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  1. Spurred on from an earlier topic 'We are middle class - why are we poor as church mice' - their situation made me puke and cringe. So how How we define: Poverty Class Lower Class Working Class Lower Middle Class Middle Class Upper Middle Class Upper Class Ruling Class Elite Class Is it wealth, power or the jobs you do? I actually find it vulgar that society is split into classes. I consider myself in none of these but if I had to choose under the threat of death then it would be working class.
  2. Yawn. It's simple: They are living beyond their means. They need to be re-educated on how to manage money. Many of us can only dream of pulling in 50k salary or a household income of 80k I believe. 12k PA on groceries they must eat caviar and fine wine every day or they are an extremely obese family. It shows even the most educated people aren't always bright. Double yawn.
  3. You mean 'bribed' or 'You scatch my back and I'll scratch yours?' Kind of way?
  4. Please help me on this: Intel pays just 2% income tax on it's profits. Kraft pays 4.2% income tax on it's profits. Coca Cola pays 13% income tax on it's profits when a small compay would need to pay tax of around 26% of their profits. And its all legal?? My question is this, why are the major companies income tax rates are so different to each other surely something is wrong here, I'd thought only one tax rate would be correct. It's disgusting. Rant over.
  5. I know where I'm getting my next Xmas pudding from :-)
  6. From Sky News: Aldi Beats Fortnum And Mason In Taste Test The discount supermarket's £7.99 Xmas pud was described it as a "real bargain" by Good Housekeeping magazine. But the exclusive London departments store's offering was "a real disappointment", despite costing over three times as much at £24.95. Waitrose came top in the category with its cherry and almond-topped pudding, complete with edible glitter. The upmarket supermarket also won the champagne round with its Brut Special Reserve Vintage 2004, while bubbly by Sainsbury's and Tesco's were judged runners-up. The magazine's experts ate and drank their way through 162 different festive foods across eleven categories for its annual Christmas Dinner Tried and Tested. In the cranberry sauce category, Fortnum & Mason's £10.95 jar came bottom - beaten by Tesco's £1.49 version. The supermarkets also topped the charts when it came to Christmas cake - with all five major stores' own-brand versions shortlisted. But specialists won the mince pie taste-off - Bettys, Harrods and Gails were shortlisted, along with only one supermarket, Morrisons. The magazine's consumer director, Caroline Bloor, said shopping for Christmas dinner products can be hit and miss. "Our annual Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested special on festive foods proves you don't need to bust the budget buying expensive names to treat everyone to something special," she said. "In most categories, the overall winner is from a high street supermarket. If you're going to splash out, save your money for the mince pies." Sent from my iPhone
  7. Battery manufacturers say the batteries last 10 years but in reality they last 50% this, you are lucky to get 8 years from them. I know because I'm a UPS Battery engineer. The manufacturers probably tested them in a stable environment (ie temperature stable) to get 10 years out of them and used that as a benchmark. The cars spend most of their life outside, they like the cold but performance of the batteries suffer. Batteries hate the heat for every degree above 20c it will shorten the life of them by 10%. 20c degrees is the optimum temperature. Plus batteries being completely discharged doesn't help or a fast charge can shorten the life of them. I have worked on site where you get hundreds of batteries for UPS systems sometimes you go in a room and find the room reaches 26c degrees and the batteries would need to be replaced after 4 years at the cost of 10s of thousands of £.
  8. For very incontinent people? For people who like to smell their own shit? I know a few people who do...
  9. Crap range, hours to recharge, lack of charging points, very expensive to replace batteries if they fail in about 5 years time.
  10. Urrmm, the parents should bypass the council, hire their own lollipop person if the council is being arsey about it, he/she would need to be self employed, get liability/indemnity insurance, peado checked and training(or ex council lollipop person) start up costs would be minimal. If council says it's illegal f*ck em.
  11. Ah, so only the boomer generation reads them. So it seems that when the boomer generations start to die out in 10-20 years, the Express will die with them?
  12. It seems that the Express sometimes give away free chocolate bars with their editions, may help some peeps with a massive un-payable mortgage...
  13. I just steal my housemates teabags, they haven't noticed yet...(only joking).
  14. I don't understand why the Express would want to keep house prices high, it can't be good. Do the peeps who work for the paper are heavily vested into property?
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