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  1. That homebuyers or national homebuyers advert (I forget what they are called, can't be good!!) buying house to rent to the sellers - a 3 generation family in debt (presumably), when the advert nearly finishes after the family that sold to rent they seem to be very happy and everything is rosy????? WTF.....[ranting], the house looks nice with big garden etc... is it not possible to downgrade? Oh..... asterix on adverts or really small subtitles* I really really really hate them with passion, it is sneaky underhand lazy advertising. *Looking at this thread may lead to depression, irritation, baldness, cause you to swear, kick the cat in frustration**, rub salt in your eyes, drink a bottle of bleach and disgrace yourself publicly & illegally - in that order **Or the nearest small animal you can get your hands on, or your neighbors’ cat...
  2. I agree, just heard on Sky News it were 9 members who wanted an IR rise. Sick
  3. Slightly off topic, I have been looking at Propery Bee around my area - North Somerset, there seems to be a lot of sellers changing Estate Agents - is this getting more common or has it always been like this? (I have only started using the property bee since early June). BTW I have found a 4 bed new build drop £75k to £200k!! (down 27%) - still too damned expensive though. They are throwing in new carpets and other silly incentives, sounds a bit desperate to me. Mr Linky: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-216...=4&tr_t=buy Sick Edit: Inappropriate Spelling
  4. No you don't lose this data as you never had it, the data is centrally stored in PB database, (basically with other peeps found entrys what your seeing is in the PB database) what it does is every time you find a new entry this goes into your PB folder and then that gets uploaded to the central database. I think thats how it works...correct me if I'm wrong. I already love it - This is a very very powerful tool - Hail to Beerhunter Sick
  5. 1)Huge coastal errosion 2)Extreme lazyness 3)No parking on main land OR Its the future..... Maybe this is the UK mainland.....du du du dum....(Eastenders ending jingle) Take your pick. Sick
  6. There does not seem to be a picture of her, could we add one??? A few springs to mind..... Sic
  7. Cool - Theres also one for Phil, (Kirsty's lapdog). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Spencer
  8. I believe a crash are prices going down faster than than prices rising on a MoM basis over a set period of time - but thats me . i.e. lets say for aguments sake, prices rose an average of 0.5% MoM over a period of 2 years, now if it's going down 2.4% MoM (which is happening!!) also over a period of 2 years - I believe this constitute as a crash. And its already happening baby Sick Edit: Rubbish grammar
  9. Take them to court with interests - suck 'em dry like they did to tenants. Sick
  10. We need a massive advertising campaign in the mainstream newspapers - I would gladly donate some money towards it.... I actually stumbed on this website a year ago after googling "House price to crash" - I did not even know it existed until then and I doubt the majority of the population are aware of this site. Is that achievable? Sick
  11. Whoo Lets say 2% MoM drops for a period of a year....thats 24% drop this time next year, isn't it - or did I get my calculations wrong?? I'm getting a bit obese....to...much....bear....food. Sick
  12. I want my money back with Interests (tax money of course). :angry: Sick
  13. "Hello stranger, lets get a hefty mortgage together and buy our dream house in this lovely rosy country". (imagine 2 people holding hands, skipping, butterflies, birds singing, on a sunny day to the bank, I believe this was the vision from the peeps who thought this up!!...no I really do!!) Then BANG Lets hope he/she can afford the mortgage, Lets hope he/she can hold down a job, Lets hope he's (she's??) not a bit of a rapie strangler. FFS I can't imagine anything worse - it was shown then back at 2005 house prices were too high, and people were desperate to own a home. Capisce? Jeez. Sick
  14. I predict house prices will go down ever so slightly tomorrow, but enough to add it up to -1.5% to -2.5% MoM. ....well it is happening!! and Krusty will be mentioned somewhere on HPC somewhere Sick
  15. They may have been a bit naughty and have might have been fixing prices...... ....some how this sort of thing at major banks & Building societies doesn't really surprise me any more. Glad I'm not with them. Is it me or are all major British/international banks are collapsing all around us - where is your deposit money safe?? I'm beginning to think (actually I knew this back in 2003) the decade of Brown/Blair boom we just had was a national figment of imagination and was based on credit borrowing?? - Well I never really expirienced a boom as I have not borrorowed massive amounts of money. ahhh... to be completely debt free like me does me good Sick
  16. A few years back one of my Sisters friend who had/has a few BTL's in portsmouth said she could get her mortgage adviser to contact me, little did I know I could get a mortgage which was 10x my annual salary. I wised up and did not go ahead - it was the best decision I made in my life. I would have been in deep deep doodoo by now if I did. Can you go to prison for lying on how much you earn - classed as mortgage fraud? Sick
  17. Nosy landlords need to ask permission to take a p*** Security The sod (my landlord) won't even let me install a deaf fire alarm, loop and door bell system as I am deaf - I'm sure there is a law for this?? Do I need to go on....?
  18. I Agree. I had no choice to rent or either live on the streets 3-4 years ago. I worked my ass off to pay to pay for someones "pension". I was on just above minimum wage I put in a lot of over time. 4 years on I am now in a position where I became self employed and now putting away some savings. My advice is hang on in there - you will reap the rewards, house prices have no other way but down, give it 2-4 years. Thanks Sick
  19. Does she slag us off? - i.e. "Their talking the house prices down, the HPC website must be removed" - Does she have a property portfolio? I like to think that HPC is talking the prices down...that would be cool Sick
  20. I wonder if Kirsty visits HPC forums....not that it really matters Sick
  21. Wow, gained several new members today!! - I wonder how many join HPC per day?.... BTW hello to all new members, I myself registered a few months back as the housing market got very interesting (and still is, and will get even more so!!). Sick Judging on the the latest member number, over 1,000 new members have joined since early April...is that good?
  22. All I could do was laugh (breath intake) Throughout the whole program. Absolutely sympathy for the BLT'ers, the greedy [email protected] Woman with baby, did not do any research, what an absolute joke - absolutely no sympathy, the f**kwit - she deserves what's coming. better get off my high horse before I fall off....
  23. I have noticed in my local about 3 EA's extended their opening times, perhaps they are getting as much overtime as possible to make up for the slide of sales in future (or now)..... Thanks Sick
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