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  1. Yes, just finished reading it again. Read it at school in the eighties originally. Enjoyed it on a much deeper level this time. What's important is the way the people are controlled through sex and pleasure and rewarded with drugs. Sounds great no? Definitely worth tracking one down.
  2. Try reading Brave New World, same applies. What we've got is a mix of both really I think.
  3. Yes, been thinking this the last few days. We are finally here. Collapse comes quite quickly from here. Fiat currency systems probably all ruined by Sept/Oct lastest. Madness will ensue. I don't really care anymore. I knew this was coming in 2004. I was depressed for a year or two but came out of it in the end. It's all a game innit!
  4. Already has given that 70% of all internet traffic are Bit Torrents.
  5. Well the mouth worked and the eyes failed then. Most of the time the algorithm (h264 in case you want to research) works otherwise it wouldn't be employed but as target data rates go lower errors creep in. There's a good chance that video has been converted twice (or thrice;)) too.
  6. That's because they are showing the most movement in those frames. The algorithm focuses on the moving areas to reduce the size. I see these kind of artefacts many times when compressing video. I once had a great clip of myself where I seemed to have three eyes for a second. Learn how these codecs work before you think there's an alien invasion.
  7. No one heard of video compression artefacts? I love a bit of tin myself but this is ludicrous.
  8. In my life I know if I'm bored for a significant amount of time I'll get depressed. This is such obvious 'programming' - just ignore the BBC. They are not good for you.
  9. The resize widget now works with Safari3/OSX10.5. Now I don't mind the changes - looks ok to me. But the new logo is not good - too tentative, too much white space, bad letter tracking (that first 'e' looks placed by eye and sits 'late'), the down arrow doesn't join the 'p' well. It looks weak basically and demoey. You should do a competition to see if anyone here could do it any better.
  10. Yes seconded. I've been 1280x1024 since 2002 and even my old Mum has got a widescreen iMac. The expansion arrows don't work on Safari3/OSX 10.5. Think the logo looks quite a bit worse, sorry.
  11. Def precious metals. Some gold, some silver (upside could be bigger).
  12. Yes, I work in the musbiz too and it's fuçked. We had a DVD coming out on 27/12/08 that's been cancelled at very short notice. Thought being in Woolworths was going to be good for me! I'm losing royalties that I need for my income. I'm kind of waiting for next years project to start cancelling. Hope they don't but it's not looking great.
  13. Yes, got to agree with that. The awful truth seems to be that the entire, and I do mean entire, system is corrupt beyond redemption. The corrupt part is the majority of it now. I stopped caring about the political parties nearly ten years ago although I believed in the war criminal Blair for a year or two. Cameron is a hopeless lightweight who doesn't seem to have the skillz to knock the ball in the back of the net even when it's an open goal. He hasn't got a Scooby-Doo about the economy or anything else for that matter. It's so bad now that I think the only way to fix it is to tear it down
  14. This is effing OUTRAGEOUS. I should have self-certed myself to the moon and not worried about the consequences. This is a terrible joke for me I'm afraid.
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