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  1. Holby City is a fictional city, it's exterior is based around Bristol, while the interior filming is done at Elstree film studios in Hertfordshire. Basically an open coded message from actors or show writers who can no longer afford a home in Hertfordshire. Possibly.
  2. Sorry for sounding a bit thick, she won what exactly? As far as I can tell she won an offer of a BTL with mortgage arranged which she still has to pay. Have I got that right? I remember as a kiddy in the 90's that you could enter competitions by phoning premium lines to win an 'offer' of a holiday or a car where normally you can just go out and buy. S.
  3. Just refuse to pay up, it is the scheme of the last government, reason, it is a financial detriment to the UK. But the PM is too weak to do this.
  4. I am now on plan 'Y' fast running out of letters....
  5. When an application for a BTL loan has successfully gone through (monies transferred and that), why does it not automatically trigger the BTL applicant for registration of HMRC tax department for Self Assessment - seem common sense, just saying. And a certificate of informing BTL lenders that you are registered through HMRC that any earnings from the property is taxed in future, infact make it compulsory.
  6. Left college and started working at the age of 18 years and 8 months few months after college. First wage was £4.80p/h or £10k PA at 40hrs per week. Hated it, stuck with it for 3.5 years until I got something better. During this time went on courses. Only been out of work for for a total of 7 months in my working life, this is due to furthering my education at 29-30. I'm now 34 and working I'm now on 28k plus PA. Since there are no longer 'jobs for life', training or further education seems to be the way forward these days. I seem to learn better later in life than during my school years, not sure why, is it the same for you?
  7. I never shop at M&S, I only go there to buy sandwiches for lunch when theres no other shops near by and desperately looking for lunch at work (long days!) - even then, crap range of food and poor quality sandwiches at a high price. Not only that its full of decrepit old people, I have a mind set for these stores - It's a shop for old grannies.
  8. Because you could buy your own broom cupboard for £300k so damn cheap! ! YOUR OWN BROOOOOOOOM CUPBOARD!!!! WOW!! I got so excited I did a little wee.
  9. Food bill a tad high! Are they obese? Eating out every night? Heavy alcohol drinkers?
  10. Where are we now on this bubble graph? I like to think we are at the 'Return to "normal" ' stage following very closely to 'Fear' stage IMO. What do you think? x
  11. Linky: http://news.sky.com/story/1263732/carney-uk-housing-market-has-deep-problems Why do the Government or in this case the governor of the BoE keep stating the obvious? We already know there is a housing crisis. We need action not feeble words. Free the land from the green belts and quadruple the house building targets.
  12. Looks awful, those mock Tudor timbers are way out of place, they don't match next door.... £75,000 and I'll take it off your hands.....
  13. From the pics why does the property look like its been flooded recently and/or recently been dug out?
  14. Only one photo, and no plan layout? The agents are really working off their littles socks off aren't they?
  15. lol, its a bathroom conversion, sleeping with your head right by a fridge would drive me nuts. How many photos does it take to make this 'right'? There Needs to be laws against crap like this. X
  16. Complete ban on councils giving HB to private landlords for social tenants, or cap it to £80 per week per family max, mass uber building of social housing and keep them social (need to do the latter first)Get rid of Help to buy 2 Make property un-investable and un-desirable for foreigners, all profits made on property remain in the UK via taxation even after property is sold and all profits made on the property minus improvements is 95% taxed. Not to cram thousands of jobs in such a small area, spread it around bit, less commuting, AFFORDABLE homes created around them for low skilled jobs. Non-monetary rewards for all taxpayers in work incentive to keep them in work, free holidays abroad (flight and accomodation) etc. (I must be mad!) Parents, look after their own kids, no need for child care, 1 parent in work 1 parent looking after kids or split both do part time. You choose a career or kids.... Absent fathers/mothers to pay for their kids (I may have gone off topic here).
  17. I'm disgusted by the whole thing, the council, the tenants, and landlords and most importantly the BBC. 1, The council needs to stop paying HB to private landlords, even snatch back ex social housing back from landlords who charge proportionately too high for the area. 2, The Council and or government needs to take available jobs and schools in the area into account, no good sending the Palestinian guy to High Wycome when he has a part time job in Brent, 30 Miles away, costing him £300-400 a month commuting. This goes against government saying putting more people into work. 3, The Tenants (Palestinian guy) needs to stop breeding, 7 kids is far too many and is beyond silly. He cannot afford it, he put himself this position. 4, The landlords charging sky high rent for council tenants need to go, full stop. A 5, The BBC needs to stop inflaming the situation.
  18. How come Miller gets severance pay when she resigned?!? You only get if you are made redundant!
  19. FOAD? Anyway, I dont understand the objections to some railings as opposed to a high wall. Anyway the proposal passed, I'd paint the railings bright pink or orange and put fairy lights on just to piss the NIMBYs off further. And pass the paint off as primer, but can't get round to painting it the final coat.
  20. These I'm alright Jacks NIMBYs are absolutely laughable, I only saw 1 youngish couple in the pics. None of them gave a real practical advice of where we can build much needed homes for our growing population. Come on gals and guys start a campaigning against NIMBYs and stop whinging about it. So wheres are the campaigns in support of building on dog toilets, sorry, green belts? I'd imagine it would be made up of 85% of people in their mid 20's to high 30's.....
  21. In that photo, the flood defenses doesn't seem to be working, you can see that ground water has come up closer to the house. It also should be blamed on the planners/builders who built on the possible natural flood plains and didn't future proof against floods, ie flood proof it.
  22. I've seen naked women and men all my life from a very early age, never did me any harm... So what is exactly is the problem?
  23. In my opinion, her mansion is awful, by the looks of the photos, it looks cold and unfeeling. The marble hallway looks like a lobby of an office building. I'd hate to live there. X
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