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  1. math not your strongest characteristic then really i see
  2. I'm sorry but i do not believe you. If you were really totally disinterested, this site would not hold enough interest for you to waste 3 months reading posts and make such an educated observation.
  3. professional, reputable, estate agent. all in the same senetence. whahahahahaah
  4. I have to say, the likes of KOTC and TTRTR, have taken awful abuse over the months - i wonder why the hell they post on here. I think I would have sought more pleasant company a long time ago. I think most of us have a VI one way or another as I can't imagine what a genuinely neutral party would see in spending time - other than a passing interested glance - on such a forum. I definately agree with KOTC, few of us can claim the moral high ground.
  5. This is called forward planning. Put some gibbon in no.11 ready to take the flak for a-soon-to-be-buggered economy, a ready made scape goat.
  6. But only if you did a proper degree from a top ten God, if only !
  7. I agree and so I think an IR hike of even 2% in the near term is way, way out of the question - around another quarter to half a percent. The hikes the other year have already done a great deal to change peoples habbits - it takes a while for the full effect of IR changes to have maximum effect, but they have done / are doing their job. Of course there will be problems and it will take time to pay off again. It will work out in the end and then we can do it all over again and perhaps have learnt a few more lessons in process.
  8. Many people are heavily borrowed yes, and thus will be factored in to near IR decisions - i.e will stay in the "historically low" region. It will be enough given the environment of also low inflation ( fiddled or no ) to force the debts to be honoured by and large. The answer to the question, as I suppose I'm obliged to construct, I don't think IR's were set deliberately to make a minority of people borrow to the point of excess - it is a byproduct of 'what is best for the majority' i suppose.
  9. There's no reason on god's earth why they should be either. IR have not followed any discernible pattern in the last 25 years at least. There is no way IR can go anywhere near double figures over the shorter term. It just isn't sustainable. IR's are set in the interest of the economy, not to deliberately knacker large sections of the population.
  10. how can we be confident of substantial IR rises, with inflation in check ?
  11. jes', for this forum that statement is more inflamatary than house prices
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