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  1. I know, £900 saving a month is a hell of a lot for me, only 3 years ago I was only earning about £850 per month.... I'm not actually sure how much people on the forum save these days but I'm sure they do save a lot more than me, needs a poll I reckon lol.
  2. I'm not sure how frugality can affect a career (not mine any way) but I believe there are more positives than negatives. I'm not the type of guy who wants everything yesterday then splurge it all on cards. I don't feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. I go out every now now and then so by no means reclusive. I have a hell of a lot people look down their noses at me, maybe because I drive a 9 year old car or the work that I do, but they don't know me, I like to think I'm doing ok and did this with no help.
  3. I think it boils down to frugality, I rent a room in London, my bills are iphone and storage fees I have a cheap car, cheap to run, I hardly pay for my own petrol, my job pays it for me. I'm only on £17,000 a year but get £300 average bonus per month and I have my self employed job which is bring in an extra £6000 a year and yes I pay tax on that too.
  4. I'm doing the same mate, I'm saving for a deposit, Been saving approx £900 a month for the last 20 months, I'm aiming for 50% deposit when I eventually buy in a few years. I know some of you think saving £900 a month is meagre but to me it's a huge amount where I came from. Recession has brought me luck during the so called boomer years where I couldnt afford to save.
  5. I bet some of you had posted comments on the YouTube video...
  6. But then the room could be long and narrow, like a corridor i.e 5 ft by 20ft (100sq foot) in my mind would be unsuitable for a double bedroom.
  7. So uh.. In the future I'm looking at properties I have to say to the seller or the EA "So you crammed a double bed in a single bedroom and decided that is worthy of the title 'Double Bedroom'?"
  8. A lot of this springs up, properties on Rightmove claiming or boasting to have double rooms when in fact should be described as single bedrooms. I see a lot of photos which has been claimed as a double bedroom crammed with a double bed with a lack of room to move around tbe edges and perhaps will not fit any other vital pieces of bedroom furniture. What would you say the minimum criteria for a size of a double bedroom be? Are there any rules on this?
  9. This is awful, not just the NIMBY protests but using children for the parents own ends. (think of human shields used constantly by dictators). The parents should be charged as this is on par with child abuse, mental abuse that is, this sort of thing can lead to ruination of young minds for their future. The protesters are trying to get the 'Ahhhh, how cute' value, this sort of things makes me want to puke bucket loads - from both ends Young kids do not have the mental capacity to make an informed decision for themselves. They were probably given a one sided story by their parents such as 'Bambi will die, or rabbits, badgers and squirrels will not have anywhere to live' and they know kids love animals. They were probably not given two sides of the story, like 'If they don't build new homes people will have nowhere to live locally, maybe 10-15 years down the line there will be no room for you or they will be far too priced out for you'. I mentioned the kids do not have the mental capacity to make important decisions of their future because the kids 'mentality state' is I want everything now! Well, given the two examples of 2 sides of the story, they are more likely to protest to protect animals and lean towards their parents thinking, I don't think kids actually care what happens to them 10-15 years down the line as its so long away for them, hence 'I want everything now'. Jewish kids don't really exist. Why? Because it was forced upon them from birth by devout Jewish parents. How could they be 'Jewish' kids if they themselves haven't made that decision to be 'Jewish' for themselves. Again parents and doctors should be punished for mutilating young boys/babies for circumcising them. It beggars belief that this practice is still in force, they should at least wait until they are 14 then they can make a decision themselves whether they want their genitals mutilated and damn the Jew bible book (the name of the book escapes me, sorry) passage where apparently boys must be circumcised a few days after birth. No. I hold the rights the kids not to be harmed in any way, way above the rights to carry out religious rites. I have nothing against the Jewish religion or people in general, this is just one small example. I am now rambling on now...
  10. I can't see him as leader material. Sorry.
  11. Put forward a question on QT to get accepted in the audience then ask a completely different question live for the panellist? Would that work?
  12. Hey Cleggy Dickface, how about us people without parents, or parents without pension pots like me... Worst. Idea. Ever. Easier to let house prices fall...
  13. What are the tax implications if you were paid and paying VAT on goods using the B£?
  14. I haven't even sat down and watched LLL from start to finish, 5 minutes was enough, Phil's voice winds me up lol. I have only ever watched 5 minutes of it in my life
  15. Honestly, If I was about 18-22 I would forget going to uni all together and and do some self learning, with the web I think its possible.
  16. Wow just wow, gotta be pretty thick to buy one at that price
  17. I know! Its astonishing. so you're basically buying a prefab shed that lasts 20 years for £124k on land you may have to rent...
  18. http://www.rightmove...y-33790324.html - This one has an eye watering £127 per calendar month ground rent... Jesus wept.
  19. As per topic, why are mobile homes so expensive? I'm guessing it is the land it sits on? Am I correct? I would consider buying one outright temporarly if was cheap so I can save up for a few years for a home made of bricks and mortar but at the prices I may as well keep on renting... some prices almost match the cost of home made of bricks and mortar, for example: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24131727.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24104727.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30753430.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33790324.html Any ideas? Thanks Edit: Grammerlings
  20. There will be no victors during/after WW3, cockroaches will rule the planet for a change.
  21. Must be making up for the shortfall of the Olympic maccy D's outlet?
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