobbies with speed guns hanging around, how did the law get around that? C: Private road owners should have brought there own security forces to enforce their highway as the police is paid by the taxpayer, what right have the private road owners got to take away our police from public highways? I'm confused. Bitter. Twisted.
  5. Don't like it, don't want privatised police. If they do arrive, I'll refuse to recognise their authority. So many things can go wrong.
  6. Oil today, gone tomorrow. That is all.
  7. Throw ourselves completely out of the Euro, not pay Brussels etc.. Now is the time to create a new european currency, under the nose of the Euro and create United Countries of Europe, UK being the capital country. Thus let the Euro fall... Lol You can tell I'm joking.
  8. After being in the same employment for nearly 18 months, 6.2% Pay rise for me starting Jan 2012
  9. Electrical, Electronic, PC,Xbox, DS PS3 etc consoles & games, white goods retail stores is dead. Long live online stores Why buy something instore for £50.00 when you can buy it online for £40.00? Beggers belief, they know what to do, undercut online prices, they can't afford it? Tough shit, its a tough market out there, move with the times like it always has.
  10. Hang on in there mate. Hopefully it will get better. Mike
  11. Why? Why must we pay for a family who don't work? 10 years, 10 YEARS without a job!!!, obviously does not want one, there are things he could have done, like re-train in his field as a software developer, still lots of jobs out there, or better still re-train in a completely different career like I did. I worked in an office at a shopping centre for about 4 years, decided to go self employed in the IT sector early 2007, (my ex-employer were fantastic and supported me and brought a lot of work my way) it went well until early 2009 when work dried up, due massive cut backs. Around April 2009 notified HMRC that I am no longer self employed. Sat around on my tod for 4 months without a job and hated every second of it and I didn't qualify for any benefits such as JSA , HB, etc as my savings were over the threshold. In desperation I got a job and worked at John Lewis as a cafe assistant until I got on an electrical course 4 months later. 18 months ago I re-trained as an electrician, during that time I claimed housing benefit for the first time in my life as my savings dwindled to almost nothing, passed and qualified as an electrician signed on JSA for the first time in my life 3 months later after searching hard and I mean HARD I found a job as an engineer and am very much happier for it, more stable income etc, built up a nice sizable deposit for a place of my own which is very nearly at 80% LTV mortgagefor a flat I got a my eye on.... I have no sympathy for this man or his family. £100 a week for JSA?? what the F**k for? hes not looking a job. W*nker. Sorry to go on a bit this sort of thing P*sses me of and helps drive this country to ruin. There IS no excuse to be out of a job for 10 years....THIS MAN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS FAMILY!!! RANT OVER!!
  12. If they were a business, they will not survive long - they are atrocious to deal with - I would have taken my custom else where immediately if it was available. They are always getting things wrong for me, for 2013 to 2013 there're changing my tax code from 747L to BL for no reason at all, no explaination, I just sent them a letter to tell them to just leave things alone you f*cktards. (I didn't actually use those words BTW.
  13. Only way round to stop 'diddling' it is to phase out hard cash and use cyber £ money instead. I actually rather be given cash than having x ammount of £ put your bank account - it then shows in real terms what I have earned in my hand and that is all I can spend and save the excess... Putting my wages in my bank account is there just to reduce the admin of my employer, reduce fraud and let the tax man a reason to poke his nose in where he pleases.
  14. But thats at 95% LTV, pretty risky, mine would be lower, surely the LTV is the main risk factor of re-mortgaging.
  15. I like my coffee strong, all coffee shops seem to serve weak coffee, sometimes I can't taste the coffee at all, just milky water with sugar, so I'll stick with my strong filtered fresh coffee I make at home....
  16. They actually going to use coffee beans intead of mud from Brazil? Edit Brazil has a capital B
  17. Or I suppose I could save during the last 3 year fix, if the rate goes up after five years I'm sorted (I hope ) At the moment, capital repayments if I get a mortgage at around 3.5% to 4.5% is a lot lower than the rent I'm paying and I'm able to save now... when the interest rate hit 8% thats when capital repayment is the same amount as my monthly rent.
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