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  1. I wonder what benefits she's on. Can you claim HB if you are renting out properties, be a sick joke if you could.
  2. Doesn't say what sort of dispute she's having with her bank... She could sell instead of scrounging... Another boomer expecting everyone to help her out if her BTL business fails....
  3. Most British workers have seen their take-home pay rise in real terms in the past year, the government says. Could've fooled me...
  4. Me? Be forced to save up for a pension? Can't afford it, saving up for a deposit on a place to be my home innit.
  5. I'm more concerned about the way Esther has described people working in a coffee shop are lowly, as if they are something stuck at the bottom of Esther's shoe. People who are working in coffee shops are genuinely some of the nicest people you could meet and are glad to have a job which they sometimes enjoy. I am more concerned that she had labeled the job as if only degenerate people would go for. This Tory is already out of touch with reality. According to her Wiki page, Esther started her career in her family business, she always had a job on hand when she got out of education, thats fine and understandable, most families would help out their kids, but she should not bleat on about something she has not gone through or experienced. We need a revolution and we need it now - and I have no idea what that would entail... End rant.
  6. I want to put a comment on it somewhere along the lines of: 'I am legitimately saving up for a deposit for a place of my own so I could call it home. Trying to do the right thing and save approximately 25% towards the value of my home. This monster you call Help to Buy is diluting my deposit into a worthless pot. I work hard to build up the deposit and this is how you reward savers who like to have a bit of control and security in their finances? I consider myself Mid-low paid, income of about £22k PA. I might be a bit off key, but someone in my position, earning around the same wage as me but is very frivolous with money, made no real effort to save is rewarded by the state? He/she by-passes me by just getting 5-10% deposit using the Help to Buy and buys a home like many others thus pushing home prices up even further? This somehow reminds me of state encouraged sub-prime mortages.' Just my vent....
  7. Why is the UK still giving India £280 million a year in financial aid when they can afford a space program? X
  8. I think a lot of kids choose to carry on the way their (single) parents lived (monkey see, monkey do) so when they leave school they expect the state to look after them financially, then the cycle begins again. Just saying.
  9. How do you claim land on planets or moons? Do you simply plonk your flag down? How is it divided? How are the boundaries decided etc. Used to be easier, just build an army and conquer...
  10. As a taxpayer, do I really want to pay for other peoples kids? No I don't. The £500 per week cap is a lot more than I earn, therefore the cap needs to be a lot lower. It is not Reminiscent of a workhouse, I doubt they have ever been to one. This is just making a mockery of hard working single taxpayers like me making do. X
  11. The best way to tackle this is to slap a 100% capital gains tax for foreigners when they sell property, to ensure that the cost they bought the property at is also the cost of when they sell it (calculate the selling fees as a taxable loss). Same goes to foreign BTL investors, slap 100% tax on rental profits. It wouldn't worry me one bit if other countries started to do this too. But they won't. Putting on a meagre tax now is far far far too late.
  12. I drive about 13k miles all over the UK per year, don't assume you know my driving habits. The reason I didn't mention it is because my employer pays for my travel expenses, fuel, on 45p per mile for 10k then 25p per mile for excess mileage plus car allowance, my insurance is about £350pa business travelling. The tyres are included in the monthly output of £45pm, again the price you quoted are far too excessive, and not near the cost of replacing the set of tyres, I also maintain my own car. Parking outaside my home is free, no parking restrictions. For parking and congestion charges, my employer pays for it when at work. I don't drive to central London for leisure, I take the tube as its far more convenient. Also I am being a realist, if someone wants to save money they would not pay £10 a day on coffee and lunch in Starbucks. Many companies make the use of coffee dispensers which I find sometimes much nicer than Starbucks. I have been in buildings of JP Morgan, BP properties, Reuters, nearly every office building in the docklands, countless many across London and many do (80% of the time)look after their employees welfare. The bottom line is you (or a family of 4) are able to live in London on £70k-£100k pa extremely comfortably unless you are completely feckless about money. Heck I could probably do it on £35kpa like many many families are doing. It's not about keeping up with the Joneses anymore - that is so old. It's time the high earners to grow up and count themselves lucky that they are earning a huge salary and them to stop being such a soppy nana about it.
  13. . 2x £25pm pm for a mobile each equals £100 does it? I wouldn't give my kids a contract phone, just one of those cheap prepay ones, £10 per month, any more - they pay for themselves £10 a day for lunch/coffee? You having a laugh? Make your own sandwiches and make your own coffee at work. I own a car, it's 9 years old, I spend about £50pm on fuel, then after that its about £45pm for maint/tax MOT. £250pm is way off the mark. I already saved you £400.I assume the woman or man stays at home to look after kids, no child care, also assume there is only 1 income Did you just pluck numbers out of thin air?
  14. Are you all crazy? 70k salary would be a dream out of reach for me, I live in London (Greenwich), 30 mins from canary wharf area and 45mins from the gherkin area ( centre of London) I live in a nice area, renting a room for £80 a week, all utility/broadband included (I admit I have no dependants, no kids) I'm on £20k salary, also earning a little bit of money on the side, Im saving better than ever (£800 pm) pray tell where in London is a £70k salary and in what area? In Greenwich, rent a 2,3 or 4 bed flat/house for approx £1500-2000pcm is easy with £70k even with kids. Take home around £47,000 after tax after paying rent you have around £23k for food, travel expenses, household bills, not necessarily 2 holidays abroad per year or a fancy car.
  15. All ministers should take a big pay cut, including those in the treasury, will that happen? No.
  16. Oh pooh. I quite like Blockbusters, regularly went there to hire DVDs. Where can I hire DVDs now without downloading/streaming? Hmmm, many streams do not have subtitles cos' I need em...
  17. I'd be more concerned of changing weather patterns, mountain ranges and mountains can create weather for hundreds of miles across so uh... Not a good idea destroying mountains, cos it probably will have knock on effects country wide.
  18. Christ, what happened there? Someone lean on it? Looks like it's not built on any foundation I can see.
  19. I hear a lot about renters changing the locks and many advise to do so as soon as they move into the rental property. I was just curious - is it actually legal or contravenes the AST to do this if you could remove the old lock, put a new one in, keep the old lock with the set of keys and keep it safe until you give up the property for when you put it back. Thanks
  20. These are digital drawings on what the artists imagine what the planet may look like based on the make up of the planet. In reality 'Planet Hunters' spend hours looking at dots of light in an extremely small area, no bigger than the area of your thumb nail if you hold it up in the night sky yet see billions of stars within that area and take photos of the sky, for, I imagine for a year. The hunters then sift through thousands of photos to look for the wobble of the stars which is largely caused by the planets orbiting the stars caused by their pulling.
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