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  1. Holby City is a fictional city, it's exterior is based around Bristol, while the interior filming is done at Elstree film studios in Hertfordshire.

    Basically an open coded message from actors or show writers who can no longer afford a home in Hertfordshire. Possibly.

  2. A Regional Fire Service Control centre for the East Midlands sits unused (and some say not fit for purpose) after the coalition government under Cameron scrapped its use. However the Government still has to pay over £100,000 a month for 25 years for the building which was built under a PFI agreement.

    Coming at a time when there are Fire Service cuts in both Derbyshire and Leicestershire. The control centre was built in Castle Donington which desperately needed a Fire Station due to deficient coverage. Leicestershire FRS had wanted to build one in the village (pop: 7000) but the costs were prohibitive so have converted an industrial unit three miles away at East Midlands airport.

    I seem to remember a similar control centre near Cambridge being built which wasn't used, how many of these white elephants have been built?


    Just refuse to pay up, it is the scheme of the last government, reason, it is a financial detriment to the UK. But the PM is too weak to do this.

  3. When an application for a BTL loan has successfully gone through (monies transferred and that), why does it not automatically trigger the BTL applicant for registration of HMRC tax department for Self Assessment - seem common sense, just saying.

    And a certificate of informing BTL lenders that you are registered through HMRC that any earnings from the property is taxed in future, infact make it compulsory.

  4. What was the age when you got your first full time job? In my case at 15 years and 10 months...Last O level on the Friday, starting full time work on the Monday in June 1980.I note the average age for graduation is now 27....though that may involve some working in between.I can't find an actual stat for the mean age of when people start their first full time job......but it would be interesting to see the change over time.But how can we expect to retire at 67 if we are graduating at 27. Only work can pay for stuff like retirement and Tony Blair in his wisdom decided to delay that.http://aces.shu.ac.uk/employability/resources/reflex_report_5.pdf

    Left college and started working at the age of 18 years and 8 months few months after college. First wage was £4.80p/h or £10k PA at 40hrs per week. Hated it, stuck with it for 3.5 years until I got something better. During this time went on courses. Only been out of work for for a total of 7 months in my working life, this is due to furthering my education at 29-30. I'm now 34 and working I'm now on 28k plus PA.

    Since there are no longer 'jobs for life', training or further education seems to be the way forward these days.

    I seem to learn better later in life than during my school years, not sure why, is it the same for you?

  5. Well, speaking as half of a couple with 2 children.. a MSE style statement


    Mortgage £850

    Council Tax £150

    Gas/Electric £90

    Phone/Broadband £30

    Cars(2) Keeping on road (servicing+tax) £80

    Insurances £200

    Water £40

    Fuel £160

    Food+consumables £700

    Minimal cash savings (to replace big ticket items) £200


    Which is indeed equivalent to about £40k, but would be desperately tight.

    Problem is, it would be possible to cope on less than that, but you'd find that 'unexpected' items resulted in credit card bills that never quite got paid off before the next one turned up. Or you find that you can stick to a lower consumables budget for a couple of months, then clothes need buying and stuff starts running out..

    Anyway, as far as the article goes then yes, you need that much for a fairly basic lifestyle nowadays.

    Food bill a tad high! Are they obese? Eating out every night? Heavy alcohol drinkers?

  6. Here's a marketing trick i've not come across before:


    "RENT TO BUY OPPORTUNITY!! . . . . PAY £350,000 Today, £1000 pcm for 60 months and pay the final balance of £850,000 after the 60 months lease period!! . . . . Call TODAY FOR A VIEWING!! "[/size]

    So they want you to pay 1.26 MIllion to live in a house they are very likely to build a BIG estate behind ( local knowledge ).

    I personally think the desperation is strong in this one!!!!

    Only one photo, and no plan layout? The agents are really working off their littles socks off aren't they?

  7. Complete ban on councils giving HB to private landlords for social tenants, or cap it to £80 per week per family max, mass uber building of social housing and keep them social (need to do the latter first)

    Get rid of Help to buy 2

    Make property un-investable and un-desirable for foreigners, all profits made on property remain in the UK via taxation even after property is sold and all profits made on the property minus improvements is 95% taxed.

    Not to cram thousands of jobs in such a small area, spread it around bit, less commuting, AFFORDABLE homes created around them for low skilled jobs.

    Non-monetary rewards for all taxpayers in work incentive to keep them in work, free holidays abroad (flight and accomodation) etc. (I must be mad!)

    Parents, look after their own kids, no need for child care, 1 parent in work 1 parent looking after kids or split both do part time. You choose a career or kids.... Absent fathers/mothers to pay for their kids (I may have gone off topic here).

  8. Heads up... on Panorama now ... yet more London boroughs... due to obscene private rents for even a room let alone a one- or two-bed flat and decades of deliberate flogging and sabotage of the social housing sector....

    Dumping the unemployed and low-paid workers in Birmingham [in houses/flats, and sometimes the flophouses] and elsewhere, often away from free childcare and support networks.... and, in some cases, forcing them to leave their jobs... :angry:

    I'm disgusted by the whole thing, the council, the tenants, and landlords and most importantly the BBC.

    1, The council needs to stop paying HB to private landlords, even snatch back ex social housing back from landlords who charge proportionately too high for the area.

    2, The Council and or government needs to take available jobs and schools in the area into account, no good sending the Palestinian guy to High Wycome when he has a part time job in Brent, 30 Miles away, costing him £300-400 a month commuting. This goes against government saying putting more people into work.

    3, The Tenants (Palestinian guy) needs to stop breeding, 7 kids is far too many and is beyond silly. He cannot afford it, he put himself this position.

    4, The landlords charging sky high rent for council tenants need to go, full stop.


    5, The BBC needs to stop inflaming the situation.

  9. Just caught half the show on tonight. These people need another hobby or they need to FOAD.


    Anyway, I dont understand the objections to some railings as opposed to a high wall. Anyway the proposal passed, I'd paint the railings bright pink or orange and put fairy lights on just to piss the NIMBYs off further. And pass the paint off as primer, but can't get round to painting it the final coat.

  10. These I'm alright Jacks NIMBYs are absolutely laughable, I only saw 1 youngish couple in the pics. None of them gave a real practical advice of where we can build much needed homes for our growing population.

    Come on gals and guys start a campaigning against NIMBYs and stop whinging about it.

    So wheres are the campaigns in support of building on dog toilets, sorry, green belts?

    I'd imagine it would be made up of 85% of people in their mid 20's to high 30's.....

  11. The flooding must surely result in a polarisation of prices. The winners being the ones who are lucky enough to live in an area that is not prone to flooding. I'm pretty sure the responsibility of alerting buyers to flood risk falls squarely on the shoulders of conveyancers and solicitors. The potential to bag a bargain increases along with the associated cost of protecting property against flood damage either through higher insurance premiums or self-built flood defenses.


    In that photo, the flood defenses doesn't seem to be working, you can see that ground water has come up closer to the house.

    It also should be blamed on the planners/builders who built on the possible natural flood plains and didn't future proof against floods, ie flood proof it.

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