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  1. Ladbible? But anyway she's so embarrassed she's posed for a magazine with the product in question. Kind of makes me wonder what the absent father thinks about all this. Given that another 2 loft conversions have started on my street alone this week I don't think #2 is very likely. Or #3 given what one set of the builders look like.
  2. We had a Lithuanian girl get hired at the place I worked once. Outside of certain specific industries (commercial aviation being one) you apparently cannot discriminate against someone just because their level of spoken English is around level 5 (just about employable, 7 being fully fluent). When she got fired for repeatedly violating company policy and finishing that with a bit of theft she played the "don't understand you" card pretty much immediately. Got her an extra week or so of paid suspension and cost the company a fair bit in outside translator costs.
  3. I must be missing something here. The health service having to do more with less is at least in some part directly because of the uncompetitive PFI debts & commercial Build to Let that Liebour shafted them with. VAT doesn't factor into it but it's a point worth examining, even in passing rather than derailing the thread. And so my touch and go on your tangent proves your point? How? Good link that purchase tax. Originally about taxing luxury items (@ 33.3%) and not about taxing pretty much everything. Of course VAT supposedly still isn't charged at full rate on many 'e
  4. Then don't jettison VAT although do ask why it's the poorest who pay it the most (although to be fair it does seem the poorest who need the NHS the most). That's strange. I thought it's aim was to give someone's friends a secure source of considerable future profit in return for an investment in key services, the NHS in particular as this allowed the then government to keep the bill off the books, so to speak. Classic 'shaft the future' government in other words. I'll give you credit for the nice attempt at pre-emptively covering what is essentially a bad argument. Last I check
  5. This has been on the cards for (IIRC) about 2 years now. There's been a growing worldwide push to extend countries' VAT / sales tax regimes to foreign exporters so really this has very little to do with the EU specifically. And yes it amounts to self harm, both for us for having left the EEA and the EEA countries for making things difficult although that said, I understand they're going to try to harmonise VAT EEA-wide so perhaps this will be less of a problem in future? The one-stop shop concept was supposed to make things easier, especially as you don't technically need to set up an operatio
  6. Where is Kirsty when you need her? Also I'm glad "The current owner is happy to lave the materials on site". Is he also an Elite fan?
  7. In the country council elections I'll probably be avoiding the Conservatives, but not because the CC Conservatives are particularly linked to BJ or any of that nonsense. No, in my case it'll actually be for a local reason: namely their apparent belief that wealthy Boomers have the right to obstruct pavements with their Merc's & BMW's and force people, mainly women with preschool aged kids and pre- & intra-war OAP's to walk into busy roads. Absolutely disgusting attitude from the supposed party of law & order. I tend to agree with you on this; it does seem this government ke
  8. I've had a quick skim and TBH the paper seems well researched with some interesting conclusions, although it shies away from concluding as to whether Brexit was a good or bad thing. The main point they seem to be making though is that although remainers were more likely to hold a more considered understanding, being presented with binary choice on such a complex issue would mean that most people, regardless of political position wouldn't understand enough of the topic to be able to generate an informed opinion. And I think that's fair enough.
  9. I must be dumb then for wanting to leave the EU (but not the EEA, that's just stupid and irrational). I definitely agree with this. Switzerland has shown that having regular referendums, often on relatively discreet issues tends to produce the best outcomes.
  10. Going to have to agree with you there. Taking a loss on bailing out the banks, helping out BTL'ers, making the UK the only country in the world with privatised water (great profits to be had!), repeatedly re-privatising some rail services even though it was run cheaper and better when it defaulted to public hands and then there's the CAA's drone flier database. £9 per entry and registration enforced by law. Just imagine doing consulting and telling your client it'll cost £900,000 for a simple database (consisting of name, address & employee number) of your of your 100,000 employees. L
  11. Reflux. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries momentum built over the injustice of having an almost all powerful land-owning class atop of everyone else. People of that generation sacrificed, sometimes with their lives to enable future generations to live better than they did; a sentiment which persisted right up until the Boomers. And that generation is where the tide once again turned. Now we're heading towards and ever greater concentration of land and by extension the wealth of the country. This becomes most obvious when you look at the statistics for labour vs. assets; the reset
  12. An 'unexpected' drop in HP would inevitably shake the weaker hands, and there must be plenty given how stretched people must be at the moment. And I suspect there isn't much margin left that people can call on, so another small drop followed by another and another and buyers start to get scared of overpaying / risking everything for a falling asset. I could see a small bump being explained but consistent bumps even if small and partially corrected some months ("green shoots") is I suspect all it would take to spark some material downward pressure.
  13. Oh they can. Just not to you! 😏 A few years ago I read a paper which talked abut the Palestinian conflict and it wasn't until I finished and went back up to the top that I realised it was written in the mid-late 1960's(!). You could have written it yesterday. From that manifesto: "History does not repeat, but it rhymes."
  14. And what to the recipients / voters of then do now? And don't tell me they complain about the young frittering their money away as a reason for not being able to buy themselves a home, that would be hypocritical.
  15. No wonder they're delaying the removal of section 21 (no fault) evictions. I wonder how many parasites are using the opportunity to get out while they can? I was once told that sentiment can move like a landslide - looks solid at first but then comes a sudden change and... The worst thing for the current market would be an economic recovery, whether that be here or somewhere else significant (U.S.). Increased velocity of money in the earlier or loss of currency faith in the latter would certainly get the initial dirt falling.
  16. Lost your low-paid job in catering or retail? So what? Mr & Mrs 'professional' on £2k/mth (each) have been on effective paid leave for several months and have had nowhere to really splash the cash. And what's more they and many like them have realised they don't need to commute in everyday and can quite happily move out of their shoebox. And it gets better: they've just found some BTL'er muppet who will pay £££'s for their old place whilst they load up on historically cheap debt and take advantage of the stamp duty holiday. But some on here can't work out how prices could be rising?
  17. Looks like you're trying to move the goalposts. Take the roads away and will your car still work? Take the electricity away and will your computer? Take the water and will anything really matter? I was annoyed earlier today when an otherwise quite respectable doctor posted a fundraising video for India. The Indian government was told by their very own people that allowing mass gatherings or "mega-spreading" events would likely result in an overwhelmed medical system. But they did so anyway and now they are appealing for help as the chickens have inevitably come home to roost. Look
  18. I've started getting more listings in general although still less than this time last year. But the prices... £300k for a property with parking, except the in the details it says that's STPP. Well the nearly 100 other homes on that side of the street don't have parking and it's not exactly difficult to see why that is. But £300k... A little over a year ago that sort of 'rip-and-tip' probate property would be valued at perhaps £230k- £250k and I'd considered that a lot but now are people really desperate enough to pay £300k for a dump with poor local transport links and nowhere to park you
  19. A friend at work once quipped the solution is to give everyone a home, something like a reinforced ISO container but do so only if they have no children. And whilst I doubt that's workable on it's own I have met enough scum people to know that removing benefits would definitely have an effect. There's a section of video on YT where a Chinese migrant worker is filmed talking to an African man. It starts off with the African essentially belittling the Chinese to which the Chinese man responds with words to the effect: "We started with nothing and had to build everything from
  20. That's a lot of food. Explains his appearance though; so much for the diet.
  21. The kind of people who have experienced the recession are not the same people who normally buy houses. It's a recession in low paid industries / jobs. National debt hasn't been relevant for quite some time; there is no pressure to relieve it so no pressure to worry. Opportunities to pi** money up the wall taken away so more money for what is left. Low paid industries in dire straights. Opportunities to pi** money up the wall taken away so more money for what is left. The BlackBeltBarrister posted a YT video on capital punishment the other day and the comments w
  22. Personal opinion: if prices fall this year they won't fall by much (London excepted). My reasoning is: There is no need to sell for most people, so supply-demand mismatch. People that have or soon will lose their jobs seem to mainly work in low paid sectors, so probably rent not own. Government intervention extremely likely in the event of a crash / slowdown. BoE interest rates unlikely to change, mainly because of the lack of wage pressure / continued shift towards assets over productive labour and because of what might happen to the economy if rates were to signific
  23. There was a bit on the BBC today about plans to use what is effectively state aid to get broadband to rural areas. Since Covid I've noticed the number of articles like that pop up; it's almost as if a group of people used to the economies of living packed like sardines have suddenly moved away from that and now expect state aid from all those they've left behind. Also makes me wonder when they'll start asking for state-subsidised gas, sewer and charging point connections.
  24. Not really news so little point putting this on the front page: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-9266351/Is-housing-boom-hanging-thread-Rishis-tax-holiday-ends.html Cherrypicking some possibly incendiary stuff: I'll let you read the rest.
  25. Well I've seen a few although I guess you could argue a lack of bias because it's a bit of a mixed bag. For starters there was the Victoria LeftistShire program with her "lively debates". You know, the ones where almost everyone seems to be either a mother or works for an NGO and where they all agree with each other. Then there's the incident about a month ago where one of the Breakfast news anchors was talking to a North London GP about the vaccine rollout. The conversation turned to BAME with a surprisingly leading question to the GP, who I thought handled it very well. She disarme
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